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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crocheted Coin Purse

 Last night at crochet the Granny Bee wanted to change things up a bit.  So, she brought these clasps for all of us, and Groovy Girl threw in some yarn, and voila'!  We made the cutest coin purses.  I just finished mine and I was so excited I had to show you.

 Think of the could embroider on it, or put a crocheted flower on it, or any kind of flower, or a button or two, or put someones initials on it for a Christmas present......
 the would make excellent Christmas presents.
 Which reminds me, I would like to remind everyone to try to shop at the little stores this year.  The ones owned by local people trying to make a living in your own town.  And shop hand made if you can. There are so many bazaars, craft shows, open houses, etc. this time of year that you could get your shopping done early.  Or buy gift certificates at the little stores.  Or make something yourself, like this cute little coin purse!

Cindy Bee

PS - Still taking pictures with my cell phone.  Sorry....believe me, if you know me, you know I miss my camera.  But guess what.....I can't get anyone at those BIG stores to help me that know anything about cameras.   Does anyone get trained anymore in those stores?  Do they even care who they hire?  Because I'll tell you what....those kids working in those stores sure don't care about me and the fact that I don't have a camera.......jeeeeeez


  1. What happened to your camera, Cindy? I scrolled through and found a post where you said it had stopped working, but can you be more specific? I don't think many stores have skilled staff - you need to take it to a proper camera shop for an opinion you can rely on. The big stores just want to sell you a new camera and are never bothered about fixing 'old' ones. That said, sometimes it's just not cost effective to try and fix them - Andy's camera recently seized up and he tried everything to get it working, but had to get a new one in the end.

    It's possible though that it's not the camera that's the problem but that little card that stores the photos - it's worth trying a different one in your camera just to see. It's happened to me before. Otherwise use google to see if other people have had the same problem with the same make and model camera - there's often a lot of help out there.

    Hope you can get it fixed!

  2. Forgot to say ... love the coin purse!

  3. Hi Fiona,

    Well my camera was a "day after Thanksgiving special" that I bought a few years ago for $100.00. It's not a great camera, but it does the job and I'm used to it. But just like your husband's camera, it seized up. The lens won't go back in. I thought it was batteries but I've charged and replaced them. I was thinking of buying a new one anyway because the one I have doesn't take very good pics at night or low light, but I can't even get anyone to wait on me to buy a new one. It's ridiculous. And we don't have a small camera store here. We used to years ago, but like other small businesses, it closed.


    1. Oh dear ... it does sound like it's had its day! If I were you I would be lazy and place an order with B&H online ( It's my all time favourite camera shop and is always my first stop when I'm in New York (sounds like I go there lots, but I've only been a few times!). I've purchased lots of stuff from them online - I've even had them ship things to me here in Germany and their customer service is great. They have a live chat function online where you can find out which products are best suited to you. They have thousands of cameras from cheap and cheerful to professional .. basically something for everyone.

  4. ...or you could make them in large amounts and bring them to a booth space at a Spring Market next year.....just sayin! It's cute!

  5. That's just WHAT I NEED!!!! It's perfect...just perfect!...:)JP

  6. Your coin purse is adorable! I could just see it with a little beadwork on it...

  7. Sorry about your camera phone the manufacturer I had problems and they fixed it right away OK I had to mail it to them but it only took a week. At least they did not ignore me.
    Love the coin purse wish I could knit or crochet. B

  8. Do you have a pattern link you could share?

  9. How cute! Love it! Your right they would make great gifts. I wish we had more shops here in town to shop at I certainly would get more done earlier if we did. Have a great week!

  10. Really cute purse! Sorry to hear your camera went "caput". Hope you get sorted soon xx


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