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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Walking, beekeeping, saving chickens!

 I wanted to show you a picture of the nickel plate trail.  We went for a walk on this trail the other night.  It used to be the Nickel Plate train.  Now people ride bikes or walk the trail.
 It's beautiful.  It goes through several counties.
 And I got into a couple of hives yesterday. It was all I had time for, but that's ok.  I have always dreamed of getting into my hives a little at a time, rather than dragging my gear from one house to the other, loading and unloading, and going through all of them in one day wearing myself out. So far I'm 50/50.  I've been in four hives.  Two are alive, two are dead.  I hope my odds get better.  I wanted to show you this picture.   I've been beekeeping for ten years and I've never seen this.  I e-mailed my mentor about it.  It felt just like candle wax.  I wish my bees were making their own candles!  They are not.  He said he has seen it bbeore and it's some kind of pollen that hardens like this after it gets in the mold stage.  That would make sense because this beehive was one of the dead ones.   It was a mess inside.   An animal had built a nest in it, and of course, the bees died.
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  1. Oh I am so sorry about your bees. Heading over to house blog. B

  2. We have a similar trail up near our village... A former railway, come walkway!


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