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Friday, August 24, 2018

Thursday in Maine

On Thursday morning, while some of us were trying to decide what to do for the day, others soaked up some rays. 
Mom and Vickie and I decided to go to the Christmas Tree Shop.  I have no idea why they call it that.  There weren't any Christmas trees inside.  But they did have A LOT of stuff.  Others went hiking/walking at the Portland Headlight.  I don't have pics of that because I didn't go.
That evening we went out for another one of my pre-birthday celebrations.  It still was  NOT my birthday, but you remember I said I was celebrating all year?  Well I was and I did!
We went to a place called Saltwater Grille

and they had prices like this!  Sswweeerrrrrrrr (that's one of those whistles you do when you're a bit astounded by prices on a menu!)
We originally had reservations to sit outside, but it was chilly out so we had them change us to inside.  You can see the restaurant has a great harbor view.

And here we all are.
And here is Theresa (sis) me and Vickie (cousin)
 And this is yummy birthday dessert!
 That I did share with anyone who wanted a bite.  It was SO GOOD!
I loved the blue bottles filled with cold water on the tables.  They looked great and no one had to keep asking for more water.
Awww Me with my Shug!

The whole gang except for John and Elizabeth.  I can't remember if they had to get in their UBER car and leave or if they were taking the picture.  Either way the picture turned out pretty good!

Twas a fun evening!

and PS don't be saying Happy Birthday.  (It's over in real life, but on the blog it isn't here yet!  teehee)

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sailboat ride in Portland, Maine

 While Mom and Dad were contemplating what they were going to do for the day, my sister, my niece, My Shug and I decided we were going on a sailboat ride.  
I love everything about sailboats.   So I'm just going to post several of my favorite pictures.  Keep in mind it was a very windy day.

When we were on the boat, my niece sent me a text and said look in the window.  I looked in a window and I got another text...not that window, the one in front of I bent way over and saw this little window...she was in the bathroom!  You couldn't actually see in it, but I could see her hand in the window waving.

 And that's it folks.  After the ride we shopped for a little bit.  Theresa and Dad drank for a little bit, and she took a nappy in the chair!

My computer is messing up pretty bad.  We'll see how it goes.  Pretty sure I'm not going to buy another computer though....I hope to at least get through this vacation!


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tuesday, June 19 - Day at Higgins Beach

  On Tuesday we spent most of the day at the beach.  This is my sister walking to the beach.  It was a short walk, just a few houses down.  Notice all the stuff she is hauling.

And this is Mom walking to the beach!!!  Notice all the stuff she is hauling!

Yet somehow, Mom and Dad have chairs and an umbee!
And it looks like my sister and her daughter are relaxed in the sun....

contrary to me BEGGING them not to be in the sun because of skin cancer.  Yep, this is me and Shug in the background.  And yes I have sunscreen on, a hat, and an umbee!

It was a little windy out that day and we couldn't get some of the umbees to stay in the stand.  And there they went flying across the beach!
And yes, I know they are called umbrellas, but we call them umbees. know how when you are growing up and a child will call something a different word, such as umbee for umbrella, then your whole family calls it whatever that word is, and pretty soon your family has their own language. Like umbee for umbrella, or samur for sandwich...yep....that'd be why they are umbees.

Thanks Dave for the save!

The tide is coming in.  I've never been anywhere that the tide came in so close and went out so far!

We had this little strip of grass across the street from our beach house (background) that had a picnic table and a couple of chairs, and so many times we would go there to sit and just watch the waves.
This was the view.

I was waiting on everyone to get ready to go to Freeport, Maine to visit the L. L. Bean store.  While we were there, for some reason I didn't get any pictures, except for these two which were a display inside the store.  Honestly, it was too big for me.  By the time I found the women's department it was almost time to meet up for dinner.  I did manage to buy a new wallet.
We had dinner at Jameson Tavern which is one of the oldest taverns in the United States, originally started in 1779.  It's an historic Revolutionary War-period tavern.  Great place to eat dinner.  Our food was delicious.
When we finished eating most went back to the beach house, but Vickie and Robert and Dave and I went to see Robert's brother, John, and his wife, Elizabeth.  They live in Maine, and visited with us a couple of times at the beach house.  We sat on their new porch and had a glass of wine.  Their house is adorable.  Very old and quaint with lots of nooks and crannies and old doors and such.  I loved it.

So that evening.....
When we were on the Duckboat ride, we saw this building from the harbor.  And we also happened to drive by it on the way to Freeport, so I snapped a quick picture.   B&M are known for Baked Beans, and they also make bread in a can.
 When we went to the grocery store, I believe it was Robert that bought a can of the bread.

And we decided to try it that evening.

 Vickie surprised us with yummy chocolates, which was great, because I'm thinking B&M should stick to beans!
Those chocolates though......