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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 3, continued...

Journal Entry, May 12, 2012 (continued)
We came back, cleaned up, and went to the Trevi


People just hang out at Piazza Di Trevi.

and enjoy the Trevi Fountain.

Live everything else in Rome, it's old, huge, and beautiful.

Umm too bad the people that took these pictures didn't get more of the fountain and less of the building behind us. (sigh) Oh well...part of it was where we were standing when we had it taken. But it was so crowded with people we could barely squeeze in at this point to have our picture taken at all.

My Sister said if you throw a coin in the fountain then it means you'll come back some day. WOOHOO!

More photos on the other side of the fountain! We just could not get in front of it.

See why? Look how crowded...

See this lady begging in front of this church. This happens all over Rome. And someone is probably going to chastise me for putting this on here. But here's the thing. I bought this little I 'heart' Roma bracelet from this street vendor. Street vendors are everywhere too. And I walked back to put the change from the 5 euro (I think it was 2 or 3 Euro) into this woman's can. And when I did, I looked down and under her skirt was a FULL BAG of MONEY she was counting! She only had a few Euro in her can, but that bag was full. And I walk a few feet from her and there sits a boy, or young man, with his huge clubbed feet in full view, begging. I feel sorry for them, but she probably had more money than I did. And I guess, in a way, she has chosen begging as her profession. Her job, if you will. So I guess she was doing her job, begging, and I fell for her broke and homeless scheme.

This church was at the Piazza. We went inside, and Mom lit a candle in memory of some loved ones. It brought a lump in my throat. She has lost a lot of friends in the last few years.

Sorry the pics are blurry. I didn't want to use my flash and it was dark inside.

So this is the vendor I bought the I heart Roma bracelet from. I said, "Can you tell us what direction we need to go to find Piazza Navona?" He pointed in the direction. I said, "Are you sure? That doesn't feel right?" (Like I would know...) He holds out his hands palms up and shakes them, and in his Italian accent says, "What? Why would I jerk you? I have no reason to lie, but follow your heart if you want." I told him I was taking his picture and if we didn't find it I would come back and have him take us there.

So bye bye Trevi we go in search of Piazza Navona....again.

Continued later...


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 3 - Italy

These purses were for sale on the sidewalk every day outside our hotel door! I did not buy one though. Not here anyway!

Journal Entry, May 12, 2012

Today we went to the Coliseum and the Roman ruins. Again I could not stop taking pictures. Theresa and I walked all over the ruins. Mom & Dad walked on part of them, then waited on us. They are actually doing very well for 76 & 77 yeas old. Anyway the whole gladiator stuff and mid-evil times are just that. EVIL.
They had no regard for other peoples human life. Very sad.

We came home after that tour, or back to the hotel, had a glass of wine and a snack. Then Theresa and I headed back to the Vatican. They were closing soon, but I talked the security guy into letting us in. We wanted to mail a couple of post cards and get something Mom asked us to pick up at the gift shop.

We stopped at a gift shop on the way to the Vatican and I bought some crosses.

(continued in next post)

These pictures need very few words.

Inside the coliseum.

A reconstructed stage to show the public what it would have looked like above the holding cells. The audience would not have seen below the stage area.


Where people and animals were kept in rooms below the stage. According to our guide, the animals came from Asia and Africa and were sometimes held without food or sunlight for a week.

This is the urinal back in the day. No separation of men and women either.

Very steep steps.

Next we went to the ruins....and there were just so many steps. Steep steps,

that Mom & Dad said they would wait on us here. We found out later that after they took a break, they got back up and went upstairs and walked around the ruins. They were told to stay put and we'd come back for them. Apparently they made it back right before us, afraid they might have missed us and would be in trouble for not staying put!

This would have been the "basilica" back in the day. And, back in the day, basilica meant meeting place, not necessarily a church, as it does today. This was the central meeting place in the village.

Look at that stain on the wall...Kind of looks like a person (sideways) I didn't notice that at the time I was there. I noticed it when I was looking through my pictures.

We were so happy to find a fountain for drinking water. I was holding the camera up in these pics.

I think we walked an average of 10-12 hours a day while in Rome. But we took a taxi to the Coliseum from our hotel. It was $10.00. When we went to take the taxi back to the hotel, the driver said it would $25.00! We said forget it, although we were all too hot and tired to walk back. We had just walked up and down steps and across gravel for about four hours. But we took off walking....

And when we did we found this area. We have no idea what it is, there were no people in it. Probably more ruins. We would never have found it had we not started walking.

(snicker - I thought the back of this statue was kinda funny-I know - immature of me!)

We also found this church, and not far from it, a Taxi stand. And it only cost us $10.00 to get back to our hotel!

My advice....If you go to the coliseum and ruins while in Rome, wear enclosed shoes. Not sandals. I wore sandals almost every day because I had a very comfortable, arch-supporting, pair that I bought before we left. There is a lot of loose gravel in these areas, so sandals are not advisable. Also, if you cannot climb stairs, forget the ruins. The coliseum did have an elevator in part of it. And don't forget your water bottle.


PS - Please keep Italy in your prayers right now. As most of you probably know, they had an earthquake last week, and yesterday, they had another one. There are 16 deaths so far. I heard they felt it as far as Milan, which is where we stayed on our last night in Italy. We got out of there just in time.