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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sad day

Well Blogettes, I had a happy fun post ready to go with a new attitude.  It was all about spring and the fun we were all going to start having togehter.  But it will have to wait. I was having coffee with a friend when My Mom called.  Bad news.

Remember this post

with this guy.

He passed away today.  I am so sad.
I'll be talking to ya later.

Cindy Bee

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter Woolen Workshop Day One!

As you can see...
  there was standing room only at the Winter Woolen Workshop yesterday.  There is one more day today, and I highly recommend you attend, if you can.  And I want to apologize to anyone I might have been chatting with, then suddenly I quit....I hope I wasn't rude to anyone.  I'm sharing a booth with my friend Leslie, and we are teaching little Make-it Take-it classes, and while one teaches, the other watches the booth.  It's all a little overwhelming!  I met a neighbor out here where I'm living now, and I chatted with someone who took the beekeeping class last week, plus I'm seeing lots of friends.
 Fun times.
 Lots of wool....(would you look at that bag!)
 and adorable birds.
 and baskets
 and roving
AND ROVING!  TONS of roving for sale in the booth (above).
and body butters and soaps...and peeps....this is just on the first floor.  I didn't make it upstairs with my camera.    I did visit though, and try on some Vintage Clothes from Burlap to Silk designs and chatted with Nicki about some stuff she has for sale.  Nicki is very popular at markets and online, so you might want to check her out at The Vintage Farmhouse.  She JUST NOW updated her online shop!  And I didn't make it to the Seiberling Mansion at all.  

I must say the event has had a little bit of drama!  The one on the left thinks she's so tough.!  It is Febru-scary though, and she likes to take this micro-month of 28 days and turn it into a Macro-month just because it's her birthday month! 

 In the end we discovered that yarn and pottery goes well together! (I'm actually just kidding about the drama, we all are having a great time together)
 But you gotta have a little fun.  Granny Bee (who does not look like a Granny) takes it all in stride, well except for the one time I saw her outside taking some deep cleansing breaths!!!
 Speaking of The Granny Bee...her and Ali Strebal Designs are occupying the front room of the house...
(sorry about the blurry pic - it was difficult to take it quickly without people in the way!)  Anyway, these two have everything and anything you need to get started in rug punch, rug hook, punch needle, needle felting, etc. can get it here. 
 Cool Punch needle owl by Ali Strebel.
 People have been enjoying the make it take it classes....and I went upstairs to the classroom and it was FULL!
 This little faerie garden is so cute and you know how I love Patti Beck's pottery.  I hope she doesn't look my way if it comes up missing!  (and that is a Love in a Puff voluntarily growing in this garden!  It can't wait for spring either! She has a gorgeous hyacinth in her booth too, in the most cutest pot, that smells heavenly)  I got the wants, but peeps, I'm trying to not buy anything.  I know!  It's hard.  I hope I don't cave today.

  Ok so I gotta ask you a question....Yesterday morning I was hurriedly pricing some last minute things before opening.  And as I was pricing the bags I suddenly couldn't find my scissors.  I looked and looked and looked.  So did Leslie, my booth-mate (hey I just made that up, I like it!) I panicked!  I needed those scissors for the make it take its and I was expressing my disappointment (ha! I like that too!) about having to drive all the way back home for scissors...blah blah blah...when one of our booth neighbors said," you can use mine all day, I don't need them."  As the day was over,
 I found them.  Then I was told this is one of the first few stages of alzheimers!  Losing everyday items.
 Should I worry?  

Hey, if you can make it to the Winter Woolen Workshop, you should come.  We are having so much fun and I'd hate for you to miss out on it!
Cindy Bee

Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Woolen Workshop

OK, so you probably thought I went into a mental decline after that snow post.  Nope.  I've been getting ready for the Winter Woolen Workshop.  It's a huge event in our town.  Two days long.  And I spent most of today setting up for it.  I'm sharing a booth with a friend.

 This is our booth.  Lots of vintage linens, include this long star quilt top.
 Some aprons, some bee-hive glass jars which are good for buttons, or candy, or to hold your spatulas, you could put mixes in them and use them as gifts. 
 Vintage aprons

I think if I don't sell this vintage afghan this year, I'll use it myself.

 There are some chalkboard signs for $5.00  I only got three of the bags finished and I never did embellish them.  I think I will if they don't sell.

 It's going to be a weekend of fun with a lot of crafty-artsy people.
There are booths there full of all kinds of fun stuff.  Plus classes and workshops and make-it take-its.  There are people demonstrating every fiber art you can imagine.
Saturday 10-6
Sunday 11-5
At the Elliot House and Seiberling Mansion in Kokomo IN.

 Hope to see you there. 

Cindy Bee

Monday, February 17, 2014

Last week....

So this post is another catch-up post.  Last week was nice, but a bit too busy for my taste.  I was scheduled to teach a beekeeping class back in January.  It was postponed due to a blizzard.  The reschedule date was last week, Tuesday evening.  I was to speak for an hour, and guess what.  I came down with a horrible cold.  So I stood in front of 35-40 people with a box of tissues, a glass of tea, and some mints in case I went into a coughing fit.  As luck would have it, I did fine!  I like this book.  It is full of nice pictures and interesting bee keeping information.  Although, the best place for information is to join a beekeeping association in YOUR own area. Beekeeping is different in your area, then it would be in mind.   However, if you ever have questions you want me to answer about bees, just ask.

And look what my Shug got me for Valentines Day!
  I love it!  I love Cottage Style and this just screams cottage!
 I sent my young nieces some Valentines fun in the mail!

  On Saturday we had another WOOL SCRAP SATURDAY!  
It was Groovy Girl's birthday.
  So we had cake, chips, chocolate, and a little ham and cheese platter.
  And everyone had fun!!!!  Including Groovy Girl!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

 Groovy Girl Yarn store was a packed house, but I think everyone had fun.
 Here are some pics....

 Grandmothers brought their granddaughters to make a cupcake or a flower.
 And everyone was proud of their work!

One of my nieces.

   All the chairs were full so some people sat on the couch and worked on their laps.  But they still had fun.

 That was my week peeps.....and I'm over the head cold now....for the most part....and I'm preparing for the WINTER WOOLEN WORKSHOP! 
I'll be talking about it all week. 
Come by and visit.  I'll be right here.....
 In this old mansion....having a blast with a bunch of like-minded women, all weekend long.  I will be posting pictures of things I'm making and planning to take.
 Like these price tags and "business" cards, even though I don't have a business.
And this bee lady is almost ready to go too!
And if you made it this far in the post, I will let you in on a secret....
I haven't shaved my legs in a week!!!!

Cindy Bee
PS - The post before this one about the Cozy Snow....well sorry, but I just had to get the snow crap off of my chest.  I posted it at the same time as this one, so you wouldn't see the wicked witch side of me.  Knowing some of you'll probably like that side better!  And others of you will agree with me!