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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tis the Season

 After the parade, I came home and got busy decorating our room for Christmas.  Festivities started around here THIS week!
 I love all of these old ornaments and glass bead strings...
I can't bare to open these two packages!  Do you ever do that?  They were 29c back in the day.  And made in the USA!  Should I open them peeps?
I finished the tree just in time...and my Shug helped me with the lights, but that's it.  I had to finish it Monday because I was having company Tuesday!

Oh yeah...I forgot to mention..I won a free latte' on Monday from our local coffee shop!!  Big Ben Coffee!!!

Ok so just in's the table...
 What do you think?

 These are my friends I used to work with.
My Shug measured...we are living in 600 square feet, including the bathroom!
So we stood in the living room, took the picture from the kitchen!
 On Thursday night Mom and I went to two open houses.  One was at a place in town called Markland and Park.  They had these AnnaLee dolls.  I was given one years and years ago and decided to get another one.  They used to be made in Maryland, and they are now made in China...makes me sad.
Last night my Shug and I went to downtown while they lit up the town!

 One place had a hot chocolate bar....yum!

 I hope to have a taa daaa post this week....

 But right now gotta run.....going to a reunion and coming home with two of my nieces for the weekend!
Tis the Season!

Cindy Bee


  1. I've just moved out of a 600 square foot apartment, so I know exactly how little space you have! Mind you we're now in a 1300 square foot apartment and still don't have enough! Your tree looks fab!

  2. Open the the packages!
    Jane x

  3. Wow Cindy you are leaps and bounds ahead of me in the preparation stakes. I've got a bit of catching up to do. Your tree looks wonderful. Philippa xx

  4. You have done yourselves proud with all you have in your small space ! The decorating and table-setting, AND the people do not look cramped for space and the living looks very comfy." Merry Christmas", that is what your whole post shouted to me and I love it.

  5. Looks like you're having fun....:)JP

  6. Hi Cindy Bee,
    It looks like the Christmas spirit has well and truly hit your place. It all looks so festive and lovely, as usual.

    I think you should open the packets if you would like to use the decorations. Life is too short to keep them in packets for keeping sake.

  7. Cindy, Your table looks are a trooper. You manage to make things work. Looks as if you had a fun weekend. xoxo, Susie


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