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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An elf returned! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

 So, here it is New Years Eve!
our Anniversary!....
19 years of marriage....
and I'm still posting on Christmas! 

I'm making resolutions.  Right now.  Writing them down as I think of I type about Christmas.  Resolution blog posts are going to be smaller! 
 (Yay you say!)  
I'm still going to post about Christmas with my family.  It's important to me.   
And I might possibly post more than once a day.  
Anyway...Christmas Day.  
The first thing that happened when I walked in the door at my Sister's house on Christmas day.  Remember when two of my nieces spent the weekend with us?  And two elves stowed away and went home with them in their backpacks.  Well, the younger niece handed me this elf.

 She said, (after jumping up and down and giving me hugs!)
 "Aunt Cindy, You can have this back.  He doesn't move at my house!"
 I said, "WHAT?!?!!"
 "No.  He doesn't move."
Her Mom told me that she thought her daughter forgot all about it.  Then when they were leaving today she asked for it!  Why?  Returning it to me.  She told her Mom she even put the step stool under the cabinet for it in case it needed help!  Oh noooo.  Anyway, we all got a good laugh from that right from the start.

OK - that's it for today.   I know...I can't believe it either.  Maybe later....I have a lot of Christmas stuff to post.  You should see all the pictures I've already downloaded.   But for now....

Be safe peeps.

Cindy Bee


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your Shug! And a Happy New Year to the both of you! Love the Elf story. Too darn cute!

  2. Happy New Year. I wish you and your Shug a happy, healthy, and wonderful 2014. Philippa xx

  3. Happy Anniversary and happy new year!...:)JP


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