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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crocheted Coin Purse

 Last night at crochet the Granny Bee wanted to change things up a bit.  So, she brought these clasps for all of us, and Groovy Girl threw in some yarn, and voila'!  We made the cutest coin purses.  I just finished mine and I was so excited I had to show you.

 Think of the could embroider on it, or put a crocheted flower on it, or any kind of flower, or a button or two, or put someones initials on it for a Christmas present......
 the would make excellent Christmas presents.
 Which reminds me, I would like to remind everyone to try to shop at the little stores this year.  The ones owned by local people trying to make a living in your own town.  And shop hand made if you can. There are so many bazaars, craft shows, open houses, etc. this time of year that you could get your shopping done early.  Or buy gift certificates at the little stores.  Or make something yourself, like this cute little coin purse!

Cindy Bee

PS - Still taking pictures with my cell phone.  Sorry....believe me, if you know me, you know I miss my camera.  But guess what.....I can't get anyone at those BIG stores to help me that know anything about cameras.   Does anyone get trained anymore in those stores?  Do they even care who they hire?  Because I'll tell you what....those kids working in those stores sure don't care about me and the fact that I don't have a camera.......jeeeeeez

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 My nephew came up and helped me do some packing again at our house in town.  We've emptied out two bedrooms!  And took a little break to decorate his bike for Halloween.
 Last night Dad called and said to get outside and look at the sunset!  I did.
Of course, the woods is in the way a bit.   
It looked like a big ball of fire behind the trees.  Most beautiful sunset Indiana has ever seen.

My thoughts and prayers to everyone on the east coast.  We got high winds and rain all day, but nothing like you all got on the East coast.  Stay safe cousin Troy, Elizabeth and John, and all you blogger friends. 

Cindy Bee

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My week in review!

Last Sunday evening we had the boys I used to watch and their parents, along with my parents, over for dinner.  Their Mom told them to put their arm around each other for the picture.  Some things never change!

On Tuesday, I played cards at my parents house.  They play every Tuesday evening.  Growing up, us kids had to stay away from the card table, therefore, we suck at card playing.  But they get desperate sometimes and use my sister or me for a sub.  Tuesday they needed both of us.  Top pic is my sister, Dad, Mom.  Bottom pictures is Uncle John and Vickie.  My Mom's side of the family has played cards forever.  We used to get together on weekends and all of us cousins would play together while our parents would play cards. I miss those days.Oh yeah, you see money on the table because they play for 50 cents a game!

I spent one day getting my beehives ready for winter.  I put entrance reducers on the openings and I'm feeding them some of the honey that didn't pass quality control!  I thought it was too dark and thick.  Apparently a drought can do that.  Not enough moisture in the flowers (nectar) I was told.  The reason you make the entrances smaller, as you can see from the pic below, the regular size of the entrance is big enough for a mouse, vole,  mole, chipmunk,  to get in and hide out and eat honey.  Raccoons can stick their arm in a hive and they will eat the honey and the bees. So we have to reduce the size of the entrance in the winter months, to help the bees survive.
I went to a Rotary meeting/luncheon.  These are people I worked with at Purdue.  The guy on the left was the director and the guy on the right was our speaker.  He is an ex-FBI agent.  Very interesting person.  It was so nice to be with these people again.  Us ladies still get together once a month for breakfast.
 My nephew (yes I have a nephew!) came over and helped me pack up the potting shed.  We worked hard all day long.  It was sad for me.  I love my potting shed.  We built it on concrete foundation with the intention of never moving.  I have to leave it behind.  It was kind of nice having his help.  He is so tall (6' 5") that I didn't need to get a ladder to take stuff off the walls!  I spent a lot of hours in that shed.
Dad came over one day and brought me a latte'.  We sat on the porch and enjoyed the view at our new place.
Friday night, as you know, I made slippers at a party at Groovy Girl Yarn.

Saturday, I didn't get any pics, but it was a fun day.  Went out for lunch with family and friends.  Apparently, tenderloins are a mid-western type of food and my cousin had family from the East coast visiting.  There are about three places in Kokomo that have really good tenderloins.  We went to one of them.  Then afterwards the ladies went downtown shopping while the guys went on back home.   After having such a busy week, I was glad to have a relaxing day.  Stay safe John & Elizabeth. That Frankenstorm looks pretty scary!

Cindy Bee

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Slipper Slumber Party!

 Friday evening, Groovy Girl Yarn had a slipper slumber party.  We had pizza, tea, snacks, and we all made slippers.  Well, except Kathy.  She made Granny Squares and laid it on her foot to look like slippers!  Hey, not a bad idea!
 This is Groovy Girl's slipper
These are my slippers and "K's" slippers.
 And here we are taking a group photo.
 Groovy Girl, that is some weird looking ankle you have there! 
 It was a fun evening, with no ghostly shenanigans!  
I  heart my new slippers!
I'm wearing them now, but it's almost 11:00 a.m. and I have company coming over soon.  I must get busy!

Cindy Bee

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Fun!

Last Saturday evening, several of us went to an "organ concert" called Music of the Night at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis.  The concert featured Charles Manning, the Phantom Organist.  
We met in the Gothic Chapel for the concert.
A few songs might sound familiar to you, such as Ghost busters, Witch Doctor, and there was "name that tune game" of old TV show theme songs such as The Adams Family, The Monsters, Casper the Friendly Ghost, etc. (I think Jodie 'with an ie''s husband watched a lot of TV as a kid....just sayin.)

 After the concert and a refreshment of cider and donuts, we went for a cemetery tour.
 The cemetery was established in the early to mid 1800's and it is over 500 acres.
 There are several famous people in this cemetery,
 such as President Benjamin Harrison, John Dillinger, and some famous poet whose name escapes me at the moment!
 We walked all the way to the top of the "crown" and if my camera were any good, it would have taken a beautiful shot of the Indianapolis skyline at night.  But I don't have a decent camera.  
I did have a fun time that evening though!

So, here's the scoop.....
I don't know if Groovy Girl Yarn has a ghost or not, all I know is yes, some weird things have been heard and seen in that building.  So far all is friendly.  
My computer has not been working properly.  It's been crashing on me.  So today I went and purchased a back-up system.  You know the kind.  "Easy to use, just plug in and push a button."  I'm ready to heave it all across the road in the pond.  But it is the reason I haven't been online much lately.
Lastly, my camera stopped working this week too.  All of this electronic dysfunction has just added more work to my already busy week.
Is anyone doing anything special for Halloween fun this weekend?

Cindy Bee

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Groovy Ghoul Yarn

 We didn't have crochet tonight, the Groovy Girl herself had a migrane and was sick to her stomach.  So I am going to tell you about last week.  First of all, it was Kathy's birthday and we had this yummy cake from a local place in town called J Edwards.
 And I decided that next year I want to make some candy corn bunting.  I did not buy this yarn, it's on display, but it looks like the perfect colors.

 Groovy girl said I couldn't take her picture, but I could take a picture of her ya go....they are hawt don't ya think.
 She is making the most adorable i-pad cozies.  CUTE.

 Kathy is taking a coffee/crocheted cigarette break after eating cake.  She's entitled, it was her birthday after all.

 "K" finished her ripple blanket by the way.

 Ok, so here's the story.  "K" was sitting there and said, "I smell's like something is burning, do you guys smell it?"  I proceeded to somewhat tease her about her sinus issue, because she actually does have a sinus issue.  Or did have.  She said it's no longer a problem.  Then we said it was probably coffee, that Kristi just made coffee.  And "K" said, "don't you smell it, it smells like the air conditioner is hot wiring."  None of us smelled it.  
Then I turned to talk to Granny Bee who was sitting on the couch a few feet behind us all. And I had my hand on that chair right purse was actually on the seat, leaning against the back of it.  It's a messenger style purse.  
 I had my hand on the left rung(if that's what you'd call it).  And suddenly, the chair moved, like someone sat down at the table across from it and put their foot on it and pulled it to the table so they could put their feet on it.  My purse fell over on the seat.
This happened about two minutes after "K" smelled something burning.  I turned around to see who sat down at the table, and no one was there.  I then got eyes as big as a full moon on a Halloween night and I asked GB if she saw the chair move.  She did.  I told her I did not move it.  I even tried to move it like it moved, with one hand on the rung and I couldn't do it.  It was just like someone sat down across from it and pulled it to the table.  Freaked me out I tell ya.   What do you guys think?  I mean, other weird things have happened there, and we kind of always just ignore it....and I really don't know how I feel about that kind of stuff, except's kinda scary.

Cindy Bee

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ladybug Dreams

 You know...when I started a blog, it was on a whim.  I had been reading them for awhile, I had never left a comment on another person's blog, I didn't really understand the whole blogging world.  I just sat down one day and opened a blog.  I remember watching the Martha show one time when she did a whole segment on blogging and everyone in the audience was blogging.  I just didn't get it.  But I opened my blog because I wasn't scrap booking anymore and I thought this would be a way of scrap booking on the computer.  I never gave any thought to making new friends.  Well, the first person to comment on my blog was Brenda, from Ladybug Dreams.  She found me because I actually had commented on Rebekah the City Farm Girl's blog and she followed the trail, as bloggers do.  Brenda  and I have been keeping in touch since.    
 Well, Thursday she was coming through town and she stopped for a visit.  The only bad thing was there wasn't enough time.  Brenda...if you have time on your way back home, call me! 
We went out to eat at a new place in town that serves really good sandwiches at reasonable prices.  I had never been there before, but I'll go back!  The name of it is Pepperwhistles. Here she is in the cabin with the Granny Bee.  
   I wanted her to see where we have our stitchery events.  I also took her by the mansion where we have the Winter Woolen Workshop. 
 Then we went by Groovy Girl Yarn store and some of the Ripple Tuesday girls were there.  There's Barb, and Kathy, and Groovy Girl, and "K".
Brenda was a little overwhelmed with all of the yarn choices and so little time.  I sort of over planned for the amount of time we had.  
Oh and I have to show you the gifts she gave me.  She made this tea pot cozy out of the bee material and she gave me this cute notepad with a beeskep on it.  Sweet!  When she gave it to me my mind was going 100 mph and I didn't even notice it had a beeskep on it.  I'm crazy sometimes.
Anyway, thank you Brenda for stopping by and for the gifts.  I hope you enjoyed your visit and please do come back.

Cindy Bee

Friday, October 19, 2012

Artsy Stuff in Brown County

 So much going on this week, and I know I missed Ripple Tuesday....Winston was more important....anyway, I want to tell you one more thing about Brown County, Indiana.  Nashville, Indiana started out as an Artists Colony, and it is still a very artsy place.  This "tree" is along the sidewalk...made out of license plates.  Art is different for everyone.
 You see doors with hand forged hardware.
 We spent a couple of hours listening to these guys play guitar and sing.  They played a lot of 70's music so we really enjoyed it.
And if you're wondering what this guy is doing....
 He uses a chainsaw to carve things out of trees.  Like this life sized horse,
and this bear.
 And this bear reminded me of Buttons.  She keeps going into "the bush" and there are bears in there!  She hears them!  Making lots of noise....rustling trees and such. 
And I keep telling her to get outta there.  She reassures me that she'd never go in if it was anything but a black bear.  That they only have black bears there!  What?!?!!  I don't care what color that bear is, girl, you run!
This is why!!!

Cindy Bee