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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Crochet & Books! Yarn Along Wednesday

 In between other crochet projects, I like to do little crochet projects that go quickly.  I made this hot pad-trivet thingy for my new kitchen.  I was inspired by the colors on Helen Philips blog (on my side bar).
and these chairs that I bought for my kitchen table yesterday!  But these are another blog post.
 I actually made two granny squares and single crocheted them together back to back.
 Just a fun quick project to do in between longer projects.

 The roads don't look too bad here, but they are.  We are in that Indiana bad weather going on right now.  This picture was taken earlier today and that is ice on the roads.  Now it's snowing like crazy outside and covering up the ice. 

There are a few things I always want to do during bad weather like this.....
They are...
 Chewy Granola Bars (click on the title for the recipe.  They are yummy)
 Peach Pie for my Shug
This is a "weekender bag" I got at the library a couple of weeks ago.
You pick out a bag and the topic is listed on the card tied to the bag.  
I had two choices at the time.  Mardis Gras or Lent.
If you fill out a comment card you are entered into a contest.  I forget what the prize is but I think it's an overnight in Indy.
In the bag is popcorn, music, movies, and books. 
 (Definitely going to have to watch "Chocolat" again.  I love this movie and own it, but never realized it was about lent!

 I also started this basket topper.
 I made one of these before years ago and I like they way they turn out.  They are great for storage.
or CLEAN, which I did not choose to do today!

I'm linking up to a Small Things YARN ALONG today.

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Cindy Bee

Sunday, February 21, 2016

My week was as crazy as Indiana weather!

So...last week.....
On Friday (not two days ago, but last Friday), my Shug took off and we went and looked at all of this granite.  See the house blog for more pics of this place, and to see my island counter top.  Among everything else going on in life, we are working on the kitchen now and the deadline is before Easter!

On Saturday I realized my phone wasn't working properly, so after spending over an hour on the phone with Apple, they scheduled an appointment for me to come and see them the next day.  Valentine's Day!  My Shug had house stuff to do anyway, so I asked my cousin, Vickie, to join me.  We decided to shop since the store is in The Fashion Mall (bonus) and eat at P.F. Chang's (double bonus) amongst all the lovely couples celebrating Valentine's Day! The mall is a good hour away.

Well....while we were there.......and after she bought me this strawberry covered with Godiva......for 8 bills.....because it was Valentine's day after all.....and after I spent an hour and forty minutes in the apple store, they gave me a new phone... we left.  And had snowed like crazy and the roads were A.W.F.U.L.   So bad, that it never occurred to us to take any pictures!  We were really scared.  And if you know where I live....there are two ways to get to our house.  We chose the one with the overpass, no guard rails,  that reduces from two lanes to one, then back to two, with a merge.......because the other way had not been traveled at all.  With slick roads and little visibility it was very scary.  And first, we stopped at Meijer for some lunch meat and clothes because Vickie was spending the night (because of the weather-not because she planned on it) and we hadn't had any dinner and it was 8:00ish!
Good thing she bought us a piece of fruit for nourishment!  (seriously Vickie, this was $8 bills?!?!!)
We didn't even get a latte' or anything.We made it home safely, only to get up the next morning to head back to Indy.  Which would have been Monday.   President's Day.

Why are we going back to Indy, you ask?  Because we had massage appointments at the spa....and after the night before....I needed a massage bad!  And the roads were all cleared up!
I sure wish I could show you the pool area but I didn't take my phone/camera to it with me.  It was very nice and we had use of the pool, hot tub, workout room, and sauna, all day long.  Included with the massage.  Well, after the massages we got dressed and decided to eat the hotel restaurant.

They give you this big honking slice of butter with a sprinkling of sea salt on it to go with
these breads and crackers.  YUM!
I don't know who these people are...maybe the original Conrads...and their pet moose.
 While we were waiting on our valet' service...
 we took a few pics.
Well...I did.
I think these lions came from MGM in Las Vegas (kidding)!
Darnit....I left my selfie stick at home.  

And I missed the name of the hotel....
There we go!  Cousin Vickie, Sister Theresa, Mom, Me...
all with greasy hair and frumpy clothes!  
Hey we were relaxing!
And ummm, I would not go into that restaurant dressed this way for dinner.  But it was 2:00ish and we were almost the only ones inside.
Here's a pic with the name of the hotel.
 Downtown Indianapolis scenery!
So after a busy week of painting, and working on the house, and massages, and phone issues, and crocheting, and snow storms.....Saturday (yesterday) it got up to 66 degrees and MY BEES WERE OUT IN EVERY HIVE!!!!!  YAHOO!!!!!
I love 66 degrees in February!!!  I hate snow storms!!

Cindy Bee

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

 Treats from my Sister!

 I spent a couple of evenings making hearts not long ago...

 and I was attempting to make pom poms with these pom pom makers....
 after failing miserably I got out a fork!

 The plan was to somehow put the hearts and pom poms on stems and put them in the milk bottles for crochet group.
 But it just didn't look good.  So I wrapped the pom poms around the bottles

 I put flowers in the bottles
   and made a bunting out of the hearts!

You would have thought it was Christmas in the coffee shop.  Crochet group celebrates every holiday with fun little gifts.
 Valentine's Day bunting

 Fun stuff I sent to my nieces and nephew!

 Emily actually called me and told me she LOVED the Valentine's treats and thought the monkey was just adorable!

 Mom had a heart scan last week and Dad went to ER for indigestion! 
 I got them this to help them relax.  More importantly they are doing something about their heart.
 ARE YOU?  It is HEART month after all!
 I "heart" all of you!   Have a wonderful day!

Cindy Bee