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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I had a dream!

TH - So glad you and the sick house people enjoyed the chocolate eyeballs!

So, I had a dream last night that woke me up right out of a sound sleep. I dreamt that my husband came home with a glass eye! He didn't even tell me he was getting one! I suggested he should have tried therapy first to strengthen his eye muscle. They eye wasn't fitted properly. It was too small and kept rolling around in the socket. I couldn't figure out why I had that dream...then I got on my blog! I'm done with scary eyed trees!


PS. Oh my gosh --- I just went to check out one of my favorite crafter blogs and check out her son, James!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eye have some special blogger friends!

Eye have some blogger friends who made fun of my eye-less tree....

So eye made them a 'special' Halloween present.

Eye was even going to put this on the garage window.....the one the Queen talks about in her posts......but.......and here's the really spooky part.....

the house number I was given does not exist! My friend went with me and we looked and looked and looked...

We went through alleys, and more alleys, and could not find the garage or the house number.....Could I have the wrong number.....

Should we stop and ask, "Do you know the queen?"

This guy tells us to "get lost!"

We look some more

We ask for help no one in this neighborhood knows the Queen.

We finally had to give up. I had grocery shopping to do and company coming for dinner.

So we go to Plan B....

and leave my special Halloween gift in the Scribe's mailbox.
One for the Scribe and one to give to the Queen.

We head to the grocery store for my food - and it just gets scarier!!!!
We run into a hippie-vampire-ninja-bunny....

This guy's passion is dressing up for Halloween....don't mess with him.....for real.
Happy Halloween

Friday, October 29, 2010

Food Pantries

My Sister works for the Trustee's office in another town. Last weekend she had a "FUNdraiser" to get food for their pantry. It was empty. It's been empty since June. She was explaining that people are coming into her office that have never been in before....people that have lost their jobs and are now losing their homes. We attended the "FUNdraiser." Everyone was to bring a bag of food in order to join in on the fun. This post is to remind everyone to please give to their local food pantries. Just buy a few extra items when they are on sale. It's always appreciated.
I think we were being smiled upon.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crafty fun

OK...tell me the truth. Do you like these?
Can you tell what they are?
Do not say Chili Peppers. If I hear chili peppers one more time...

Does this help?

What if I do this? Does it help?

Are they cute?

Should I make more?

What if I wad them up, tie them in knots, then throw them in a box, will you know what they are then?


Monday, October 25, 2010

Save the Turtles!

About a month ago we were on our way home from our land. On this certain road there is almost always a dead animal, hit by a car. I even hit an opossum one time. It was just laying there like it was dead, so I straddled it with my tires and right when I was to go over it, it moved and I screamed! It was about 5:00 a.m., dark out, and this road doesn't have any lights.
See the whole story here and here

So, later that evening, after working all day, being very hot and tired, we left our land, in separate vehicles. Well, I was on "the road of dead animals" and saw this turtle about to cross the road, very slowly. So I stopped. When I stopped my car, my Shug, who was following me, stopped and asked what I was doing?

"I want you to save that turtle. You almost hit it with your truck."

"What turtle?"

"That one" (I point)

He said, "I didn't even see it."

"Exactly why someone needs to move it."

"Cindy, I'm tired."

"I know honey, but you'll be saving it's life, and I'd feel better about it. And I'm too afraid of it to move it."

Poor guy was hot, tired, and ready for a bath and bed, but he saved the turtle.

It was not a happy snapper! Look at it's head rearing back.

(I love this man)

Safe and sound across the road.

And yesterday, on this same road....

a turtle. {sigh} what am I going to do. No Shug to help me move the turtle. I stopped my car and tried to scoot it with my foot but it just ducked inside it's shell.

Luckily I had my beekeeping gloves in my car. I'm a weenie, but hey I saved it!

Safe and sound, and just in time. A semi truck came around the corner right after I got back in my car.
BTW-Does everyone all know we only have two months until Christmas!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Teresa's Treasures

I thought I'd show you some pictures of Teresa's booth at the Treasure Mart Mall, which is here in our town. It is a huge three story old brick factory that has been restored. People rent booths and sell their wares. Her booth is a bit shabby chic. I love it. I told her I want to live there! Below are a few close ups.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crafty stuff

I thought I['d show you some crafty stuff I've been doing lately. See this....

it's a coaster I made. It's called locker hooking. It's a great way to use some material that you aren't going to use for anything else. That's the hook you use. Somewhat like a crochet hook at one end with the eye of a needle on the other end. It costs about $4.00.

See...a coaster.
My friend, however, made a rug....for me. How sweet of her!

This is my 'Sand and Sea' afghan. I got the pattern from Lion Brand website and it's called Lakeside afghan.

It's much bigger than the granny stripe blanket I made. I'm probably not even half way done, but I'll get there....sometime....maybe this winter...when I can't get outside.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am offended!

OK folks...I'm offended. This is not the first time I've seen this, I'm sure it won't be the last, but I'm tired of it. How much more needs to show before it's indecent exposure! I think it's indecent already. And I'm really not that easily offended. I worked at a college for 15 years, so I've seen a lot, but this is ridiculous. I told the boys I watch if I see them dressing this way I will walk right up to them, even if they are with a bunch of friends, and I will pull their pants up!

I think one of these political candidates that are bombarding us with ads right now need to use it as their platform......."and I'll stop these kids from showing their ass while walking down the street in your neighborhood!" I'd vote for him/her! And of course, let's not forget the other side. Yes folks, his pants are pulled down that far on the other side. I think "it" is the only thing holding up his pants, if you know what I mean. And to watch him walk, well he has to walk funny to keep them from falling down even more. Ridiculous.

I had to drive around the block twice to get this picture. He turned around because he noticed someone driving slowly behind him. Whoops - got caught with the camera taking his picture! It was hard focusing through the car window. I told him to pull up his pants. He probably thinks I'm a prude. I think he's an idiot. And the thing is, he probably isn't an idiot. He's probably a very nice, intelligent boy. But he looks like an idiot.

Phew!....I feel better...I think


The table...

Remember that table that I saw at the garage sale? I wanted it, but my man did not want to mess with it. Before we left Brown County, I mentioned (a couple of times or so) how nice that table would be in our new screened in room when we build it on to our new house. When we were driving out of town I said, "ooohhhhh, there's the place that had that table for sale." He said, "they don't have a sale sign in their yard now." "Noooo they don't, but I bet they still have it." "Ok you have to get out and ask." So I got out of our car and someone was yelling at me from the upstairs window in the house! Twas the homeowner (table owner) I yelled up, "heeyyy you still got that big table you had at your sale the other day?" " YUP" I knew it! He yelled down it's in the garage and go take a look. So we dickered (funny word, dickered. Is it a word really?) with him over the price then the deal was if we could get it in our vehicle we'd buy it.

So while my man proceeded to take the table apart...

I emptied everything out of the back of our Durango.

Look at the feet on that thing!!!

Mr. Table man is happy---my man, not so sure.

I loaded everything back in the Durango and off we went!!!! Table and all.....
There's my 'sand and sea' afghan....I bet you're wondering it's coming along. Most of you call it the ripple stitch or something like that. My pattern was actually called Lakeshore afghan, but I changed the name to Sand and Sea. I'll show you that in my next post.