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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Random stuff throughout the week

 We ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast twice this week. My Shug is on vacation.
Rhodes brand, in the freezer section, are great.
 My Shug wants a 1957 Chevy in this bay of the pole barn.
 But all he has is this card from me with a 1957 Chevy on it.  I sent it to him years ago and he saved it.  In the card I said I love him, and I'm going to miss him while I'm gone, and thanks for working so hard on the house.  I'm going to go get it (He has it on a bulletin board) and leave it for him again because I still love him, I'm going to be gone this week, and he's still working on the house (only it's a different house)!

The other day while my friend and I were going to the store, I stopped along the road to get a picture of the sky.  Can you see the dinosaur?
 My MIL fell a couple of months ago.   She has been living in the therapy place for two months and she wanted out.  They were not giving her the therapy they said they would give her.....I'm not even going to go into all of the details right now except to just show you this picture of all of the meds they had her on.  I spent an incredible amount of time on the phone this week trying to get her out and moved into her new assisted living place.  We did get her out, against their wishes, and she is doing better, and she took herself off of half of these meds.  She is 92....she can do what she wants as far as I'm concerned.

I bought this bag.  It's to put magazines, crochet project, and munchies in while flying.
I went to a friends garage sale today and bought this wool afghan for $2!  I also bought the basket
 and this mug, and tea bag holder.
 I got into my hives yesterday.  Only two out of nine survived.  I'm sad about it, but I'm not buying more bees this year.  It's too expensive and they don't seem to live through the winter anymore.
Debbie came over the other night and helped me move a bunch of stuff out of a room.  We took several boxes to Goodwill and some empty boxes to recycle.  Then my Shug and I moved some stuff to the pole barn.  While moving, I found an album.  And in it I found some old pictures.  Including this one.
Man do I ever wish I still looked like that!

Crochet group
Debbie has worked so hard on this blanket and loves it.
Thing is, she found out she is adding a stitch on every row.  She has been for about 2/3's of the blanket.
The question is, should she rip it out
 or just keep going and stop adding stitches.

 "K" finished this blanket which is incredible!  It was a mystery crochet a long.  We think it's beautiful, she isn't sure she likes it!
 I'm still working on this blanket.  I took it to crochet but I didn't get to do much with it this week.  I am so glad I took it because another group of yarnies at the coffee shop gave me a great idea on how to piece it together.  I was concerned because I was running out of yarn and don't really want to order any more.

 Lots of Attic 24 yarn in the coffee shop crochet groups.
 I'm down to the last of my yarn in the blanket that I was tearing out to do the one above.
Debbie is tearing out a few rows...then she realized the big mistake.....
 "K" started an Attic 24 pack of yarn this past week too.  I'm trying to force myself to finish mine before I start another one.

 I baked Morning Glory Muffins today for my trip.  I'm going with my friend Teresa to Las Vegas on Monday.
 That's my week in review.  What about you?  How was your week?  I will say I am ready to get away and relax for awhile.  I hate to fly, but after I get there I'll relax.

Did you find the dinosaur?


See ya in a week!
Cindy Bee

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Our Dad was almost famous

A couple of weeks ago our Dad was walking through the garden area at Lowe's. 
At the time, they did not have this fresh cement area roped off.  And he was looking around, not down!
He immediately left, without saying a word to anyone.  The next day Mom told me about it, so I went to Lowe's to see if his famous footprints might be in the garden center!  They fixed it.  Darn!!!  But his tracks are still there!

Cindy Bee

Friday, April 10, 2015

Three things EVERYONE can do to help nature

A couple of weeks ago, I contributed to an article in our local newspaper about honeybees and butterflies.
 I've contributed before, but I was pretty excited about this article when I read it.  
Not because of me being in the paper, but because of some of the other people that were in the article! It was an honor for me to be a contributor in the same article as these people. 
And it made the entire front page of the Sunday paper.
The reason this article is of concern to so many people, is because if we keep doing what we've been doing, we are 
Rather than reiterate what was said in the article you can click HERE and read it.

Let me start out by saying, I know it's hard to change the mindset of people.  Everyone wants to see butterflies and honeybees and such, but they also want their yard to look like a golf course.  
How many honeybees/butterflies do you see sucking nectar out of a blade of grass?
And why do we obsess over grass?
Personally, I think this is much prettier!

 I don't think  "Little House on the Perfectly Manicured Yard" has quite the same ring as "Little House on the Prairie" do you?
 All of these pictures were taken by me and they are on our land, except for the picture of the swarm.  We do not have the golf course lawn.  We do have clover and dandelions, which bees love.  Seriously....people boast about getting "clover honey" yet they are the same people who spray chemicals on the clover in their lawn!
 We also have milkweed, goldenrod, and Queen Anne's Lace.
 We do have a small acreage of land, but what can you do if you have a small yard or live in town?

I'd like to tell you three things YOU CAN DO
to help nature, that did not make the article.

1) Pick one small area of your yard and let it grow native.

 Think of it as an experiment.
No chemicals.  
See what kind of wildlife that one little area attracts. 
 Just one area.
 True Story - We have a neighbor that sprays his huge golf course yard.  He was devastated when his dogs died. Two huskies. One from cancer of the mouth, one from cancer of the eye.  Now think about this...when your animals walk on the ground, where do they usually put their head....face....mouth....

Did you know if monarch butterflies do not have milkweed, they will not survive?  Monarchs lay their eggs on milkweeds plants, the eggs hatch and as larvae they eat the plant. Monarch butterflies are smart enough to know they HAVE TO LAY THEIR EGGS ON MILKWEED PLANTS! Milkweed used to grow by fence rows, but so many plants that we consider weeds are being exterminated.  By exterminating all the milkweed, you are exterminating the monarchs.  
It's the circle of life peeps.

Yup...this is our fence row.
 This is a butterfly bush in our yard.   In the late summer we saw hundreds of butterflies between the milkweed, the butterfly bushes, and the fennel and dill plants.  Hundreds.  If you want to plant a butterfly garden don't forget about host plants for the butterfly larvae.
Honeybees love goldenrod in the fall and it makes a very rich honey.

2)  The second thing you can do is IF YOU SEE A SWARM OF BEES CALL YOUR LOCAL EXTENSION OFFICE or a local beekeeper.  Look up the phone number now and keep it handy.  Don't kill them!  Below is a picture of one of the biggest swarms I've ever gotten.   They are usually the size of a football.  And most bees will start swarming in May.  There are more people getting into beekeeping because the media has finally caught on to the loss of our honeybees, and people realize they can raise bees in town.  More beekeepers mean more swarms.  This is one of the most docile states honeybees are in.  I've never been stung getting a swarm of bees.  They will hang around like this anywhere from three hours to three days, so call someone as soon as  you spot it.  It's very exciting watching a beekeeper get a swarm.  And if you call me, I usually bring an extra suit and let you be a part of the experience if you want to.

3)  And this is a hard one.  Buy your seeds from a reputable organic company.  

There are several now.  Two I know of are Seed Savers Exchange and Seeds of Change.  There are dozens more.  And some stores sell organic seeds now.  The reason this is hard for me is because when I go to a garden center to buy a plant, I see it, I like it, I buy it.  But this should change the way people purchase plants.    Many plants have already been genetically modified with pesticides. (gmo's) When you buy a plant that has been genetically modified with pesticides, and a honeybee or butterfly sucks the nectar from that plant, it will die.  And guess what?  They will not be labeled genetically modified.  

Didn't someone stop to think that there are good bugs out there, that WILL DIE, just as easily as the bad bugs?  
Sometimes you just have to stop and wonder
what were they thinking?

Cindy Bee