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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wooly Wednesday finished projects!

Handmade Fun...

 Ok I will admit, this one is not finished.  (above)  But I wanted to show you what we did yesterday at Wooly Wednesday.  I am still working on my secret Christmas present.  It might  not be finished by Christmas!  Yikes....
 Mandy made some wall art for her kitchen.  She was working on eggplant by the end of the day.  Adorable!
 Notice the beadage.  (I'm going to add -age on to the end of words when I feel appropriate.  I just feel like it)
 "K" made these pin cushion cupcakes for me!  L.O.V.E. them.  How lucky am I?  I got pin cushion cupcakes yesterday, a fox and a mouse on Saturday....and just wait until you see what else I got for my forest.  It deserves a post of it's own.  I will give you a's ceramic.

Peeps, I gotta tell ya....everyone enjoyed making these trees and between yarn peeps and wool peeps there was awhile when Groovy Girl had a full house! 
Look at that mess.  They asked me to have wool classes more often.  I'm thinking once a month, and maybe cupcakes for next month???  They liked that I supplied everything, they started and finished the project in one hour or less, and it was only $5.00.
 Look how cute.  (another lady showed up but I didn't get a pic)
I would like to publicly thank Groovy Girl Yarn store, and the groovy girl herself,  for letting me have this wool day at her store.  I really appreciate it, I had fun spending the day with peeps that also had fun, and well....I just appreciate it.  Thank you Groovy Girl.

 I'm concerned for our town.  These are the roads....still icy and snow covered, in the area where I live.  In the business part of town the roads are clear.  But we are expecting rain for the next three days.  2-4 inches of it.  And with all of this ice and snow, the ground is saturated and we are expecting flooding.  Peeps, we just had flooding in the spring.  We had tornadoes a couple of weeks ago.  We might get a storm on Sunday.  Then the temps are supposed to go down to 19degrees again.  With all of that water.....I'm concerned I tell ya. 
 Say a little prayer for our town if you are so inclined.

(I gotta go now.  I'm heading to a friends house who needs help....but I need to clean my room first)
Cindy Bee


  1. Oh I wish I lived closer to ya'll! It all looks like everyone had such a fun time. Yes I am so inclined. Our down-south weather looks to get busy this weekend also. Your part of the world has had enough but your strong.Be prepared and go forth.

  2. i had fun ya bee

  3. What a good time, a whole day of fun, fellowship,yarn & wool crafting for $5.00. That's a good deal anywhere, any time !

  4. Definitely sending prayers and warm and caring thoughts. It's a pity we don't live closer, my daughter loves to knit and would love your class!

  5. I believe the weather volatility is only going to increase until we stop burning fossil fuels. We have maybe 15 more years until the face of the earth is radically changed from climate change, lots of drought, flood, and violent storms to come. Supporting new EP emissions standards is a move in the right direction, but probably still too little too late.

  6. Cindy, You ladies seem to be really enjoying your crafts...lots of talent in that room. I am very concerned for all of us here in Indiana. Especially where there are roofs missing, where people are trying their best to get back on their feet. Praying God will spare us. xoxo,Susie


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