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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter part two!

 Easter dinner almost finished....

 After everyone finished eating, we decided to hunt before dessert.

My Shug handed out bags....and off they went! 
In these pictures check out the almost two year old, Ty!  He is always off by himself!
So funny!  His Dad says this kid has a mind of his own!

 I'm so very glad we had such beautiful weather for Easter!

  Everyone going through is loot!

 Taylor and Emily
 Trent (front left), Theresa,  Duke and Mom (standing)
 Billie, Gloria, Mom, Vinh, and Ralph
 Andrew and Dad must be having a serious conversation about Mardi Gras' necklaces!

 Look how cute...the guys got matching necklaces, in their eggs, that matched their shirts!

 My Shug in the green, Chee in the lavender, and Vinh (the little boy I used the babysit!) in the yellow!
 My niece Adrienne with her children Ty and Dylan

 Time for dessert!

 And for playing outside.  The older girls decided to play with the two year olds airplane and the first thing they did was get it stuck on the roof!
 After much thinking, and after me telling them they could not climb on the trellis....
 and after Vinh offering to help but then found out he had sat in chocolate and was too embarrassed to help......
they climbed the trellis anyway!
Dylan got almost to the top and chickened out!

 Even with Mom and Dad both there to catch her, no way!
 And the whole thing blew down except for the wing.
 So Taylor climbed up there and got it.  Now here's the thing.......
 I'm pretty sure if they ever spend the night...they are not going to stay in the room that they claimed was "their room."  The one with the balcony.  Because I'm visualizing teenage escape artists in the making here!
 My cousin Gloria and her husband Ralph came this year.  And Ralph was sitting on this swing.  I thought it was a sweet moment, even though he didn't remember the swing, so maybe it wasn't his parents....but I bought it at a garage sale that was held at his parents house years ago.
 My precious nieces and nephew....minus one nephew...
 here he is busy going through his eggs.

The guys went fishing.

 Then later played bocce' ball.

 And most importantly.... We all had a fun and a wonderful day.

Cindy Bee

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter part one

On Saturday, My Shug and I spent the day baking, decorating, setting up tables and chairs, looking for table cloths, etc.  At the time I sort of lost count on how many people were coming over for Easter.  Mom and Dad brought some extra chairs over for us to use.

 And I bought another ham, in addition to this one!
 Saturday evening, all ready, and exhausted.
 Sunday morning my Shug went to hide the eggs.
 Everyone came over around 1:30....
 we had lots of food....
 and lots of family....

 and plenty of chairs for everyone!
 And I'm going to stop this post here because I'm tired and it's been a long three days......

Cindy Bee