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Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Fall Feast for the eys!

I thought I'd so you some pictures of some fall eye candy!

All of the above pictures were taken at Oliver Winery in Southern Indiana.

We decided to go on our annual trip to Nashville/Brown County, Indiana.  We have always stayed in Brown County State Park but this year we waited to get reservations and ended up staying at this hotel in town.  It's not bad as far as the room goes.  It's a small suite, but we learned something.  When you call and ask if there is a pool and/or hot tub, I guess you need to ask if they are working!  The hot tub, which is what my Shug likes, isn't working.  And some guy told him it wasn't working last year either.  My guess won't be working next year either!  (probably won't come back to place)

Had to watch this guy carve a bear with a chainsaw.  Nashville, IN is a very quaint, artsy town.  Lots and lots of cabins and hills and woods.

This is the outside of one of my favorite stores.  It's called Michaels.

You can see why...lots of old garden-y stuff.

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts on my last post.  I go back to the Dr. Tuesday.  This is weird in that it comes and goes.  He wants me to go on drugs, and I don't want to, so we'll see.  I think if it isn't something too serious, I'll live with it as long as I can, and keep praying it goes away.  I love blogland and bloggers for being such caring people.  Thanks.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pain on the head

OK everyone, I'm reaching out for help...

In July, I got a pain on the top of my head that hurt to touch my head.  I couldn't brush my hair, I had to hold my hand over my head to take a shower, I couldn't even put my sunglasses on top of my head.  It did not hurt other than touching it.  And it was on the top of my head, on the left side only, about an inch in diameter.  There was NOT a rash.

After a couple of weeks of the head pain, I started having a weighted feeling in my head.  Kind of a clumsiness, and sometimes a dizziness.  And sometimes my ears felt full of air.  It's very hard to explain.  And yes, I was stressing out about this pain on my head.

After four or five weeks of all of that, it started getting better.  Very slowly getting better.   Not all at once.

In September, I went a week and a half with no pain or weirdness in my head what so ever.  NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL!  So it took about two months.  I can actually give you exact dates.  I noticed the pain on my head on July 20.  And the week and half of no symptoms at all started on September 14.

Then, I went to an ear nose and throat Dr.  (Sept 25)  And let me just say, it took about five weeks to get into the ENT, and I made that appointment because we thought maybe there was some vertigo issues (crystals in my ears messed up?) 
BUT at the time I went to him I had been totally fine for almost two weeks.
*He checked the pressure in my ears, he did a hearing test (audiologist did that) and those were fine.  
THEN he did this maneuver where I sat on the Dr.'s table with my legs straight out in front of me.  He had me lie back and as I was starting to lie back, he pushed me back quickly and turned my head to the left.  He held me in that position and I was to keep my eyes open.  When I sat back up the room started spinning.  He did it with my head to the right side, the room did NOT spin.  He did it again on the left side and the room spun, again.
*He does not think it has anything to do with the crystals in my ear.
Since that time, I have had bouts of the dizziness, and I attributed it to the maneuver the ENT Dr. did.  Just bouts, nothing that lasted all day long.

I went to a neurologist last week.  It took OVER TWO MONTHS to get into her.  By the time I got into her, I was only having the few bouts of dizziness, which we thought was from the maneuver the ENT Dr. did.  She did a few tests, I think to test strength and coordination, and said to come back if the pain comes back, and she will give me a nerve block, which I'm not sure I want.

So, the ENT Dr. and the Neurologist appts. were made during the worst of this, but I did not get into them until it was over.

*My regular GP thinks I have a pinched nerve somewhere that is giving me a superficial pain in the top of my head.
*My Ophthalmologist thinks I had shingles, without the rash, and that it will go away as slowly as it came on.
*The ENT Dr. thinks it was a virus, related to shingles, but not shingles, and that it will go away as slowly as it came on. He thinks it was brought on by stress.
These are all theories.

I will say at the time this came on, I was stressed out because I was having problems with my teeth for months (another story), and my eyes.   I had been to the eye Dr. several times because  of flashes in my right eye.  The flashes are from the vitreous (membrane? gel? something....)  pulling away from the retina, which is an age thing.  It causes floaters.  (I had two laser eye surgeries because of very small tears.  on a scale of 1-10, not even a 1, he said) 
The pain ON my head did start during this time that I was going to my eye Dr.  
*He ordered Sed rate (which came back 6 - which is good) and checked my optical nerve and macula.

*I have had an MRI, which came back fine.
*I have had blood work which all came back fine. 
*I've had vitamin levels tested (more blood work) and a TSH (thyroid) check.  All came back fine. 

Yesterday, I had the weighted, weird, clumsy feeling in my head again.
Today, I was dizzy when I got up this morning.  And now it hurts on top of my head, again, plus the weirdness.  I noticed it when I brushed my hair.
The pain on my head gets worse as the day wears on.  Which is what happened when it was at it's peak in August.

Please don't google WebMD and tell me everything you see on there.  Believe me, I've done it.  I was just wondering if anyone out there has heard of this, or knows anyone it has happened to.  I'm at a loss.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Last Weekend....My Shug turned 60!

I want to hurry up and get last weekend posted before this weekend arrives!
Mom and Dad and I met up with my Sister and her husband for First Friday in Noblesville.
Love this candelabra!
My sister turned into a little witch!  Just Kidding!  Friday evening was a lot of fun.  I enjoy shopping in Noblesville, and they just recently opened two new stores.  Plus, there is a store there called Across the Pond that sells fun purses and jewelry, from Across the pond!  Her husband is British.  I didn't take a ton of pics though...but 

I did take a ton of pics on Saturday because my Shug turned 60!
and some family got together at our house, and we celebrated!
I fixed chili, corn muffins, chicken wings, and a few other things
and everyone hung out


until it was time to wish these four Happy Birthday. 
My sister's husband, My Shug, Our niece Sarah, and our Brother Duke! 
They all have birthdays from the 5th to the 11th of October.  

You know what's funny?  When you have around 25 people singing Happy Birthday to four different people, and you come to the name part in the song!

Mom got Dave a special cake for his birthday!

Anh told us a story.  She said when she came to the United States at a very young age, she didn't understand how everyone knew the words to this special birthday song!  She never heard it before and didn't understand.  In Vietnam they do not celebrate birthdays.  I told her I think we are born knowing this song.

Just a lot of happy family pictures to share.

Sunday morning I got up and went for a walk early in the morning.  

Then I finished a project I actually started last year!  This was an old, worn-out blanket My Shug had since childhood.  I had to iron some "wonder under" (is that what it's called) on the backside of it, it was so worn.  He had asked me a few years ago to make something out of it.  His birthday was actually on Sunday, so this is one of the gifts I gave him.  

 A pillow case, made out of an old blanket of his, from his childhood.   

It feels good to have the house decorated for Fall, the house cleaned for company, and time to relax a bit afterwards
Thanks for the apple dumplings Mom!