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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Five on Friday - A Spring kind of post!

This past week has been unexpectedly busy, so I didn't get to visit your blogs like I planned.
I'll try to do better!  I miss you all, and wonder what's going on in your lives.

It's been kind of spring-like here!


I paid a little visit to Coral Belle this week.  
She got her new stickers, so she's happy. 
(shhhh, don't tell her she doesn't really  go to these places)


K made a peep bunny! 
  And she's working on her vest.
 Cheryl's blanket is getting big!
 Debbie started her new cupcake blanket.  (yarn from Attic 24 website)  I forgot to tell you we all ordered yarn from Attic 24's website. 
'Twas so exciting (for us, but not for the person that ordered it!)

I started a granny square bag while I was in Florida. 
I'm still working on it.

  Signs of spring

Our flowing well is going full blast!
 and green plant growth coming through the ground around it.

4 - BEES
My bees have been out.   It's not usually this warm until the end of March or first of April.  60F is around 15.55 C for those blogettes not from our area.  When it's this warm for a very long length of time, the queen bee will start laying eggs like it's summer time.  Then if we have a cold spell, the worker bees try keep the brood warm, and it seems they all end up freezing to death.  Spread too thin. It happened to four of my hives last year.  So my fingers are crossed the weather just stays this warm from here on out, until Summer.

More insects.  We keep finding big black ants in our house.  UGH!

5)  A HUGE BIG SIGN of Spring!!!

As I was typing this, My Shug called me on my phone and said, "hurry, go outside and look above the pond!"  I knew what he was talking about because I was telling him that everyone keeps seeing the Sandhill Cranes but me!!!  Well guess what folks!!!!

Could it be that spring has sprung?
In February???

I'm joining Amy's Five on Friday gathering. 
Pop over and say Hi to other bloggers.
I wonder if they are having spring weather too!

Have a happy, sunshine-y kind of day!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

 Fun gifts sent to nieces and nephew...
Gift given to us...
 Surprise gift walking out of the coffee shop yesterday!
I hope everyone had a

All this world needs is LOVE, sweet love...and Peace!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Florida - the rest of the week!

Note:  I realize this is probably too long and boring for you to read.  I went on two vacations last year and never had the time to post one picture.  This year, I'm posting!  So here is the rest of our vacation in the sunny part of Florida.

The rest of TUESDAY
 These pictures are all of the same tree and I think it's so cool. 
The trunk of the tree looks more like roots.

After eating at the Island Cow on Sanibel Island, we got back in the car and headed back to Bonita Springs.
Yep, love the bridge.  It's looooooong.
 My Shug and I hung out at the pool until the sun went down.

We went to a casino.  Here is a cool story.
I walked around for about 45 minutes, and played three or four slot machines, but I got discouraged because I don't even know how these machines pay out, the minimum wager was too much money for my taste, and I just didn't like them.  They are all electronic and even the penny machines required 40-50 cents for one line.  I'm not a big better, so I was walking out to sit outside and wait for the other two.  We had a meet-up time.  Then I saw a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory slot machine so I got out a $5.00 and I played for awhile.  I got down to .32 and cashed out.  As I was walking out I saw a quarter machine right by the exit, that let you play one line, one quarter and I had a ticket for .32.  So I put the ticket in, hit the button, and I got a BONUS BONUS BONUS.  This man and woman walked up and said, "You hit the BONUS you get free spins."  I won around $6.50.  So I sat down to play the 6.50 and I won $20.  I decided to play awhile and I got up to $60.00!!!  But then I continued playing and quit at $30.00.  But at least for once, I didn't leave a loser!!!
 Then I went outside to sit and wait, and there was my Shug!
After the casino, we went to a fresh citrus place (Sun Harvest Citrus) and did a little fresh juice tasting and shopping.  I can't believe I didn't get a pic of the bakery goods, but we bought three muffins, two half gal jugs of juice, and some other fun stuff. 
Purchase $20 worth of stuff and you get $5 worth of free citrus. 
 Do other people notice the flora and fauna of different parts of the country when they visit?

 We went back to the pool that evening.


On Thursday we drove to Ft. Myers beach.

I love this quaint little shopping/eating area.

 It got a little windy for about ten minutes, and looked like it was going to storm, but it didn't.

Cecilia sat down for an iced tea while I shopped and My Shug swam.

 Wonder where my Shug is...

 Here he comes, in the red trunks.

Beach pictures are like palm tree pictures.   You can't get enough of them!
After we left Ft. Myers, we went back to Bonita Springs and ate outside at a fun place called Coconut Jacks.  It was happy hour! We got drinks with umbrellas in them!

I ordered blackened mahi tacos and they were delish.  I tried to write down the ingredients in the salsa.  Onion, tomato, mango, pineapple, and cabbage.  Not sure of the sauce.  Maybe a tad bit of lime juice. 
 Then guess where we went when we went back home. 
Yep -  pool - I crocheted!
I crocheted most of the evening while watching HGTV and such.

We went to the dog track.

You get a program and somehow you determine who you think is going to win by all of these statistics.  I sent this page to my cousin, Vickie, and told her she could bet if she wanted to.

She bet on number seven, and I'm sure it had everything to do with the name!!!  I bet on number eight, because Rolling Stones was the best concert I ever went to!
You can bet Win, Place, or Show.  Vickie bet Show on 7.  I bet WPS on 8.

You would have thought we were pros!!!  8 WPS! and 7 S!
I won $10.40 minus the $6 it cost to bet!  Hey I'd rather have 4.40 than lose 6! 

We were sitting at a table in the shade, outside, with a nice breeze.  We could not have asked for better weather.  My Shug walked up to the fence on every race!  So funny.

So, Vickie said to bet $2 on the last race for number 7 again.  Well...I sent her this picture and said, "This is how we determine if a dog is going to win!  This is a good sign, so we're going in on Win, Place or Show on number 7!"

Number seven placed and showed but didn't win.  But we won $11.60, minus $6.  $5.60!

So there's your little lesson on the dog races!   And can adopt a greyhound at the race track too.  Some of them are up for adoption, and while we were there, one did get adopted.

It was a fun visit and we had a great time.  The weather was perfect.  And Cecilia is such a nice lady.

We sat around the pool and hot tub, cleaned a little bit at the condo, packed, and did a tiny bit of shopping.
The weather could not have been better...
But it was time to go home.

 When we arrived in Indianapolis, my Shug took wrong turn.  Actually, what used to be a turn, is now a split.  We rarely go to the airport, and he hasn't been in a couple of years.  There has been a ton of construction in Indy, so on his behalf, I could understand how it happened.  Plus it was dark out, and it was misty, which turned into rain later.  Anyway, we ended up going through downtown Indianapolis on a Saturday night.  We could not believe all of the traffic and people outside.  I attributed it to the fact that it was 57 degrees F outside, which is warm compared to our winters.  But in watching the news the next day, I guess there have been problems with fights and riots and such in the same area we were the night before!  Scary!  We made it home, safe and sound, and very late!
And here are a couple of pictures that were sent to me while I was away.
Cutest little furball ever!
  They had a snow storm while we were basking in the sun. 
I highly recommend a week away in the winter months.  The Vitamin D is a must!
And that is our Bonita Springs, Florida trip folks.