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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Today was a GREAT day!

Today was a great day!

First of all....
Mom made Apple Dumplings! 
 And I went off of my diet for about half an hour!
This is a fall tradition that she does for us and I love it.
We live in a little community within a city....and our little area had a
Community Dinner.
It was the first one and we went.

It was in this little church, which reminds me of "Little House on the Prairie." 
It was in the basement...(these people don't know I snapped this picture but I wanted to show you the basement area.)
 Everyone brought a covered dish and it was just like a family reunion.  Oh my...cheesy potatoes, green bean casseroles, pork roasts, baked beans, pumpkin pie, apple pie....and on and on.
 Here is the inside of the church.  Very Little House-esque (minus the lights and screen)
 Isn't it the cutest?
I even found out that one of my neighbors in town, is now a neighbor out here!  Who knew?

I took the Dixie Doodle for a walk last night and tonight.  My foot still hurts, but not as bad.  I did get the shot in it last week.  We went back to the Dr. today but I opted not to have the shot when he said it would probably hurt a lot more because it's going into muscle tissue.  I'm going to try to work it out on my own first.
While walking I noticed several of these bushes on our property and I think they're pretty.

 Close your eyes if you're squeamish! 
Whoops!  Too late.  That's my Shug's foot.  They took his old cast off today and took the stitches out.  He was so glad because he's been itching, a lot!
  And he got this nice new camo cast that the Dr. ordered just for him!
I got my hairs cut the other day and I've had three good hair days!  (with some effort!)

 That's all for now.  How was your day?  Tell me one good thing that happened to you today.

Cindy Bee

Monday, September 26, 2016

Mostly Horton's

This is where I am sitting, only this picture was taken a couple of days ago, during the day, after I put flowers in vases throughout the house.  It's after 7:00 am right now and still dark outside this window. It's supposed to cool off quite a bit this week, so I do believe Fall is here, whether I want it to be or not!
 Saturday morning I was getting ready to leave for Horton's Fall open house when this truck pulled up, blocking the driveway.  That's ok, he didn't take long.  And inside that box is a big honkin' generator. We ordered it a couple of weeks ago.  That's right blogettes....we've been living here about four years now, and we've had two tornadoes and no power more than that.  My Shug and I were talking about how we never would have dreamed of getting a generator, but this last time, was the last time.  Besides, now that we've made the investment, we'll probably never need it, which is just fine with me!

 So the truck driver dropped off the generator and left.  And since My Shug is in a cast for four more weeks, and several weeks of recovery after that, I think the generator is going to be sitting in our drive for awhile.  (speaking of Shugs, I'm a bit concerned.  I think he is on the verge of pneumonia.  He's had a cough since before surgery, but do you think he will go to the Dr.)

Anyway, back to Horton's....this is the first time I did not take any pictures.  So, I will now send you over to Susie's blog, She Junks, to see pictures of Horton's fall decorations.  You are going to love this place.   My  neighbor, Kim, asked me to go with her and when we first got there I heard someone say my name.   Susie!  HI!  And see that cute little pumpkin...well she made it...and gave it to me!  How thoughtful.  THANK YOU SUSIE!
 Cute huh?  I'm trying to get things ready for a garage sale this Thursday and Friday in my parents neighborhood, so I haven't had much time to decorate for Fall.  But hopefully, soon. 
 The first booth I walked into had this candy mold marked down to $10!  Yes, please.
 And because I spent "X" amount of money I was told I could pick out two pieces of fudge!  I'm not a fudge I told Kim she could pick it out if she wanted to.  Well, I thought he meant two sample pieces of fudge....
(I bought these two tops at Horton's.  They are now carrying clothes and I really like them.  This makes the third top I've bought at their store!  My wardrobe is a changin'.)
Back to the fudge....So Kim says it was "real" pieces of fudge, not samples.  So she gave one to me. My Shug made fudge sandwiches... 

  Who says men can't cook!!!
 After we left Horton's we walked next door where there were a bunch of vendors selling odds and ends.  I bought this pillow.  It doesn't really go in my room, but I loved it, and it doesn't really NOT go, right?
 It was a fun morning at Horton's and I got home in time to get some things done and have date with My Shug.  We went to see The Magnificent Seven at the theatre.

Yesterday we discovered this praying mantis on the side of one of my beehives.  Have you ever seen one with that big of a body?  I'm thinking there's a male praying mantis with no head out there somewhere, because she looks pregnant to me! 

 This is the only glimpse of sunset that I get unless I'm out walking, because I can't see it from our porch, where I was sitting last night, because of the trees.  But I'm guessing it must have been beautiful.  It looked like the woods was on fire.

It's now 7:45 a.m. and just now starting to get light outside.  My back hurts sitting in this chair for so long, so I think I shall go to the couch and read a bit.  I am in need of a relaxing morning.  I hope you have a great day.

Cindy Bee

Friday, September 23, 2016

Five for Fall!

Happy Fall Y'all! 
Yesterday (Thursday) was the first day of Autumn, and if you know me, you know Fall is my THIRD favorite season. 
Oh sure, I enjoy all of the festivals,
and colors,
and smells,
and such.
I'm just a spring/summer girl is all.  And when you only have four seasons, and you love two, and strongly dislike one, well that only leaves one place...Third.
I just don't love fall like everyone else does. 
But on Thursday, I donned my fall colors and headed off to crochet.  And forgot to take pictures.  Laaaaawww why can't I remember to take pictures.
Anyway, here are five facts about Fall from my perspective.

Spiders love Fall.
This one lives in the mailbox, so I think I will call him Bill.  Because that's all I ever get in the mail.

Odd things appear that you don't see all summer.  I almost stepped on this the other day.  I hear it can cause a poison ivy type rash in some people if they touch it.   I just wanted to know if it means good winter or bad winter.   I've never seen a white one before.

 In celebration of fall,  I took all of my coupons to Kohl's and shopped their clearance racks for every summer top I could find....that I liked...that fit well.  No capsule wardrobe for me.  I'm going to Mexico next summer and I need summer tops.  And, bonus, I bought a cute Fall sweatshirt too.  Only $88.00 for nine summer tops and a sweatshirt.

There is more time for crafty stuff in the Fall.
  Sort of.   OK, not really.  There is more time for crafts in the winter, but I wanted to show you what I'm up to. 
I am actually just trying to frame pictures and get them put on the walls. 
I still don't have anything on the walls at our new house.  So I downloaded the Walgreens app and sent them some photos and they turned out quite well.  I was quite proud of myself for actually ordering online.
 I'm still working on my blanket.  Crochet blankets are good projects to start in the Fall.  They should be just the right size to keep you warm for winter, when you work on them in front of the fire sipping hot chocolate.
That's all for Fall Y'all.

Right now I'm drinking my summer wine, and reading my summer library book, that I'm paying fines on because it was due two days ago, and I am not finished with it. 
I'm too close to the end to return it right now. 
So I'm celebrating summer a little bit longer in my own little corner of the world.
My world, my season! 
Besides, we had to turn the air conditioning back on today.

Tomorrow, Horton's Fall Open House.
Be there. 
Celebrate Fall!

Cindy Bee

PS.  I'm joining Amy's Five on Friday party, and I gotta say I am really enjoying it.  Thank you Amy for taking time to do this for us.  Click on Five on Friday and see what other's are up to.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Grandpa's spider plant!

 This picture popped up on my facebook feed this morning as a memory of last year.  Which reminded me of one of the many things from last summer that I never posted about.
So, this is our parents with their bestest of friends ever.  They have been friends since they were kids.  Especially Dad and Don. I think they grew up together.  Last summer they went on a bus trip, and the bus picked them up in Logansport.   My parents asked me to drop them off so that they wouldn't have a car over there all week long.  Sure... I could use one more thing to do (wink)!  And they had to be there at some unreasonable morning hour like 6:00 am which means I had to leave at 5:00 am.
 This photo was taken when I picked them up.  On FB I posted, "picking the kids up from summer camp!"
But back to dropping them off. 
After dropping them off, I went to cousin Vickie's house to drop something off...I think maybe donuts from Dan's or something like that.  The plan was to just hang them on the door and head to cousin Gloria's house, but no can do!  Harley, their dog, went nuts!  Not to mention the motion light that went off and lit up their entire back yard!  Lights started coming on in their house, so I hung out until someone came to the door.

So I talked Vickie into going with me to cousin Gloria's house!  You can see how dark it is outside.  It was early...
I called Gloria and acted like I was just chitty chatting, but did not tell her we were on our way over!  When we got there, I told her to go look in her driveway, that I had a surprise for her.

Yep, Dan's donuts. (it's a Kokomo thing)
We sat and chatted for at least an hour, maybe two!
ACK!!!!No make up!  It was early!!!
 And as we were leaving her house that day, I saw a spider plant on her porch.  I asked her about it.  The reason I asked was because I remembered her having a spider plant that she got from our Grandpa's bedroom.  He passed in 1992 or 1993?  (Gloria will know!)  Anyway, ages ago she had given me a start of this spider plant, that was in his bedroom, and I don't even remember what happened to it.  But, I asked her for another start. 
This would have been my Mom's Dad.  And he was all of our Grandpa.

 I came home and potted up the starts.  All but one are doing quite well.
 This one is even quite fertile, as it has baby starts! 
(I'm going to name it "Hardy" - teehee)
 This one, not doing so well but hanging in there!
 I have put them in the windowsill in our living/dining room.  I plan on decorating the house with heirlooms, plants, and family/travel pictures.
So that's the spider plant story that I promised a blog post about when I talked about them here!
Do you have any special plant stories?

Cindy Bee

Friday, September 16, 2016

Five on Friday- Transitions, Crochet and FEET!


 Last weekend we went to the Tipton County Pork Festival.  They always have good bands at this festival.  Carl Storie was there and I used to love listening to him when it was Carl Storie and the Faith Band.   He was actually the warm up band for another band that played Eric Clapton tunes.  I wasn't a big Eric Clapton fan. Don't hate.
(note: this picture makes it look like no one was in the audience.  Not true.  We were sitting on a side that didn't have a lot of people, but there were a lot more people on the right/front side of the stage.  We found out why when we got up to use the restroom.  The sound was way better on that side than where we were sitting!)

2. FEET 
My Shug had foot surgery on Tuesday and peeps he is having a rough time.  He never takes pain meds, but with this surgery, he's taking them.  No weight on his right foot for six weeks, and a plaster cast for six weeks as well.   At least if he is going to lay around, he can still do it in the sun, as long as it's warm out.
In the meantime I'm stuck with plantar fasciitis again!  This time it's in the left foot.  I had it about three years ago in the right.   So between the two of us, we have two good feet!
We both go back to the Orthopedic Surgeon on Tuesday morning and if my foot isn't better, I'm going to grab on to those arms on the chair, squeeze really tight, tell him to give me the shot, the close my eyes and hold my breath.  Because that's just what I do when I get a shot in the foot!

First of all, look what "K" and Debbie brought for my Shug.  Aren't they sweet.
He is set up for junk food!
Since I have not wanted to leave him for very long, I had crochet group at my house on Thursday.
We've all got blankets going right now.  But for some reason these two 'blanket crocheters' felt like they should steal the show!  These two are kits from Attic 24 (see her blog in my side bar.  This yarn is great, and it's....oooohhh what's the word.......not natural fibers......geeesh...this getting older thing...Acrylic...that's the word!  But it's NOT your rough and scratchy acrylic.  It's soft and washable.)
So us other two blanket crocheters decided to throw in our blankets and re-take the pic! 
"LAW" The behind-the-scenes fussing going on over these blanket pics!

Topics of conversation included...
how much these blankets would go for at Goodwill in 20 years...
what are we going to do about the spider on the wall behind Debbie...
is the 'heart healthy' zucchini bread "K" made, really heart healthy...
and should we start a Yarndale in our town...
(I think we should)
Dixie got a little nervous during the blanket photo shoot and came to Mommy for safety! 
Or maybe he just wanted his picture taken.
I made this colorful cotton dishcloth while Shug was having surgery.  I told my Mom that dishcloths do not have to be perfect, we wash dishes with them.  They are great practice for crochet and knitting.  I'm wondering if a blanket out of this pattern might be in order...someday.
Hmmm...I wonder what someone would pay for Goodwill...someday.

This is a bit of a serious topic for 5 on Friday so I won't go through it in too much detail.
 I feel like I'm going through a transition period.  Last week I told you I'm not sure about beekeeping next year.  I probably won't be sure about it until winter is over, and I find out if my hives survived. 
And to keep this short...I've been trying to figure out what my passions are.....
This is not a depression it's a transition.  There's a difference, and I believe we all have them, so no worries.
 (I wish I could lighten the above picture up, but I can't figure editing out on my new computer yet.  There is a pond in that picture.)
 I know I like yarn crafts and sewing.  And I like nature.   I enjoy having people over, and planning for events (or at least I used to before I had to do it all online)
 but I don't get excited anymore. 
You know what I mean?
Like when you're a kid and you see the roller coaster at Kings Island.
Or the anticipation of a vacation you are planning. 
Or maybe saving for something and finally ordering it....
Yes, you know what I mean.
I don't get excited about doing things, even the things I enjoy.

 Do you?

I'm joining Amy at Love Made my Home and participating in Five on Friday.  Click on Five on Friday and pop over to see what others are up to.

Click on it I tell ya!

Cindy Bee