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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

 I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend.  Mine was a mix of fun and family and friends.
On Saturday, my cousin Vickie and I went to The Vintage Farmhouse's Enchanted Flea Market.  And, as you can see, I took pictures with my phone, and they are distorted as usual.  I will say I am not at all impressed with the I phone 5.  I would rather have my 3 back.  Oh well...
 Back to the flea market.  It had a mix of new and used and vintage and vintage looking.
 And best of all it was fun chatting with people I haven't seen in awhile, Michelle from All Wooled Up, Marilyn from The Gypsy Pearl, Kathy who is in my spinning group and makes the most unusual denim rugs, and of course Nicki From The Vintage Flea Market. 
  I also ran into my brick-moving friend Cheryl there!
  And Mom and Dad were there for about five minutes!  They said, "we grew up with all of this stuff, why do we want it again?"  LOL!

 The flea market was held at Watts Christmas Tree farm.  All these years and I never knew this existed.  They have a building full of fun Christmas stuff from past and present and a lot of items for sale.  The owner told us in the winter they have trees, swags, wreaths for sale.  I bet it's a fun place to go at Christmastime.  hmmm....maybe with my nieces.

After we left the market, we went into the town of Zionsville.  Vickie saw a blanket in the window of a yarn store.  We went in.  (not to worry Groovy Girl!)  I went to the bathroom and when I came out she had this yarn in her hand.  I went to look at it and she frantically said, "NO, DON'T TOUCH IT!"   As it turned out, she ended up not buying it.  Even on sale it was rather pricy.

 Nice colors though huh?
 So here are some things I bought at the flea market.  Mushrooms for my fairy garden.

 Some little plastic robin eggs.
 Now this was my first purchase and I wanted them all...but only bought these three.
 I had to think hard about what I would do with them...and I picked these out because I thought they'd be a nice display at Halloween time.
 They are very old and came from an estate.
 This R is old and made out of a metal.  I'm sure it was part of a sign back in the day. 

And who can resist starfish?
 I'm looking for candlesticks this size to put votive cups in.  I found one.
 Underneath the candlestick is a hanky.  I picked up three hankies that I really liked.  This one was $2.00.   ummm, the other two were "worth $25.00 each but she would sell them to me for $10.00."  Like I said, I had to be picky.
 I did buy this bracelet though.  It says to live the life you've imagined.  I know someone important said that...but haven't looked up who it was.  Maybe Goethe or Twain or someone like that.  Anyway, I told someone the other day, or maybe I put it on here, or maybe both.  But I said, "to live the life you want, you sometimes have to give up the life you have."   I didn't make that up either, but I like it.  It's going to be my mantra this year....well...starting now.

On Sunday, we had a very impromptu, unplanned cookout.  My Sister called and said she was coming over to drop something off, and her husband wanted to do some target practice.   So I called my parents and asked if they wanted to stop over for a cookout.  I had some  hamburgers and a few hotdogs, and some boxed mac and cheese and a can of beans! 
 Mom said she had a few hot dogs and she'd bring some chips, buns, and stuff for the hotdogs.
 I had told Vickie the day before if we do anything for the weekend I'd let her know.  So I called her...She brought some strawberry shortcake and potato salad, that she made from scratch! And some cheese for the hamburgers. 

 Like I said, unplanned.  People brought whatever they had in their fridge or cabinets. It worked.  But...
 who buys hot dogs this small?????  Seriously?  Who makes hot dogs this small!

How was your weekend?

Cindy Bee

Friday, May 24, 2013


Blogettes, I didn't post that last post to have a pity party.  I posted it because I'm getting over the anxiety and such and moving on.  
 I'm getting my mojo back!  
I have a plan 
and I'm working on it.  
I've moved the car seat off of the table!
Plus, I'm doing things I enjoy again.  I'm working them in whenever I can.  Like right now....I'm sitting on the patio enjoying a fire in the fire pit with a cup of hot chocolate with three marshmallows!  
Gooey melted marshmallows.
Ghirardelli chocolate.
Real milk.
 Here is our patio all closed up right after a rain. It is not raining at the moment but it is chilly outside.
 Anyway, I've gone to a couple of plant sales and bought some herbs. My favorite types of plants to grow are herbs.  Love them.

 And my Shug, knowing I love gardening, made these raised beds in our drive way/walk out area before we had the gravel brought in.  I've planted some seeds in these beds too. Including seeds that vine.

And this wheelbarrow is my potting shed!!!  What?  It works!
 Now check out this southern lady.
 She's gonna have y'all over for sweet tea someday,

and we're going to have mint in our tea!  But she needs a name first.

Any ideas?

 oh yeah...she wanted me to show you her new purse!

And remember all of the pots I was painting?  Here they are....full of herbs that I can hopefully bring inside during the winter.
 And the bunny, I got it for 50cents at a garage sale.  A lady I know was having a sale with lots of prim stuff, and this bunny was amongst the prims.  I painted it with chalkboard paint too.
I decided to try my luck growing a pineapple plant.  I saw something on pinterest, so I googled how to grow a pineapple plant.  
 Well I got roots, but the plant isn't doing so well.  Maybe I shouldn't have put it outside until July.
  Oh, and My Shug put up some party lights in case we want to have an evening party. 
 or early morning...naaaah probably not.

 Anyway....gardening is something I really enjoy doing.  And I've missed it.  For years.  So I decided I'm going to do some gardening.  Not the huge high maintenance gardening I used to do.  Some simple, fun, easy gardening.

Nighty Night!

Cindy Bee

PS - I'm going to the Enchanted Flea Market tomorrow.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

MOJO Part I getting back to the mojo thing.....
 I told you I've been trying to find my mojo...

Here's the thing about finding your mojo. 

When you are living life and you are not happy,
and you KNOW you should be...
you KNOW you should be counting your blessings,
but you keep having this feelings of frustrations, anger, negativity,
you have to figure out what's wrong, what you don't like, and make changes.

OK, I'm going to say this out loud....

I don't like...
living in chaos
unfinished business
being too busy.

I don't like....
having an appointment or someplace to be every day of the week.

I don't like...
living in a messy house.   
Even if I'm living in one room.  

I want time to be creative.   To garden.  To feed my soul.
Not to mention the culture shock.  
What culture shock you say....I only moved 20 minutes away. 
We'll talk about culture shock later. 
huuu huuu huuuuuu...  lions and tigers and bears oh my.

And since we've started building this life has been all of the above.  

I will divide this post into segments.....

Part I - Living in chaos....

I thought....
I THOUGHT... when we got moved I would be able to get caught up.
I THOUGHT...I would have everything neatly tucked away in one room.  Then when we finished building the house, we would just move stuff upstairs into place.   I THOUGHT....For once in my life, I would have a place for everything and everything in it's place!

YUP...this is my kitchen table right now.  
I have a car seat on my kitchen table.
Not a child's car seat
A. real. car. seat. on. my. kitchen. table.


 This is the room everything was going to be tucked away in...
It looks like this now....
BUT THIS..IS..UPSTAIRS...(back off peeps...I'm bearing my soul here.  It's not easy)

We cannot build around this stuff. 
 SOLUTION.....I am going to start selling stuff. 
Garage sales.....Internet.....etc....
That's how I got it all! Garage sales, flea markets, auctions, etc!  I love going.
I wanted to do flea markets, I wanted to be creative and sell my work (I actually have!), and I thought we might have a B&B when we were all finished.  I have all of the stuff to have one!
Well...if I do any of that stuff.....I will just have to re-buy.  I'm gettin' rid of it!

I have a plan.  Just like when I wanted to find out what my style was....I am going to go through stuff, and what I have duplicates of I will decide what makes ME happy.  What I like the best, and everything else goes.  It won't be easy, or quick.

But first....
I am finishing something.

As I said, I do not like starting something, stopping in the middle of it, and starting something else. 
And that is also how we have been living since we moved.  "Hurry up" and do this "Hurry up" and do that....and nothing gets finished.

Before I start one more thing I WILL FINISH THIS BRICK PILE.
We have one more day of moving bricks.

And this is my friend Cheryl.  How can I ever thank her?  She helped me move every last brick. 
My Shug says, "give her a brick!"  I said I was planning on it!
  But blogettes, We've been moving bricks for three to four weeks, usually two days a week, and it takes us about four hours to move two loads.  That includes driving and stacking time.  I told her yesterday she is a trooper.  And I'm humbled that she has helped me so much.  She had asked me to join a gym with her and I said, "I would never last...I'm not a gym girl, I'm not an indoor girl, I have to be outside in the summer.  But I do know how we can get exercise!"  I wish I would have had a camera in my hand, to show you her face, when she first saw this brick pile!

 (my phone pictures are turning out distorted and I don't know why)

We have not lost one pound. 
I have arm muscles now....
and an aircast for tennis elbow. 

Feel free to tell me how you survive the chaos.

To be continued.....

Cindy Bee

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Still looking....

 You are all probably wondering if I got lost looking for my mojo.....nope.....just takes me 20 times longer to do anything anymore.... I'm not organized at all, and we've had 'stuff' going on.
Remember last Wednesday was Mom's birthday.  Well, my Brother's family came up to take her to dinner.  

The original plan was just for him to take Mom out, but they all came, and invited us to join them. 
 So we did.

 Mom was so embarrassed when the waitresses brought out a birthday cake and sang to her!

 My Shug had to leave early and he went around the table hugging our nieces good-bye.  When he got to Dad....well...Dad wanted no part of it!
 Mom with three of her grandkids.
 Thursday I went to crochet.  We've all been kind of doing our own thing.  

Friday I stayed home and did stuff around the house....looking for mojo again.....I think I found it!

Saturday My Shug and I spent the day together, moved a pile of bricks, went to a plant sale at a local church, and did some stuff around the house.

Sunday, my Sister, Mom, niece and I went out to eat for Mother's Day.  Mom and I got to my Sister's early so we had time to go to a plant sale at Conner Prairie, and we also went to Allisonville Nursery.   Now Allisonville Nursery was totally inspiring and I took some pics to show you....later.
 We took Mom to brunch at a place in Fisher's called Peterson's.
 They had a buffet and I loved it because the food was in bite size pieces.  So you could sample a little bit of everything and you don't get all stuffed.  I'm not usually one for buffets.
 Mom had coffee and it was perfect.  And the cup was big so you didn't have to keep getting refills.
My Sister and I had a mimosa.
 See how cute the little desserts were.

 Happy Mother's Day Sister and Mom!
Now...this is the other thing that I have been doing...ALOT!  STILL Moving bricks!  My friend Cheryl is helping me.  We decided to do it for the exercise. 
 Just so you get an understanding of this brick pile I keep talking it is.
 It's been here for several years and plants have grown up around it, so I've had to cut them back. See how it goes all the way back to the fence.

HUGE pile. I figured we roughly moved over 900 bricks on Monday and that was three trips.  We moved them again today and we were both stupid tired.

 And I am now wearing one of these pretty thingys on my arm.
 I just want it marked off the list.  We are close.

  Here is a pic of the new piles.  Nice and neat and not too high.  (cheryl blew a hole in the butt of her jeans today.  Hilarious)
 So anyway, I'm still here....and busier than I want to be.

Cindy Bee