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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Photo Booth

 More family pictures

These were taken last summer, August 2015, at second cousin, Ashley and Eric's wedding reception.  There was a photo booth at the reception.  I had never been at a party with a photo booth so I didn't realize how much fun they were.  These are all of the pictures I could get a hold of, but believe me there were a lot more.  Our family kept the photo booth people busy for at least an hour or so!
These are my cousins.
L to R Gloria,(cousin) Theresa (sister), Vickie (cousin)
Jamie (Cousin) me, Mike (cousin) Rusty (cousin)

My Shug and I (and I never noticed that leg hanging down until Now!!!  LOL!)

Hilarious!  It's in all of our pictures except one.

Me, Mom, My Sister

 Betty & Ike (Aunt & Uncle) Mom & Dad, Nancy and John (Aunt & Uncle)
The reason I am posting all of these family pictures is because I want them some place Internet accessible.  My phone is acting up and I don't want to lose these. I've downloaded them on my computer and put them on here, my blog, which puts them on the Internet.  Does anyone print pictures anymore?  I think I will print these and get them famed!  They are too fun!  And look...there's that foot again hanging onto Mom!

Cindy Bee

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