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Friday, March 17, 2017

Five on Friday - My week in review!

Are you celebrating?
hmmmm.....I'm having a few friends/neighbors over tonight,
and I just thought I should probably turn some wine or something green!
I'll think on it...

In the meantime I'm joining Amy at Love Made my Home for Five on Friday!  It's the last time Amy is hosting Five on Friday, but not to worry, Tricky Wolf from F.A.S.T. blog is taking over for her.  I think it's great that she had someone else take it over, rather than just dropping it.  Very responsible person!  Thank you Amy and thank you Tricky Wolf!
On with the five!


The weather here is not going to be good for St. Patrick's day parades, or any other outdoor activities.  I believe you are supposed to be planting potatoes and snap peas in your gardens today, in these parts of America.  I don't think much of that is going to be happening either.  Back in February we had a lot of warm weather days.  In the 70's.  My bees were thriving.  Problem is, it's been in the 20's and 30's again and snowy, today freezing rain is predicted, so it's hard to tell if the bees will make it.  A fellow beekeeper sent me a picture
and he was "very worried' and wanted my advice.  He felt like this was a lot of bees dead in front of his hive and feared the worst.  I told him that is NOT a lot of bees for a hive.  That's just a sign of bees cleaning out the hive on a nice day.

However, I wanted to show you something with this picture that he sent me.  Look closely at the top of the wire entrance.  You will see "white" bees. 

Those bees are larvae (babies - sad face) that were almost ready to hatch out.  They probably froze to death.  So here is what happens with honeybees when the weather fluctuates so greatly.  
During the winter, the queen will only lay enough eggs that the bees can cover the brood (eggs/larvae) with their bodies and keep it warm.  Just enough to keep the hive alive through the winter.  When it warms up, the queen starts laying eggs like it's summer, 1200-1500 a day.  So, back in February when it was in the 60's and 70's for almost two weeks, that queen started laying like it was summer.  Then, it got cold again and the bees can't keep that many eggs/larvae warm.  So the bees either spread out and freeze to death trying to keep the brood warm, or the brood freezes to death because there aren't enough bees to cover the brood, or both.  I had four hives die last year when this happened.  They were alive one weekend, and the next weekend they froze to death.  So, if you look at this picture it's a good example of larvae freezing to death.  Then, there are times that the hive just doesn't have the energy to raise another generation of brood, so the hive dies off. 
A honey bee only lives around 45 days (in the summer).
The workers are female and they work themselves to death. 
True story.
Yesterday I kept trying to get a good picture of this eagle, flying across the road above our pond.  I took several before it landed in a tree.  I watched through a monocular until my arm got tired of holding it up!  Plus, I had somewhere to go, so I left and sure enough it flew.  This was the best picture I got of it. Not great, but the good news is it's back!  I haven't seen it in months.


My Shug sent me a message from work and said on his way in he saw three chairs that he thought were in someone's trash!   They live around the corner from us so he stopped and asked the lady if they were throwing them out.  She said, "yes, and she knew if she put them on the curb someone would get them." 

Look at these chairs...

Look at our chairs!
Can you find the difference? 

He got three.  The fourth one was broken.  We are always scrambling around when family is over, trying to find enough chairs for everyone.  So I was very happy about this!  One man's trash is another man's treasure. 


Remember the curtains I was making last week?  They were drapes I bought at a rummage sale somewhere over the years.  Stashed away and forgotten about.  They were long and pleated, and needed those hook type things to hang.  I cut off the pleats and measured, more than once!
 I made one panel first to see how they were going to look.  I'm making these for the basement room that we lived in while we were building.  I think they are going to look great!
So I made the rest of them.  I washed them but was afraid to put them in the drier.  I'll iron them and hang them this weekend.  Hopefully! 

So last week when I posted a picture of my blanket squares, Tricky Wolf commented that I had a snazzy crochet hook!  WHAT!
And it hit a brick.
 After I finished the square (above-with the snazzy hook) I noticed it was a tiny bit bigger than the other squares I made.  I even told the girls I think the white yarn is a bit thicker.
After I read that comment about the snazzy hook,  I started digging through older photos on my phone.
Do you see it?
I was using a 4.5 hook and the "snazzy hook" is a 5!
AUURRRGGHHHH!  (I think that AUGH in Irish!  In honor of St. Patrick.  Or maybe it's pirate speak.  Either way, the mystery is solved!

My advise is to take ONE picture of your project when you first start it, with the crochet hook you are using IN THE PICTURE!  Then, you'll know. 
I have no idea how the snazzy crochet hook got in the bag, but it did.  I have some ripping out to do.

So, I decided to work on my beach bag this week.  Do you know how many bags I have that need lined?  I don't even know!

Debbie is a crocheting machine!!!

K is making the same blanket as Debbie.

I told Cheryl to smile and she assured me she is!


We are working on the house again!  Click here to check it out.

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PS.  I've been wanting to share a couple of things with you.  First of all, apparently I'm a 'NO REPLY' blogger to some of you.  But, I have gone into my settings and it shows that I am NOT a no reply blogger.  I even unchecked and rechecked the box that I'm supposed to check or uncheck.  Also, I am not able to leave comments on some of your blogs, and I've heard of other bloggers not able to leave comments as well.  I think it has something to do with blogger and google plus.  Not sure how to fix this stuff but I've tried.  Just wanted you to know.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I do NOT want to see a picture of the inside of my mouth. 
But you're looking at it and I'm telling you why!
See that tooth with the filling, on the left?

Well, after years and years of clenching, grinding, and chewing, teeth that have fillings in them start cracking.  It's from the pressure of the filling pushing against the tooth.  Two different mediums pushing against each other for years, the lead wins, the tooth cracks.

So here's what  happened in the last couple of weeks. 
See the back tooth on the right side. 
Looks like a piece of bread stuck in the tooth -ewwwww

That's a temporary filling in a temporary cap.

On Monday (two weeks ago) I went to have that tooth capped, because it had a crack.

On Thursday of that week, I went back because that tooth was hurting.  It should never hurt after a cap.  Luckily, in my case it was still the temporary. 
And btw, ALWAYS tell your dentist immediately if you get a cap and it's hurting.  Otherwise, more damage will be done. 
So, on Thursday he filed the cap down because we thought the bite was off, and maybe the cap was sitting too high.

By Friday it was still hurting a little.
By Saturday afternoon it was hurting a lot ( same day as Mom and Dad's anniversary party so I downed some Ibuprofen, put on my big girl panties and went and had fun!)
But by Sunday night I was up until 1:30 in the morning, taking ibuprofen, putting numbing stuff on the tooth, trying to get it to quit throbbing so I could sleep.

Monday, back to the dentist.  He numbed me up, popped the cap and took an x-ray and poked around.
He couldn't find
Tuesday he sent me to an endodontist about 45 minutes away for a 3D xray. 

This would be a good time to explain that those x-rays the dentist takes once a year do NOT show cracks in your teeth. 
Don't believe me?  Ask. 
They don't.
That's why he sent me for a 3D xray.
And just an FYI, I floss and brush EVERY DAY and
I go to the dentist EVERY SIX MONTHS for cleaning and check up.

The Endo (Endo-for short)  didn't do the x-ray.  He did some other testing instead, which was not fun.  Then he did a root canal which was REALLY NOT FUN!
My heart was ready to leap out of my chest after he numbed me 4 or 5 different times. 
The only good thing about it all was he looked like a young Kevin was cute.
BUT...I had my eyes closed most of the time.
And when the Endo did the root canal, they put sunglasses on me, and he had a very bright light on and glasses that magnified my teeth by the 100's.  So while he had that get-up on, I asked him check the filled tooth. 

BONUS-it is cracked and so is the filling.
See the crack?
No, you don't.
Because you can't see them.

Tuesday evening, while talking on the phone to my sister, the temporary cap fell off!

So, I was talking like this.....
clench your teeth together....
Go ahead, do it.  I'm telling you to clench your teeth together.
But just lightly clench them together lest you break a tooth.
 Now keeping your teeth together
READ the following out loud.
That's how I was talking on the phone, because I didn't want that cap off of my tooth. So I was using my top teeth to hold the cap on the bottom tooth while I talked.

I immediately hung up from my sister and called the dentist Emergency  number,
but he said I would be fine until Wednesday morning.

I put my bite guard on my upper teeth and held the cap on thusly, until the next morning.

So, Wednesday back to the dentist.
My dentist made a new temporary cap for  me, and so far so good.

or you WILL have cracked teeth when you are older. 

A bite guard costs around $20 just about anywhere.
Caps and root canals cost hundreds. 
Not to mention the pain.
And the reason I don't have a tooth behind the filled one, is because it cracked last year the week of Easter and ended up getting extracted. 

I've never been in so much pain in my entire life when that tooth cracked.
Okay that's my lesson on teeth.
Now unclench your teeth.
Stop talking funny.
It's weird.


PS.  So far so good with my teeth.  The tooth will get it's permanent cap next week.  Crossing fingers.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring Fever - Five on Friday

I'm joining Amy at Love made my Home for Five on Friday.  She graciously leaves it open all weekend, which helps me a lot.  Her Friday is really on my Thursday, and today is Saturday, so it's probably Sunday I gotta hurry if I want to get this done!  Thank you sweet Amy.

 Last Friday, not yesterday but a week ago, I got a case of Spring Fever.
It was actually nice and sunny out.
I decided to do some things to help cure my fever!
I got this colorful pitcher out of the cabinet and made some water with lemon and lime in it.

 I had to do a couple of errands that day, so I decided to do some FUN looking around.
 I did not buy one of these....but I thought they were very springy!
 When I get spring fever, I want to get out of the house and go somewhere.  Seems like I usually end up in some of my favorite stores.  Like Bookstores, TJ Max, Pier 1.....

 And of course, everything I look at is spring-like.
 and colorful.  I took a picture of this middle pillow and sent it to my girlfriend.  I told her I was out spring fever shopping.  I knew she would like it.  I did not buy it.
  I did buy this wine glass on clearance!
 I came home and decided I didn't want this canister set on my counter anymore.
I don't know why I didn't just move the whole set to my pantry.
  But instead,  I put my sugar and flour in large ball jars and labeled them with the spring-like colored labels I bought at the Dollar Store, and put them in the pantry.
 I cut out a bunny from a pattern I used long ago when I was a vendor at local craft shows.
 I also started making curtains for our basement windows.  I'm re-doing the room we used to live in, into a more colorful fun room to hang out in. 
This is what I woke up to the next morning. (heavy-sigh) 


When I went to the grocery store Wednesday I decided to treat myself.
I deserved it.
You do too.
Try it sometime.

 Here is the recipe for the drink ingredients in the above photo.  We had this cocktail at my Sisters before we went to Mom & Dad's anniversary dinner last Saturday evening. 
My sister didn't have any champagne, and didn't want to run out and get some, so she used Moscato instead and I liked it better. And the flipflop brand goes with the whole spring fling theme.


On Thursday morning I went to crochet group.
I got my spring colored afghan back out and started in on the granny squares again.  K and Debbie are making the Cupcake Blanket from Attic 24's blog ( see my sidebar). 
Cheryl was a no show - again.
And Debbie left early so I didn't get her blanket pic.
I love these spring-y colors.
This is a blanket I started several months ago.  I almost took it out!!!  I KNOW!!! CRAZY!
I wasn't feeling it.  I'm still not sure, but I'm moving on with it.  I still have ten large grannies to make.

While we were sitting at Panera in crochet group, Mom & Dad walked in with their sweatshirts on!
I had to get some pictures.

On Thursday evening my Cousin, Sister, and I went to Diva night in Noblesville.
It was a fun evening.

  Remember my friend that I sent the Spring shopping pictures too?
Well, we met for a latte' yesterday and she had this pillow for me!
What in the world!!!!  I was SO surprised!
  I asked her why and she said because I've had such a rough week. 
(I've edited this post, and will explain the rough week in a separate post later)
What a very sweet friend. 
We've been friends since right out of high school.

Today I met my Mom, Dad, and sister for lunch and my sister gave me this with a Starbucks card tucked inside.  She said it was a Christmas present for me and we never got together.
not my fault!
The timing couldn't have been better though!
Cute huh!

This week is ending on a much better note than it started on!
so far so good!

For people that live around here, don't forget to Spring Forward your clocks! 
In the fall, we "fall back" an hour, which means we set our clocks back an hour. 
In the Spring, we "Spring forward" an hour. 
Crazy, is what it people in other countries do this?
I's already Monday where you live, right!

I'm joining Amy at Love Made my Home for Five on Friday. 
Feel free to pop over by clicking here, and visit other bloggers to see what they've been up to this week.

What do you do for Spring Fever?


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

60th Anniversary Celebration

So we celebrated our parents
60th Wedding Anniversary
last Saturday evening.

We started out at my sisters house for cocktails

(this is My Shug talking to Anh)

 Happy Birthday to yooooouuuu.....
 Dylan turned 9!

  Then we went to The Ville in Noblesville, IN.  And while we were waiting on our food,

and making silly faces.
 Mom and Dad opened their gifts.

 New sweatshirts...engraved wine glasses...
Family pics....
 Me and My Shug
 Me and my brother
 My delicious food.
Chicken picatta (might not be spelled correctly, but it tasted perfect!)
 Then we had Anniversary cake

 And walked down to Syds Bar and Grill


My hat!

 We were watching karaoke and Adrienne loved whatever song was playing!

 I love these crazy group photos!

 It was a fun time with family
celebrating 60 years of wedded bliss!