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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Baking and Preparing for the Holidays

We just now started getting some cold, snowy weather.  But up until about a week ago, 
we had gorgeous weather, and I was still walking our little dog!
One evening I looked out our kitchen window and saw this sunset.

I don't see sunsets often because of all of the trees in the way.  I'm not complaining though!

I love trees!

My Shug took advantage of the warm weather and hung our outdoor decorations.
 (I, on the other hand, was busy inside and did not get pictures while the weather was nice, so these are from last year, but they basically look the same!)

I also enjoy baking this time of year. 
Has anyone ever had any experience with this detailed type of  Nordic Ware Bundt pan?

Because it didn't work out so well for me!
I greased and floured just like it said.
I even googled how to get it out of the pan, with no luck.
It tasted good though!

I was having some ladies over on Friday, December 1, so I had to get decorating and food fixing!
I also did a couple of Advent bags for some friends that needed wrapped by December 1.
For those who don't remember, my cousin did this for me a few years ago, and we've both continued doing it.
It's best you start out a year in advance because you gather 24 small gifts, and the person you give this to gets to open a gift a day for the month of December until Christmas.  
Both of my friends are enjoying it.  From now on I'll probably only do one a year!  It was a pain wrapping all of these gifts before December 1st, AND I ran out of tape!  So I stapled lunch bags closed!!!  HAHA
I decided this year I was going to take my glass decanters and put them down the center of my island with greenery. And I had two people buy me this beautiful candy!  I love the old fashioned look of it and have been buying it for years, although I never eat it!  Maybe if it were covered in chocolate!!!
Thank you Vickie and Teresa B!

So here was my kitchen island the evening I had the ladies over.

Later in the week I decided to try another bundt pan!

It wasn't as detailed
and came out perfectly!

I'll show more decorating tomorrow.


Monday, December 11, 2017

We Care Park

When we returned home from the German Market, 
we decided to drive through the We Care Park.
If you have followed my blog for any amount of time, you see this park every year.
We usually take my nieces through it.  It's been a tradition since they were youngsters.

 If you have children, be sure to WALK through the park and not drive.  There is a room that you walk through with hot chocolate, cookies, and you get to pick a free stuffed toy off of a revolving tree, that you don't want to miss.  The kids just love it.

 Santa Claus is also there and we took Dixie with us. 
He wanted NOTHING to do with Santa or the lights. 
I think his Bye Bye days are over.

Adult or Child, if you have never been to the We Care park in Kokomo, Indiana, GO!

 We spent the rest of the evening relaxing.  
I had some hot chocolate with marshmallows AND whipped cream!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

German Market

Thanksgiving weekend my Shug and I decided to go to this German market I've seen advertised.  Actually, I might have decided for him, but he loved it!  It's about an hour from our house.  But first we had to stop at Cabela's.  I'm not a sports person, so I can take or leave Cabela's but they have a great animal display!

 Off to the market.  And before I go any further, let me say we have been SO FORTUNATE with the weather this year!  As of today, December 5, 2017, no snow!  You can see it was nice and sunny the day we went to the market.

 It was very nice.  Lots of booths with German items for sale. 

 They had a huge ice skating rink!  
We did not ice skate, but we enjoyed watching others do so.

 More shopping...

 I loved this clock!

The only disappointment was there were some German items made in China. 
When is this going to stop?
The only thing I bought that day was this Advent Calendar.  I wish I would have bought another one for next year.  I love them.

And yes, this was made in Germany!