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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Friday, July 29, 2016

My Week - Five on Friday

I'm joining Five on Friday this week to show the fun part of my week!

1)  This's at our county fair and it's where we weave rugs one time a year, during the fair.  We have a great Pioneer Village with several log cabins and some other pioneer goings on.  However, this year, I'm helping weave the end of the warp.  I was there four hours Wednesday, and we're not finished.

2)  Wednesday evening My Shug and I went to our local park band symphony.  It was their last night of the season and it was packed. 
 I kind of always feel like we are the youngest people there!  But you know what I LOVE about this older generation that attends these park band concerts?  At the end of every concert they play the Star Spangled Banner and THIS GENERATION ALWAYS stands at attention, removes their hats, put their right hand over their hearts, and sing along.  They know.....
 There is a covered bridge in the park and I love the way they have the lights strung inside it!  Great place for a party, which I'm pretty sure is not allowed!

3)  I took a bike ride on a trail that is about five minutes, if that, from our house.  I've lived here for almost four years and I've been on this trail only a couple of times.  I've been thinking about getting a new bike, I even have it picked out, but I'm wondering.....will I ride more often than I do now.
UPDATE:  I've ridden twice this week now!

(my bike)

What I'm thinking about getting...
 This blue one in particular.  Has anyone ever owned a Townie?

 4.  My Shug and I visited our neighbor, who I think we could call Mr. McGreggor once you see his garden!!!!


He grows, veggies, and fruit.

And he has cows and chickens.  We get our beef and eggs from him.  And guess what else we got from him?

This big honkin' head of cabbage!  After he took off the outer leaves for the chickies!

4 1/2)  I'm running out of numbers!  (sorry)
...I went to crochet group!
I've been fiddling with this crochet pattern.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong but they keep coming out different sizes.  I think I'm going to have to write it out.  I might be switching from half doubles to doubles without realizing it.

AND 5)  I bought a new itty bitty computer!  11.6" big and so far I love it!  I bought it so I could take it with me instead of my big honkin' heavy one that doesn't fit in a bag.  I decided to go with this because I already know how to blog with it.  I plan on blogging more often.  We'll see how it does.

 And this goes along with #5....this guy came over today and he showed me that this computer can take selfies!!!  LOL!  Not a good picture of me, but who knew I could do that with this! 
Oh and...Him coming over....made my day.

How has your week been?

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Cindy Bee

Thursday, July 28, 2016

My Nashville Loot!

 There's something about back to school time that gets me all sad,  because back in my day it meant the end of summer. And summer is my fave.   But at the same time, I want to go out and buy a school box and fill it with pens and pencils and notepads and such.
When we were in Nashville, IN, I did some power shopping.  I had to!  It was hot and muggy, and My Shug was not in the mood to shop.  After going to OUR favorite store which is Michael's, I went into MY favorite store which is Mulberry Cottage. 
I never have enough time to shop downstairs, because I always need  have  want to go upstairs and shop for clothes. 
But this time I saw something that struck my eye!  These cute notebook/journal/calendar covers and Cath Kidston stationary!  WHAT!   Cath Kidston!  In the states!  I don't care what it is, I'm buying it!  Stationary of all things.  
Who writes letters?

So, this is my calendar I use.  And it just so happens, this journal cover can hold six mead-type notebooks.

I bought this one at the Mulberry Cottage....
This one too....(I'm swimming!)
I put all of the above in that journal cover and it's just the coolest thing...
There are even inside pockets on this cover.  Two on the front and one larger one on the back. 
I did make it upstairs to the clothing department and bought a couple of tops.
So here it is, all fun and official-like.  I'm ready for business!

Here's a glimpse of the Cath Kidston fold up stationary. 

I told ya it was cute!

On our way to Nashville/Kentucky, we stopped at Barnes & Noble bookstore and I bought this magazine.  One of my faves. 
There was a travel diary in it that fits right in the back pocket of my new journal cover.  Meant to be, I say!
Is it a sign? 
We went to another store and bought this rain gage.
 We have several doors in our foyer and whenever we have a gathering we are always asked...Which door is the bathroom door?  We thought this sign was perfect!
And last, but definitely not least...a new pair of sandals for me! 
You know....I had fun power shopping!  It's not something I often do and it would usually take me all weekend to decide if I were going to get any of this stuff.   I just went with it and I enjoyed it.

Cindy Bee

Monday, July 25, 2016

Long Weekend in Kentucky

Last Wednesday, My Shug and I took off for a long weekend in Kentucky to visit with family and friends.  We left on Wednesday because we planned on spending the night in Nashville, IN.
First stop was for lunch at Gray Brothers Cafeteria in Mooresville, IN.
They are known for their pies.
 Then we went to Nashville....It was already 2:00 and the streets roll up around 5:00 -6:00, so I didn't waste any time.  I started shopping at my favorite places.  I'll show you my purchases in another post. I was INSPIRED! 

This bike was in a window and I had to go look.   I've been thinking about getting a new bike and this is the brand I have been looking at, but not this style.

And isn't this adorable?
They hung silk flowers upside down from long, overhanging tree branches and it was just so fairy-like and magical walking through it.  I think I need to do this by Coral Belle.

Then, it rained.  And it was 98 degrees. (for real)
So it was like a sauna outside.  I asked my Shug what he wanted to do, because it was obvious he wasn't having the fun I was having!  He said he thought it would be nice to go to our favorite garden center.

 As the streets started to roll up in Nashville, and the temperature started to rise, we decided not to stay there, but to head to our friends house instead.  It was just too hot to shop!
(I can't believe I said that!)
 So off we went....
 and a few hours later,

 we arrived! 
 (only it was really 10ish at night when we arrived and dark out.  This pic was taken the next day)
 Now, I don't think I told you the results of my Shug's Dr. appt. a couple of weeks or so ago.  After we talked to the surgeon, the only thing that had to be fixed, was the hernia on his right side.  It was the size of a baseball! They scheduled surgery for the following Friday.  He did very well.  This was two weeks ago when he had the surgery.  He has three little incisions and is not supposed to get "IN" the pool, but she didn't say he couldn't float "ON" the pool.  Truth is, I think this weekend did him a world of good.  He ended up feeling better today than he has felt in a long time.  Reason why:   He did nothing all weekend and if he were home he would not have relaxed this much.
 There were some conspiracy's going on I think....
 and eating...
 and more eating....lots of eating...
and dancing... 

and synchronized floating! 
 and mask trying on....
(have you ever heard of Beauty Counter make-up?  I've been using it a year now and I love it.)
and card playing....
and all around fun.  We always have a good time visiting these people, and it's always sad to leave.

OK come on everyone, selfie....
 Let's try that again....will I ever remember my selfie stick?
 On the way home my Shug and I stopped in Berea, KY.  It's a quaint small artsy town.  We only went to one place.  It was more of a leg stretcher, let me see what's new since I was here years ago, kind of stop.

 Then we stopped at a casino for another leg stretcher.  When we walked in, My Shug put $5.00 in this big machine, won $80 in about two minutes, and was ready to leave!!!!  We stayed about 45 minutes. 
 We arrived home safe late Sunday evening.  Twas a nice weekend.

Anyone know what this bush is?  It was in Berea, KY
I got up this morning and made blueberry muffins and fried bacon.

I was feeling motivated.  Now I'm feeling tired. 
Good Night!
Cindy Bee