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Friday, December 19, 2014

Special Decorations

 I had a conversation today with a good friend.  She is decorating for Christmas and she was telling me about an area of her home that she decorates with special decorations from when she was a kid!  Elves and such.  So I thought I'd show you a couple of special decorations I have.
I showed you this last year.

On the outside, these look like two ordinary pillows. They are not.  The one on the left was made by Vickie a few years ago.  She made us all one.  The scene on the pillow matches a scene on one of our shirts.

Notice the pillow, and notice the sweatshirt I have on.  It matches. Look closer.  See the lady third from the right.  She is my Aunt Irene.  She is Vickie's Mom.  She passed away a few years ago.  And Vickie made us all a pillow, from her Mom's sweatshirts, that matched one of our shirts. See what I mean, she has the same shirt on that I have on.  Special.

 The pillow on the right was my sister's denim shirt that she had made into pillows for me, Vickie, and Ashley on the first shopping trip we went on without the rest of the group.  We love the pillow.
(Ashley hated the denim shirt but loves her pillow.)

And this decoration.... Is a picture that our Mom had made.  She took her sweatshirts

and had them all made into pictures for all of us.  We all got a different one.  These decorations will always have a special place in my heart and in my home.  
Here is a picture of Mom in her sweatshirt that she had made into a picture for me.
What about you have any special decorations?

 My advent gift today.  My favorite gift so far!  It's a battery operated thingy that puts essential oil scents into the air.  For those of you that know me, I used to be very much into herbs and essential oils.  It's not a heavy scent like those room deodorizers.  It's light and airy and I can't wait to see if I sleep better.

 Does she look like me?  This is my niece, Emily.  We took a selfie and I was shocked!

Cindy Bee

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Week before Christmas stuff....

With Christmas coming on so quickly, and entertaining time here, my fridge decided to go on the did my Bunn coffee pot. Luckily the Keurig still the mo anyway.  And my Shug and I have been looking for a fridge for quite some time, as we could hear it cracking and popping in the night.  We finally found one.  We didn't want a huge fridge for our basement room. And we didn't want to pay huge money for one, as we will be buying another one, hopefully this year, for upstsairs.  And they delivered it on Sunday morning.  What a mess.
The fridge actually looks the same, except for the front.  It's smooth, like when I was a kid.  Now here's a funny story.  When I was a kid, Mom decided she wanted a brown fridge.  Well it was the 60's.  Brown was in.  So she painted the white refrigerator with brown paint!  Yup, with a can of paint and a paint brush.  When I was bored, I would stand by the fridge and peel the paint off of it.  Because that's what the paint did.  It peeled off.  But not all the way.  Kind of like nail polish when it looks like shit and you don't have any remover!  So when we got our smooth front fridge, I called Mom and asked her if she wanted to paint it!  
(I know.  I said the "s" word.  But here's the thing.  It really did look like shit!)
I use my fridge for a family photo gallery.
I quickly got stuff all put away,  in time to leave for
 one of my niece's dance recital.  And as I was snapping pictures on my phone, of the only dance she was in, my phone displayed something like, "you have no more photo storage.....blah, blah, and blah."  I'm trying to figure out why, on her only dance, when Vickie (my cousin) leans over and says, "Look!" as my niece was on top of a stack of dancers, which I did not get a picture of.  Why did I run out of storage space?
 Because my nieces take TONS of pictures of themselves, when they are around, every time I do not have my phone in my possession.  Next time they will be going on Instagram!
 I did get one of us after the recital.  I love her sparkly top.
I also thought it was very cool the way they fixed their hair!
On  Monday I got up and finished decorating.

I only drug out a couple of boxes and I did not take everything down the way I usually do.

I did not have time to do full blown decorating because I had these lovely ladies over for Breakfast Tuesday morning. One of them couldn't make it because her 92 year old Mother was having knee replacement surgery.
Quick!  Look in the background.  Our room is clean!  It's decorated!  It's ready for Christmas!  I'm spending the next few days getting ready for Christmas Eve.
Everything always works out.  It does. 

My Advent Calendar gifts the last few days...

Starbucks Gift Card and mints.

and this.....
Cindy Bee

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Snow Globages

 So, I opened the "dreaded" box. 
 This box was just a tub full of Christmas stuff.  
But sometimes, when you live in one room, and you store stuff in other areas of the house, and the other part of the house is c...c..c.cold.  Stuff happens.
And in this one box were some very special things.  
One was this tree...It's a hand blown glass tree that I bought years ago when Mom, the boys I watched, and I went to the Opalescent glass shop.  At the time it was not far from where My Shug and I lived.  I believe we walked there.  This tree is an oil lamp.  I'm happy to report, it was fine.
But these....which are very special to me, well, I was opening them last year and I opened a box...busted....another one...cracked...another one, the figure was floating around in la la snow globage land.  I closed the box up and put it up and I just opened it on Saturday.  A year later. 
 These little globages were from JC Penney's, on Black Friday, when my sister and I would get up early and go shopping.  We'd be at Penney's whenever they opened and get our globage (that's what we called it).  We'd get a coupon from another store, and go eat breakfast.  We were actually just there for the social.  When they started opening on Thanksgiving, we quit going.  It just wasn't as fun.  
So, the globages...well several were broken.  I found this one at Goodwill, but as luck would have it, my 2005 wasn't in bad shape.  My Cousin Vickie gave me a couple last year, and one of hers replaced one of my bad ones. I made a list of the bad ones.  I replace them a little at a time if I can.  If I can't, I have a plan.
   This globage wasn't really special, but you can see how the figurine
 just shakes all over the place with the snow.
It's like Santa's in a blizzard getting blown all over the place.
  So here is what I did.....I'm trying to have a good attitude about it all....I put it in a plastic bag...
 I took it outside and busted it on a rock and took the figurine out.  Trashed the rest.
OK, but look at these two pics....below.
Kind of creepy huh????  All I did was turn on the tea light i put inside it, and take another picture.  (I'm serious)It looks like he is watching....which is why....
He knows when you are sleeping...
He knows when you're awake....
He knows when you've been bad or good....
so be good for goodness sake!
 Hey, I was told I'm getting behind on the advent calendar!  I know....I am behind...busy again..
Here are the last couple of days.  Ghirardelli chocolate on the 14th!
 And wine yesterday.
Cindy Bee