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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bucket List

I'll get to the post on Easter cakes, but I'm just wondering....

      What's on your bucket list?


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Back home and Easter Celebration

When I got home from our trip, later that evening I opened the bag of trail mix to have a snack, and this is what was in the bag! I guess I'll know better than to bring "healthy" trail mix when traveling with teens!  All the good stuff was gone.

And usually when we get home, it's later in the evening, as we are not early risers.  But we heard Indiana was in for a snow storm, ON EASTER SUNDAY, so we got up early and left by 7:00 a.m.  This time the weather people were not wrong.

Yes, this was ON Easter Sunday.

 Lucky for us, several family members were traveling on Spring Break this year so we decided to move our celebration to the Sunday after Easter.

 And it snowed again yesterday!  ENOUGH ALREADY!  I think I can speak for everyone in Indiana WE ARE TIRED OF THE SNOW!

After I was home for a couple of days, I got this in the mail.  I really do wish I was back in Florida!
 I always send MYSELF a post card when I go on vacation!  It's fun to get them in the mail when you get home.

After unpacking and putting everything away, I got busy preparing for Easter.

Mom and Dad had stuffed most of the eggs while we were on vacation, but I stuffed a few more with some extra fun stuff.

I have no idea how many eggs get stuffed.  Maybe 300-400?  We had 28 people and everyone probably got 15 eggs, give or take.  The adults hunt too in our family!

I put some of the decorations up before I went on vacation.  But there were tablecloths to put out,

and extra tables and chairs to set up.  I don't put big/tall arrangements on tables because 1) people can't see over them and I think it's weird to try to talk to someone through an arrangement and 2) the room is needed for plates.

I add something to the Easter tree every year.  We use forsythia branches or curly willow branches for the tree.

I bought the pansies at Horton's in Tipton.
I made this little bunny years ago.
Someone made this cross stitch for me back in 1988 from the place I worked.  I still get together with those people.  Love them.
Next up....cakes!


Saturday, April 7, 2018

The rest of the Ft. Walton Beach, Florida vacation!

OK blogettes, so the other thing that happened while I was on vacation, my phone messed up!  It would only work about 1/4 of the time.  So when I got home I instantly downloaded my pics to my computer.   Just seems like something was trying to mess up my mojo and I wasn't having it! 

I'm getting around to vacay again.
So, after day one on the beach and paying $35.00 x 2 for beach chairs, we decided we were NOT going to do that again!  They were $20 last year.  A new company took over.  My advise, take your own chairs.
We did take a lovely walk along the beach,
and out on the fishing pier.  It's tradition now that my sister not bring any  money to pay to walk out on the pier, so I do!  It was windy out that day but there were A LOT of guys fishing.
(check out the pelican waiting for a catch!)

Another bird waiting for lunch.
Then we went back to the pool where you don't have to pay for the chairs...Yet!  I'm sure they'll think of it at some point.

My sister got us all insulated mugs with our names on them so we would have drinks that stay cold all day on the beach or pool!  

I love the bay.

So then it was time for beach drinks.  Of course the girl's drinks were virgin ones.  Ours kind of tasted like virgin ones, but weren't!  Anyway, one thing I've always kind of wondered about....
Do details matter? 
I know people who are really picky about details.  
I go both I always wondered if they really matter.
After last week, I think they do.
See these beach drinks?
 See this one. And if I would have taken a better picture of it, you would have noticed the cherry on it too, but I was actually trying to get a pic of the hat!  My sister got us hats too!
Did you notice the difference?  No whipped cream.  And yes, it made a difference.  They ran out of whipped cream on Tuesday and they NEVER got any in.  I wanted to tell them there is a Publix about a mile down the road, but I'm sure I would have been met with blank stares.  And I know it sounds like I'm complaining a lot, but it is what it is, peeps!  $7 drinks should have whipped cream and a cherry!  I don't even like cherries!!!  This is actually the beach hut bar NEXT DOOR to the place we stayed.
We did have blue skies and beautiful beaches though.

Later that evening we went back to the Harbor Walk Village.

Guess what these beauties were waiting on....

Yep!  They know where to get the best eats in town!

This is a fun area to hang out.  It's a real harbor with lots of boats, some you can take on sunset cruises, dolphin cruises, a pirate ship, etc.  There are stores, a house of mirrors, a 3D shoot em up game place.  We did the zombie one and I screamed a few times!

They have restaurants and bars.
And food trucks that sell cheese sandwiches and drinks, and snow cones, and ice cream!

On another evening we went to a place called Fuddpuckers.  There was a two hour wait to eat so we decided to leave, but not before the girls tried these fruit loop type balls.  Good grief.  
I was going to try one but you aren't supposed to let them touch your tongue.  How safe is that?  Anyway, I think they are dipped in dry ice or something because the novelty of them is they make it look like smoke is coming out of your mouth.

Fuddpuckers is a HUGE place too.  With a store, and a bar, and a restaurant, and a stage for kids to dance and sing on.  And an arcade place.  I recommend it.  But get there early if you want to eat.  Two hour wait.  So we checked out the alligators after the girls did their fruit loop type balls, and we left.

We spent the last day NOT getting in the car.  We hung out at the pool, we walked the beach, we went to a restaurant on the beach to eat dinner, and the girls found this dance place for teens that we hung out at until time to go home and go to bed.
It was a great week, in spite of the condo problem.

I do have one more story to tell you and I think I'll go ahead and tell it.  Then I'll be done with vacation post.  We are celebrating Easter tomorrow, at our house, and I think there are 28 people coming.  I have been so busy this week it's taken me a few days to get this together, and I've been preparing for Easter, and it took me two entire days to get my new phone up and running, which I will tell you about later.  I plan on visiting you all next week.  I'm going to do some sitting - I hope!

Anyway, the last story.  And it might be one of those stories that you had to be there.....
Imagine two 15 year olds...
One evening we went to this place right on the beach to eat called Rockin' Tacos.  Earlier that day, the girls (and when I say the girls, I mean the two 15 year olds) were told that there was a dance every night at the same building where Rockin Tacos is located.  Well...we let them hang out on their own for about an hour....and when I say that I mean they weren't attached to our hip.  We were all at the same building, but it was big with a lot of restaurants and stores and such.  They were  looking for the dance place while we did a little shopping.  The girls didn't find the dance place so we started our walk back to our room, which was by way of the beach.  And there on the beach,  they saw their friends they had met earlier (boys, I assume) playing volley ball.  They wanted to play but at this point it was late and cold and we said no.  We were going back.  You can imagine....
"Mawwwwwmmmmm Puuuleeeeeeeaaazzzze" 
So I jumped in and enthusiastically said, "we can go back to the condo and make travel journals.  I bought every thing we need to make them!" 
"WHAT???"  (horror stricken faces) 
I started walking ahead of them all....the bickering I tell you.  I could hear them begging several feet behind me.
Then my niece said, "Mom do we really have to go back and make travel journals?"   I have not stopped laughing about it since.  It was just so funny!  I don't know, maybe you had to be there....but I'm thinking....Volleyball with cute boys, on the beach, by the ocean....or
travel journals with your Mom and Aunt, back in the condo!

The next night they found the dance floor!  And that was Thursday night.  So they did get two evenings of dancing in, and look here....we still had time to make travel journals!

 We cut pictures out of those coupon booklets you see all over the place in tourist spots.
 And I brought paint, die cuts, washi tape and colored pencils.

Great Memories!