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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scones and Granny's

So yesterday morning...Mrs. Susie B dropped by my house, totally unplanned, and gave me a scone. She had a free one coming to her from Panera, and thought I might like it! HOW NICE, my Ma would say, in her sarcastic mode because I got the treat and she didn't! And it got me to thinking about moving to the country. I am going to miss my house in town folks. I am. People stop by anytime, just walk in and yell "anyone home" and we are close to everything. Our neighborhood is the greatest. I know all of my neighbors. And I wonder if Susie would just stop by if I live 20 minutes away... And it got me to thinking about moving...and sometimes when I spend so much time at home, I need to go have a look at where we'll be moving to. So I went for a walk out there... Susie gonna bring me a scone when I move out here? It was cold out, 34 degrees, so I didn't walk long. This goose and I caught each other off guard and she is nesting there, so I left. It is beautiful out here. I'll adjust. And since most of you "weaned out" (read...too afraid to tell me the truth about the stuff I'm trying to decide on keeping or not) I won't even ask your opinions on this stuff....

but I will say...

I never realized...

I have so much

fake greenery!

RJ & Scribe....My Mom made this wreath and I'm keeping it. I knitted the bow out of raffia.

I put the little empty nest there...need to find some eggs and birds for it....

Last night I went to the Granny Bee stitchery group and the hostess was in a ....hmmm....some what of a snappy mood you might say. First of all, I had to make sure I was at her house and not the Wal-Mart. I don't think she was really into us coming over when she answered the door in her pj's.

And you can tell by her stance that she didn't care if you did care about her being in her pj's! Lawsamercy...what's the world coming to?

When someone asked her if she would move the chocolate off of the coffee table she said, "No, I don't move it for my grand kids and I'm not moving it for you!" Alrighty then! By the way - she's a neighbor!

Now, remember my felting friend Leslie and her cute little sheep. Well, this is Mr. Drummond. Isn't he adorable?

She felted him. And when Mr. Drummond started walking towards me, because I think he likes me better and wanted to go home with me....

she snatched him up!

We had our moods last night, I tell ya. You shoulda seen RJ trying to knit. If she held those needles any tighter they were gonna snap in two! Or would that be four? Anyhoo, twas a nice evening, but I think I'll just go have a tea and a scone and relax a bit.

See ya..

Cindy Bee

What? You still here? Ok then.....don't wean out on me this time....tell me, what do you think of this?

It's a granny I made, and I'm thinking of turning it into a purse. RJ has a purse/bag that I like. I covet it actually. So, I thought I'd make one. Well I got to looking at my yarn stash. I don't want to buy more yarn, and I thought I needed something beachy. Whatev...I can't help it, I'm sick of winter and into beachy. This looks beachy to what do you think. Do you like it? I actually bought this yarn to make a bag. The pattern came with the yarn, but I like granny's better right now. Do you think it will make a nice bag? I'll probably have nine squares on each side....oh I'll just show you when I get it done. I'm making it. I'm into granny squares...All of a sudden, I am.

Cindy Bee

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm a hoarder......

Ok - most of you know my Shug and I are building a house. You can watch the progress here

And this is the look I want to go for in our new house. I love these books....and here's a few pages in them...

Love this afghan. already bought the yarn to make it!

It's in the basement

So, yesterday my phone rings and when I answer the voice says...."Cindy Bee, this is blah blah's phone.....what are you doing?" "Blah Blah's phone? Not her, but her phone....OK......Well, I'm sitting here looking at these boxes feeling a bit overwhelmed." "OK" Blah Blahs's friend says, "we'll be there in 15 minutes." "Okaaayyyyy"

It looks like I'm going to have a party with all of these alcohol boxes, but the liquor store is the only place that would give me boxes. What a pain in the keester it is to get boxes now a days....."Call back on Tuesday at on Wednesday morning.....come in on Friday afternoon and see if we have any...." I told all of these businesses that I live five minutes away and if they would call me, I'd just come and get them, but no, they have to break them down and recycle them. I WANT TO RECYCLE THEM BY USING THEM!

So anyway, my friends(?) come over and I show them the above books. And I tell them I need to start packing what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of, but I don't know where to start. THEY get up out of their chairs and start taking stuff off of my walls and shelves! I have NO pictures left on my walls. They said none of my current pics will go with my new look.

When I asked if I had to get rid of this one(below) they said yes. I said, but it's beachy/cottage. One of them quickly said, "put it in an album." The other one apologized but it had to go. When I said, "I MADE THAT! I wrote in the sand, I took the pics...." they backtracked, started stumbling all over their words and said.......'well it'll probably go in your new house...."

But the fake greenery you have all over this's out of here.....

And they started taking it down.

This is what's left.

Then they told me this tree has to go. Now, this tree looks bad, but I have hope. And it has a story. The first time My Shug and I stayed in Charleston, SC, he took a fruit off of a tree and I planted the seed inside it. This grew from it. It was beautiful until last summer. I think it got too hot and dry.....(one of them mumbled something about seeds and kids........)

I think it just needs some good summer sunshine and it'll grow leaves again and come out of it's blight. And it is part of the reason I have fake greenery. Yes I am a Master Gardener...but indoor house plants are not my thing. I put it outside every summer.

Does it have to go blogger friends?

Then they told me the stuffed animals have to go. Now, I don't have stuffed animals in the main part of the house....'cept for this, which I showed you the other day. Twas a gift.

One of them offered me 76 cents for it!

Now these animals are above the stairs....and they said the whole thing has to go. My Shug's Uncle made the quilt rack and those animals are gifts do you get rid of gifts?

Like this musical picture that has a special saying about Sisters. My brother got it for me and they said he won't even remember it. Is that true? Will it hurt his feelings if I let it go?

The entire time they were taking stuff down they just kept telling more fake greenery and they filled up a bag!

I put the skids to them when they tried to take these pics down.....
I mean...the whole color scheme for my kitchen was based on these pics....
See how I pulled the color out of the picture for the walls.....
They said the pics HAVE TO GO. They said they would be ok if they were in the first apartment that I had....but not now! So I told them I was going to ask my blogger buddies.

What do you all the pics need to go?

Then they opened the door to this room. "GAAAHHHH!!!!" They said in unison!

Just wait until they see this.....

Sadly, it is not a picture uot of a book. But they say the first step to a problem is admitting it.

I am a hoarder and I need your help.

My "friends(?)" are coming back tomorrow morning. But I need you to help me decide what I should get rid of and what I should keep for my new look. I'm not sure I can trust them. When I went to say good-bye, and walked them out...THIS (GASPING FOR BREATH HERE) was in the driver's car!!!!


So bloggers tell me.....stay or go

Charleston Plant

Sister musical pic from Brother

Stuffed animals (one of those dolls was made out of a pillow case that my deceased grandmother embroidered-by the way-just sayin')

Tea and coffee pictures

Fake greenery

......I'll be back in the next day or two with more decisions I'll need help with...PLEASE!

Hoarder Cindy Bee {sigh}

My Crafty Sister

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Leslie made me the sheep on the right. I posted about it here.

Well, a few days later, my Mom handed me a bag and said, "here is the stuff you wanted me to pick up for you at World Market, and there's something in there for you from your sister. She made it." Now folks, my Sister CAN be crafty. I taught her to knit one morning and she took to it pretty quickly. She was going to make lap quilts for people in nursing homes, and a dog coat for her friend's dog. After not finishing the dishcloth in about six months time, she gave the needles and yarn back to me. But she has made some things. She's like our Mom in that area. She doesn't shop in a basement like I do (blushing). She just buys what she needs to do a particular project, and that's that. No material or yarn piles for her. She does have a scrapbooking pile though. And last year at Easter, she did all kinds of crafty dessert stuff. So when I pulled this sheep on the left out of the bag, I thought.....Theresa made this? hmmm, how nice of her.

I even told my husband it's a sign that we need to get some sheep since people are making them for me all of a sudden! Anyway, I called her up and I was asking her all kinds of questions. She claims she went to Conner Prairie and they were giving a felting class. I tried to talk her into coming to a Granny Bee workshop because we have lots of felting projects. She had plans. (she always does!) There's another workshop on April 16, by the way.

Then one day when Dad and I were having lunch together, he made a comment about the whole sheep story being funny.

"What was funny about it?"

"Oh.. you don't know?"

"Know what?"

"She bought that at World Market and told your Mom to give it to you and tell you she made it."

I called her up and started singing the little "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" ditty.

Then in my post of craftyness, my blog stalker Sister wants to know why I didn't mention the little sheep she made me. it is. First comment she ever left by the way.

Cindy Bee