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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An elf returned! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

 So, here it is New Years Eve!
our Anniversary!....
19 years of marriage....
and I'm still posting on Christmas! 

I'm making resolutions.  Right now.  Writing them down as I think of I type about Christmas.  Resolution blog posts are going to be smaller! 
 (Yay you say!)  
I'm still going to post about Christmas with my family.  It's important to me.   
And I might possibly post more than once a day.  
Anyway...Christmas Day.  
The first thing that happened when I walked in the door at my Sister's house on Christmas day.  Remember when two of my nieces spent the weekend with us?  And two elves stowed away and went home with them in their backpacks.  Well, the younger niece handed me this elf.

 She said, (after jumping up and down and giving me hugs!)
 "Aunt Cindy, You can have this back.  He doesn't move at my house!"
 I said, "WHAT?!?!!"
 "No.  He doesn't move."
Her Mom told me that she thought her daughter forgot all about it.  Then when they were leaving today she asked for it!  Why?  Returning it to me.  She told her Mom she even put the step stool under the cabinet for it in case it needed help!  Oh noooo.  Anyway, we all got a good laugh from that right from the start.

OK - that's it for today.   I know...I can't believe it either.  Maybe later....I have a lot of Christmas stuff to post.  You should see all the pictures I've already downloaded.   But for now....

Be safe peeps.

Cindy Bee

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fun and Games on Christmas Eve!

 We woke up Christmas morning to extreme low temperatures.  Our door was frozen shut!  So my Shug had to get it open before leaving for work.  In doing so, he bent the frame, then the door wouldn't close all the way!  Not a good start to the day at 5:00 a.m., but it got better.  By the evening we were with family and laughing....laughing....laughing!  Lots of pics but bare with'll have fun at the end!
 I was still working on finishing the pillow I was making for a Christmas present.  Here are some sneak peaks.  I put beads on the sun and needle felted the sun rays.
 Leaf beads on the tree...
 I added a few stars...and I did a little stitching on the pillow, but I had to start getting ready for Christmas eve game night.  Game night was something Mom started on Christmas Eve in 1990. 
 I got our 'room' all ready.  I set up a card table for drinks (slush punch freeze), cups, and plates.

 The game prizes were all wrapped.  We have cute little game prizes, and Zonks!  And some of the bags have a scratch off lottery ticket in them.

 I replaced the pretty table cloth with paper that we could write on. We ate bread sticks, veggies, and wrote on the paper while waiting on the pizzas to arrive.  Yup peeps, pizzas.  Easy peasy. Vickie and Robert were bringing them from Brunos in Logansport.  I decided I wasn't going to stress this Christmas, and I didn't.  The menu was bread sticks and cheese from Harvey Hinklemeyers and Bruno's pizza.  I did make a veggie tray and we all brought some sweet treats.  And no, the child above is not drinking slush punch freeze.  But she did ask her Mother if she could write, "Hey Clark...the shitter's full" on the paper. Her Mother, not paying attention, said ok!  I said, "What are you writing?" and she said, "Mom said it was ok."  My Sister said, "What did I say was ok?"  Ummmm pay attention sister!
My Sister got these cupcakes to celebrate Taylor's birthday.  Yup she was born on Christmas Eve.  I have another niece that was born on Winter Solstice (the 21st)

 Cousin Vickie got her some SPAM!  The story is my Shug gave her some SPAM one time while she was staying with us (no, I do not eat it) and she has asked for it ever since.  Her Mom refuses to buy it.  hmmmm, she'll let her write "the shitter's full Clark" but she won't fix her SPAM.  I don't know....
 We got her some footy pajamas.  I reckon I will buy these for her the rest of her life.  We got her a pair when she was four, after going to several stores to try to find them.  The only pair I could find was three sizes too big but she said, "this is the best day of my life!" (remember, she was four)  They lasted her until last year when she said she needs a new pair.  I got her a new pair last year, and she outgrew them in a year! This year she told me she needs a new pair again.  She is growing up fast!
 My parents always give money but she had to find the elf on the tree.
 Remember when I told you we couldn't get our JC Penneys snow globes this year because the tornado tore up the store. (it's STILL not open)  Well, Vickie surprised us and got us all snow globes from Penneys!!! (in another town)
 Ok I mixed up the games a bit this year.  We usually play Left Right Center, Planet Hollywood, Scattegories, PIT and whatever else people bring to play.  But I did some searching on Pinterest and found a few things.  But first, I borrowed a friends BINGO game and we played BINGO.  First five BINGO's get a prize.

  The next game was something I made up.  I had a bunch of old pictures developed.  Christmas pictures from days gone by.  I had doubles made.  And we played match game. 
 I need to improve this game a bit by making it smaller (less pics) and maybe numbering the back of the pictures. 
We finally had a winner.  My Sister won!

 This next game was a team game.  You had to put your right arm behind your back (except Vickie, who had to put her left arm behind her back, because she is left-handed).  I gave everyone a new roll of tape and wrapping paper and a box.  First team to wrap the box wins. 
 Well, the guys one, but it wasn't a very neat wrapping job.
  Next game....snowman making game.  I had Dave draw a snowman and number the parts 2-12.  Each team took turns rolling two dice.  Every time you rolled a number that corresponded with a snowman part, your team drew that part of the snowman.  First person to complete a snowman wins.  We won!
 I thought they were fun games, but Dave was told to keep me off of the internet!  This family likes tradition so out came Left, Right, Center.

And in keeping with Shug tooted.
 Now this next game had us in tears from laughing so hard.  Vickie's daughter, who was not in attendance, made up 20 Christmas movies.  Again we played teams, and took turns drawing. Let me just say, this family can NOT draw!!!   And by the way Trent, Jesus in the Road is NOT the same as Miracle on 34th Street!!!

I decided to let you try to guess some of these!  I even enlarged the pictures so you could see them better.  Give it a go...and let me know in the comments what you think!  I'll come back later and let you know if you are right....

 I'm still laughing about this one....


 and this one!  Still laughing....still....
 There was a lot of fun and laughter and I think we all had a Happy Christmas Eve.
 Time to go.  And this kid has always worn her pj's home. 
Cindy Bee

PS - The first person that can guess all of the correct Movie names, gets a Christmas tree dishcloth.  Family members in attendance that night cannot play.  And sorry, but I'm not going to pay more than $5.00 to ship a dishcloth.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Cindy Bee

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Special Ornament

 Last year at this time I was boxing up and moving contents of stuff from one house to the other.  

And trying to decorate for Christmas.  
There were a couple of very special Christmas items I could not find.  I knew they were around, I just could not find them.  
This post is about one of them.  
When I was going through stuff in the basement, under the stairway storage, I found this letter.   A friend was helping me move and I got so excited she couldn't imagine what I found.  I couldn't believe I still had it!  

 When I was a kid....about this age...I used to love to "rearrange" the Christmas bulbs on the tree. We did not always have an aluminum tree.  My parents loved this tree, we hated it.  We wanted a real one.  Now I have an aluminum tree, AND a real one.  Love them both.  Anyway, there was this one bulb I always loved.  L.O.V.E.D.  And you can see we did not have all red bulbs on our tree like most people did.  We had all of these old glass ornaments.  I collect those now, and use them on my tree. 
But this one ornament was special.  I always thought it was so beautiful.  One year I found an old ornament like it at a flea market, bought it, and my sister and I traded it every other year because she loved it too. I'm eleven years older, so I had 11 years on her for loving that ornament!
 Then one day while I was at work (over ten years ago) I was taking a break in the cafeteria with a friend.  I had went to a Pampered Chef party with my Mom earlier that  month, and Mom stopped by to drop off my order.  She dropped it off and left.  
My friend and I were talking, and she said, "what did you order?"  as she looked in the bag.  
I told her what I ordered.  Then she said..."you also ordered a shaker thing." 
"I didn't order a shaker thing."
"Well there is one in the bag."
"hmmm, I must have gotten someone else's order." 
So I looked in the shaker box, and in it was THIS note,
With this ornament.

The note said (paraphrased)... I know you will take good care of it so you can pass it down to someone who will care for it as much as you do.  It was my Mother's, now I give it to you.  Use it with love, as I did.
 I've never put it on the tree.  I tape this stand down and I tape the opening closed at the top of the hanger.  This ornament was my grandparent's, my parent's, and now mine.  I don't want anything to happen to it.  Remember last year my tree fell over.

Back to The note I found in the basement.  It was an e-mail from my Mom.  I had e-mailed her after I opened the ornament.  I couldn't call her I was too choked up.  I thanked her for the ornament and told her she made me cry.  She said, "She didn't want me to cry."  She said she would put it on the tree and remember all of the wonderful times she had as a child.  She said she had good parents and a very good childhood.
Me too.

Of all the gifts you can give your children, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews, any child that is in your's a good childhood.

Merry Christmas everyone
Cindy Bee

PS.  I keep those letters in a tin with that ornament now.  It will all go to my sister someday.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Memories and a Recipe!'s the thing.  It's about the memories.  It really is.  So if you don't have your shopping finished it's ok.  No one's going to remember the gifts in 20 years, they are going to remember the memories.  Just make sure you make some memories. I hope to be back here before Christmas but in case I am not, I hope all of my Blogger Friends have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

So, I got a text from a friend who needed help. I told her I'd come over and help her wrap her Christmas presents.  We had so much fun that we decided to make this a tradition.
There was serious head bonkage going on with empty paper rolls!
 Can you tell what this is?
Still working on this...not sure it'll be done for Christmas.

 This is the first time I've ever made turtles...Recipe courtesy of Pam Williams.  Thank you Pam.
 Lay out three pecans, pinch off some caramel, (don't bother melting it)
 Melt the chocolate.  I don't use a microwave to melt it because I want more control over it.  I've burnt it before in the microwave.  Nor do I use a double boiler.  I just take it off the burner before the chocolate is completely melted, and I never stop stirring.
  Spoon the chocolate over the caramel and nuts and viola'.  You have turtles, that you have to hide or your Shug will eat them all!
 Trying to finish up this Christmas tree bunting.  I had to pin it and spray it because it was curling up.  We'll see if it works.
 Yesterday I went to the Murat with my Sister, Cousin, Mom, and niece, along with several other people to a gospel brunch.  Yum and Wow!  You shoulda heard this lady sing I Will Always Love You By Whitney Houston. 
Check out some of the decor in this place.  Stunning.

 Vickie called this man "Chia man!"
 Family photo.  Me, Vickie, Taylor, Mom, Theresa

On the way back to my house, I asked Vickie if she'd ever been to the We Care park.

She has now!
 I've been making some cotton dishcloths.  I think next year, I will be making these up to sell.  They seem popular.  The pattern comes out of an old issue of Crochet Today magazine and I changed the yarn to any cotton dishcloth yarn and a bigger crochet hook.
And now for the yellow picture at the top of the page.  It's Slush Punch Freeze.  It's not too late to make it for Christmas.  And it would be perfect for those of you who have warm weather right now, but we're tough, we drink it even in the cold weather. (speaking of weather...we had rain rain rain and more rain, but I don't think we flooded anywhere.  I haven't heard that we have anyway.  And now the temps have plummeted.)

Here is the recipe for Slush Punch Freeze

 7 cups Water
2  cups granulated sugar
1-6 ounce can frozen orange juice
1-12 ounce can frozen lemonade
1 1/2 cups Brandy

Mix all together and put in freezer.  The next day, stir the frozen mixture.  It'll look like the picture above - slushy.  You can stir it every day to make sure it's all mixed up.
To use it you fill a glass half way with Slush Punch Freeze and half way with ginger ale or 7-up. Stir and drink and stir and drink some more.  I don't know of anyone ever getting drunk on this mix.  The brandy is very diluted.  Enjoy.

Cindy Bee

PS - I might start sharing bits and pieces several times rather than long posts. They take too long.  And I'm excited about some games I've made up for this year.  We have game night at our house on Christmas Eve.  I'll tell you about them if they turn out.  But now, I must finish Christmas presents, bunting, and cookie baking!