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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's not all hearts and flowers, or maybe it is!

Yesterday I was looking for a copy of our marriage certificate. We needed it for documentation on something. I found it with our important papers in a lock box, along with some other stuff, and this Valentine. How timely, huh! It was from my Sister, to me, written by her in 1990.

I know that because I wrote on the back of it.
And I don't think there is anything more special than a hand made valentine.

Here's what I didn't know. That one year later, I would be going through a divorce.
He told me he wanted a divorce the end of October. Didn't have anyone else, wouldn't wait through the holidays, and I needed to find another place to live. I was shocked. Zombie like. On February 1, 1991 it was final. He was remarried February 14, 1991. Less than two weeks later. I found out through the grapevine. Woe is me.
BUT THEN!!! DON'T BE SAD for me blogettes!!! I found out about a guy I used to know, who was also going through a divorce he didn't want. He was devastated too. So we went out, as friends, to talk about how miserable we were! We went to Chi Chi's for margaritas. And we continued to go out, as friends, until we kinda started liking each other. Kinda. Then kinda a lot! In 1994, on New Year's Eve, I married the love of my life. We've been married 17 years.

And look what he got me for Valentines Day!

Yup! Laundry Detergent. He walked in the other day from shopping for stuff for our house (building project) and said, "here ya go Babe. Got you a Valentines present!" I said, "just what I always wanted, laundry detergent." He said, "well it's red, that's why I got it for Valentine's Day." And I said, "well that E.R.A. stands for Equal Rights Association and you can do your own laundry!"

But then yesterday he walked in with this rose plant. He always gets me these, and they look horrible by the time May rolls around this part of the country. But I plant them anyway, and they flourish! He also had some chocolates on my pillow. Sweet.

And this morning, I decided to make some scones. I got the recipe from The Pembroke Inn, in Door County, Wisconsin. We went there on vacation one year. Only they didn't use a cookie cutter and make them heart shaped.

And the recipe doesn't say to baste them with cream and sprinkle them with sugar. But I did. Mainly because I wanted to use my new red basting brush!

They turned out lovely.

And I also made some of these rings. Remember these? I posted about them a couple of years ago. I made some on July 4 in Red, White, and Blue. Well, Reality Jayne posted on her blog a pin she made. You can see it by clicking here. They are a box of chocolates pin. I think they are cute. Tacky and cute. I thought....hmmmm...I think these cocktail rings are the perfect accompaniment to go with those Flo pins!

Oh yeah - and today in the mail I got Valentines cards from my nieces!

Handmade! The best. SO CUTE! I love them.

Cindy Bee

PS - Thank you if you participated in the Valentines Day trade I hosted. I'll probably do it again next year. Please post what you got on your blog. Ladybug Dreams is the only one I've seen post what she got. And Julie, Theresa posted her gifts from you on face book. What a haul! Very nice of you.


  1. Well first I may have made that card but not sure I came up with all the stuff written on the inside. 2nd I got no card from my nieces! better have something today. 3rd thanks East plus 4 & 1 more, my valentine pal, for all the lovely gifts! I brought my note pad to work. Also brought my chocolate sucker to work so that my husband and daughter wouldn't eat it! Cindy - I brought my cute little heart thing to work to use as a coaster. - Theresa

  2. First, Do not tell me you did not come up with all that stuff written inside. I believe you did. I won't believe otherwise! 2nd - You'll get it today. I did. It's real nice. 3rd - Glad you are using your coaster thingy. Cindy

  3. So many sweet Valentine's memories! Awesome!

    Gosh, I thought my ex was bad. He got remarried 2 months after our divorce. You're ex was way worse!

  4. Cindy, Your story has a good ending:):) I visited your site on Saturday with my g.daughter, Emma. She loved your hearts. So now she wants to learn to crochet. :) I told her I would teach her(as best I can ) Happy Valentine's day. Smiles , Susie

  5. Jill,
    It was a blessing, I just didn't know it at the time. You know what else? My Shug always gets me ex - not once. Sounds like we're ex-bashing but the truth is, I'm so over's been 20 years ago.

    Do not start out with those hearts or she'll get discouraged before she even gets started. Start out with a single crochet!

    Cindy Bee

  6. Hey Cindy, you sister burst my "that is so sweet bubble" with her reply. But I am going to just keep thinking they were her words. I love my sister that much. The ring, my grand daughters would love! The scones, I would love! The rose, I use to buy myself one of them every year from the greenhouse/grocery I use to work at. They do not do so well here after replanting. I did find a very secluded spot at my previous house and had one that came back one time. My ex, re-married a couple of months after our divorce. I was single for 10 years before I remarried, not because I was heart broken, because the best was yet to come, and did.

  7. Oh, I could sure go for one of those scones right about now, Cindy!...:)JP


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