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Monday, July 21, 2014

Some Crafty Stuff

I thought I'd take a break from family and friend stuff for awhile, to show you some crafty stuff I have done this summer.  I am still crocheting when I don't fall asleep in the chair at night!
But this is something I was trying to do on my way home from Florida over spring break.  My crochet group was making baskets.  The only yarn I had with me was from my blanket I was making, so I tried to make a basket, but it wasn't working out with this type of yarn.  It was too flimsy.

I was at a rummage sale this summer, and I saw this basket.

My idea worked perfectly.  I haven't put anything in it yet though.  Trying to decide between stuff such as pens and pencils, or a plant.  I'm thinking a plant.

I bought several of these baskets at a sale this summer too. 
I painted them white.

And I did put plants in them.  They are outside on the patio and won't hold up forever,
but they were cheap enough and I like them outside.  They add some brightness to the patio.
I paid $5.00 for this toy box at a sale this summer.

I spray painted the box creamy white.
My Shug sanded the top down.  I tried painting it without sanding it and it didn't work out so well.
I put some chalkboard paint on top and voila'.....a Crafty Stuff box instead of a toy box!

Cindy Bee

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 4 weekend party

First of all, let me say I think I have made it so anonymous people cannot comment on my blog anymore.  I hate it, but I am getting TONS of SPAM every day from anonymous users.  I clicked on the choice, "only registered users" can comment.  Not sure what that means, but I hope it just excludes anonymous users and not everyone.  If anyone has an idea of what I can do about this SPAM, let me know.  I don't want to use the word verification.  That's such a pain.

So anyway, I haven't posted our July 4 party, which was actually on July 5.
 I HAD to show you this watermelon grill.  The celery was too weak to hold it all night, so Ashley (the person that made it) suggests using a smaller watermelon.  I thought maybe a cantaloupe.  But isn't it adorable!

 You want to know how you have a party for around 30 people when you are living in one room?
 You pray for nice weather and have it outside!  The weather was perfect!
 This is Ty, the newest member of our family.  9 weeks old.
 This is groovy child Dylan, Ty's sister!
 Great Grandpa and Great Grandma holding Ty.  And Anh, the mother of the boys I used to watch.  My brother in the background.

 Uh oh...which one is sleeping?  Actually, I just caught her when she blinked.

 Trent and Ryan
 We remembered to have everyone come upstairs and write on our kitchen walls! 
 Ty and his Daddy

 Adrienne and Andrew (my niece and nephew) checking out  my FIAT.  I guess it wouldn't be comfy for really tall people!

 Dad, Mom, Duke (my brother) Adrienne (Duke's daughter) Andrew (Duke's son) Ty (Duke's grandson - Adrienne's son)
 Happy Birthday to me!  Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  YUM!  I am not telling anyone that there were four little pieces left of it and I ate one that night....later....after everyone left.  And two the next day.  Voila'!  No cake to store!  (I did let my Shug have a piece)
 Time for fireworks.
 The kids played with sparklers....
 and with adult supervision they did these lantern thingy's that float in the sky.
 Which was very cool....

 But then the big kids (adult men) got this idea
 to take fireworks that shoot off fireballs and try to shoot the balloons down.
 They all missed...but I'm sure this "game" will be remembered next year!

And I'm pretty sure Vickie wanted me to post this picture of her since there were about five of them on my camera!!!!

 I think from now on we are going to call this gathering the Redneck Hoot-N-Nanny!  Thank you Trent for the name!!!!

Cindy Bee

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Michigan City

A couple of weeks ago, my Shug and I took off for Michigan City, Indiana.  
They have a beach on Lake Michigan
an Outlet Mall
and a casino with a hotel to stay in.

Our first stop was dinner.  We ate at the restaurant above...the food was mediocre, but the view was good!
After eating we went for a long walk.   Aren't these baby ducks adorable!

We walked to the lighthouse.
I love lighthouse pictures!

We went to the beach, but it was chilly out that day.

Look in my sunglasses - you can see my hands taking our picture!  Funny!
And we walked to the harbor!

I love harbors.  There is just something romantic about them.
My favorite song in the world is Brandy....
You have to be a late 70's early 80's person to know that song.  It really is my favorite song in the whole world.

Are you tired of harbor pictures?
How could you be!
Arm in sunglasses again!  Lol!  Harbor in background.

You just can't take a bad harbor picture.

You can't take a bad muffin and latte' picture either! We went to this coffee shop the next morning and I LOVED IT! 
Then we headed home.
This is SWAMP land.  Who knew?  I didn't know we had such stuff in Indiana.  I thought it was all in the South!
That is water with algae on it.  Swampy....No harbor here.

Here's the thing about these pictures.  This place is all about wildlife.  Bees, birds, butterflies, etc. need messy, non-golf course type yards to survive.  The mind-set is starting to change a little, because people are getting worried that they will have to use a paint brush to pollinate their apple trees like they do in China.  Keep using chemicals and it will happen.  I can't say it enough.  That chemical does not know the difference between a good bug and a bad bug.  It kills them ALL. 
I heard that the red wing black bird has declined 65% because of chemicals.  They eat bugs.  There aren't enough bugs for the red wing black birds to eat and survive, so they are on their way out.  I'd hate to see that happen with other bug eating birds as well.  Ok - enough preaching for today.

We stopped off at a discount store called Baileys....This place is HUGE and it has EVERYTHING!
I bought socks, Dave bought a straw hat.  Seriously....we stopped at a place like this and bought socks and a hat.  Weird.
Then, on the way home I saw Broken Arrow Campground!
As a kid we used to camp at this place a lot.
So I turned around and took a tour.  
I wouldn't have recognized it, of course, I was too young to remember details.
I just remember taking hay rides and singing.......
get your singing voice on.....sing with me now......

Found a peanut
Found a peanut
Found a peanuuuuut just now......
Just now I found a peanut,
found a peanut
just now......

Who knows that song?
Cracked it open.....
It was rotten......
Ate it anyway....
GASP!  More harbor pictures!  How'd they get down here......I might just print some and frame them or something....

there's a port on a Western bay....
and it serves a hundred ships a day
lonely sailors pass the time away
talking about their home....

Speaking of home.....check out this shower in our hotel room!  I have stayed at this hotel a few times, but NEVER on the "spa" side, until this time.  Laa teeee da!

Cindy Bee

PS - Found a peanut found a peanut found a peeeeaaanut just now.....