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Friday, August 28, 2015

The rest of day 2 and Day 3! (Thursday)

No we are not still waiting for our taxi!  
We had to get back to Bolongo Bay because cousin Tim and Cheryl were waiting.
This is cousin Tim and me.
 And activities director, Theresa, informed us it was Carnival Night!
Lots of fun on carnival night, like this stilt lady, and a Congo line, and a Limbo dance, and dancing, and a guy that walks on glass and food and drinks and artsy/craftsy booths....
One of those booths had beads and hair braiding.
Taylor hit up cousin Tim for money to get her hair braided....
(he's a pushover btw)
but a text to the bride changed her mind.  The bride wasn't sure it would be tasteful for the wedding.

The next day (Thursday) we hung out at the motel waiting on the rest of the gang to arrive.

There is plenty to do there without ever leaving the place.  They have a bar (Iggy's) that also serves food, another restaurant,

and all kinds of water sports, that are included with your stay. 
 (the motorized boat is not included but all other stuff is)

We snorkeled every day.  And they have events, such as A rum dive!  They throw a few bottles of rum into the bay area and you dive for them!

Trent was the big winner on the rum dive.
And there are plenty of ways to relax!
My Shug...relaxing...
 I was coming down the stairs from our room and this guy decided he wasn't moving!  They are nice, but they are intimidating.  A maid finally walked up and got it to move!
Here's the thing about St. Thomas, and I suppose it depends on how far from the airport you are staying, but the island is like a BIG hill or a small mountain.  So the trip from the airport to Bolongo Bay (which is right on the beach) is windy and hilly and curvy all at once.  And it's probably a 20-30 minute drive.  The roads are narrow and the taxi drivers....well I suppose they drive this route 20 times a day, so let's just say they are used to the roads.  I don't remember anyone arriving at Bolongo Bay feeling well!  It's a little motion-y getting there.  So if you decide to go, prepare yourself!
But everyone arrived safely, except Eric, the groom, who cut his leg on the cheap, broken-down airplane.  (I have to say I could not have been more disappointed in American Airlines)  Anyway, we all got together for a fun dinner on the beach.  Did I mention every single thing is right on the beach?  I love it.

Then we all gathered at Iggy's for Karaoke night.  No, we can't sing, but we can have fun!
Well.....Greg can sing....
but these two can't!
My Shug and Robert

But as I said...
We can have fun!

My sister and her family
This is My Shug, Taylor, and Tim...
Can you guess what song they are singing?
(YMCA! My Shug was being a Village Person!)
Chris, Vickie and Taylor

Chris, Theresa, Cindy, Ashley, Tim, and Vickie
with Stick Mom! (who couldn't make a personal appearance)
Blogettes, I know I am WAY behind.
I'm not giving up.
Please don't give up on me!

Cindy Bee

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 1 & 2 in St. Thomas

We made it!  
We went to St. Thomas, USVI, in June for Ashley's wedding.
We were the first group to get there.  We all had different days/times that we were arriving and leaving because it was a big group and a lot of people.  We all knew we'd be there on Friday and Saturday though.

We had about a 45 minute layover in the Miami, Fla airport on the way there.  Note to self-ALWAYS allow way more time than 45 minutes anytime you are in the Miami airport.  Quite frankly, allow yourself more time when you are flying...PERIOD!  Someday I'll tell you about our trip just trying to get to our airport about an hour and a half away.

Free Rum Punch on arrival!!!!
Since American Airlines feeds you absolutely NOTHING on their planes, and since we only had a 45 minute layover, and since my Shug and I almost missed our flight completely, we all decided the first thing we'd do is eat dinner.

And as we sit down Theresa says, "Look what I brought!"  
Activity options for the week.
We weren't even off of the plane an hour yet...
and most of the activities I was planning involved a beach drink and sand!

We stayed at Bolongo Bay and they had a free appetizers and rum drink special so we went for it!

These will be some of the pictures I longingly look at this winter!
My Shug in the water!
I don't think you can take a bad picture at Bolongo Bay.
The pool, swim up bar, and restaurant overlooking the pool, and ocean.

The view from our room

Me....doing my activities!
Iquanas are there like squirrels are here.  They are everywhere!

Did I show you the view from our room?

Just in case you  missed it!

On our second day there we went to a place called The Pie Whole for dinner!
It was a hole in the wall place that had delicious salads and pizza!
Waiting for our taxi driver to come pick us up
(Trent, Theresa)
Still waiting...

Cindy Bee

Thursday, August 6, 2015

More June happenings....

In June....
The Granny Bees met at Patti Beck's garden.
to take a garden stroll
and buy some garden pottery (not the stuff in the pics - I took pics of this because I love that she put this big bird in a nest)
We met in memory of Beth.  And the entire evening a monarch butterfly kept flitting and fluttering about our group.  It was the first one Patti had seen this summer.
 I had asked Patti to make us Granny Bees something in Beth's memory and she made this bell....but she also made
 I L.O.V.E. them.
And I've missed Beth a lot lately.  
Tomorrow night will be the first, "First Friday" that I've attended that I did not spend it in her studio.

We went to my Sister's house for Father's Day (but we had to meet the week before Father's Day because we were going to be in St. Thomas at a wedding on Father's Day weekend) 
and I hardly took any pics! (I've been slacking)
I did get one of My Shug putting a cig behind my Mom's ear.
Silly....neither of them smoke.

And of these two playing in the decorative pond!
What is it with kids and water?
We were actually supposed to go to a Polka Boys concert that evening, but all the way there it stormed. 
Who woulda thought the weather would have turned out perfect!
This is my brother and his son acting goofy.

The next weekend,
Mom and Dad and Theresa and I went to Clowes Hall.
Only it's pronounced Klews Hall.
And I know that.
But when we stopped to ask for directions I asked for Clothes Hall.
Who knows why in thee hell I say/do what I say/do.
I do know I love the little sippy cups they gave us for our wine!
How cute!
So, can you guess by the picture below (that I wasn't supposed to take) what musical we went to see?

More june stuff.....
Cute lil' peaches on our tree!

My hives are doing well!

We all went for pedi's for Ashley's wedding.
only I didn't get a pedi.
I do not like my feet touched.
I've had one pedi in my life and I ended up with a toenail fungus that lasted for years.
I got rid of it on my own by applying tea tree essential oil to the top and underneath of the nail every morning and every night.....for like two years.
It's like the one time in my life I was in a tanning bed.  I ended up with red and white stripes on my bottocks.  Don't ask.  Who in thee hell knows anyway? Not me.
Pedis are kind of gross anyway.  They took a cheese grater and shaved the dead skin off of my sister's feet.  ewww....the pile....of dead skin.....just ewwww.....
But I did get my toenails painted!
Do you like the plhower?
Okay, so, Then we all went out for Mexican food and margaritas afterwards!
And Theresa and I probably should have been home packing because we were leaving the next day for St. Thomas!
Coming pics and St. Thomas!

But before I go
TODAY is my Sister's Birthday!
Happy Birthday SISTER!

Cindy Bee