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Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend of fun!

I was going to talk some more about the snow, and how we've had freezing temperatures every day since the blizzard... 
 so the snow isn't melting...
 and how we're running out of places to put it!  And people are worried about flooding when it does start to melt. 
 But we are all tired of the snow BIG TIME.  It's not pretty anymore....we're tired of shoveling....
quite's a pain in the neck ( thought I was going to say ass, didn't you?)
I'm done talking about it. 
 I'm done with pictures of it.  
Done I tell you.

Instead...I'm going to talk about how much fun I had last week and weekend, in spite of the fact that we got stuck in the driveway and had a hard time driving because the roads out here are a mess!

I braved the roads and went to crochet group at Groovy Girl yarn Thursday.
I was thinking how it's been a long time since I've even talked about crochet group, or showed you what we are working on.  We meet on Thursdays now, and out of the original group, there are only two of us that attend. Plus Groovy Girl, but she knits now instead of crochets.  Debbie, one of our newest crochet peeps wanted to learn how to make a granny square.  She's getting the hang of it!  I'm making hand-warmers for the Winter Woolen Workshop which is less than two weeks away!  And notice how the Groovy Girl is using her yarn bowl.
 mmmm hmmmmm....Had to have a yarn bowl huh?
 See that pretty peachy any ideas what I can make out of that skein?  I like it a lot!  It was a sample that a rep gave to GG but she doesn't plan on carrying it at this point.  It's very soft.
 This is "K"s Granny stripe blanket.  Look at those perfect stitches! 
So, on to Friday evening.
I was asked to Spin at the Granny Bee's brand spanking new studio!!!  
WOOHOO another place to hang out!  
Another place for fun and mischief!
 I love the little yarn bag on the table.  Groovy Girl made it.  I thought she was going to make some to sell, but apparently that was just talk.   And see that ironing board on the table, with the tissues on top.    Well....I was sitting back there spinning away (in that rocking chair minding my own business)
  When suddenly the table wobbles HUGELY (is that a word?) and the ironing board starts moving like it was possessed, and down comes the box of tissues.
 "NOOOO" I cried out.  
Those tissues fell right on my freshly filled glass of RED wine!  (which I got from Randall Studio next door!)
Which fell right on my spinning wheel, 
and my one of a kind sisal bag, which was holding all of my wool roving. 
  Barb sprang into action ..and cleaned up the mess....and I quickly threw my roving to GG and said, "Squeeze it with the paper towel....hurry....squeeze's coming out!"  
And Rebecca left!  
That's my Shug offering to help Rebecca.

Barb even refilled my wine glass, which was probably not necessary but what the heck....why not?  We all have snow fatigue, (that's an official disorder now.  I saw it in an article) and need wine, or some beverage of the alcohol variety.
 And except for all of the hysterical laughing, everything went back to business as usual.
 Granny Bee acted all business-like, as though nothing ever happened.  
  Barb, Granny Bee, and Groovy Girl below.
And my one of a kind bag....well, it's still one of a kind.  It has a red stripe going down the center of it!  A special memory of a fun time when we were all together again, and laughing!!!!! 
 Do you know how good it felt to laugh?
  Cracking up, tears in eyes laughing!  
L.O.V.E. doing that.
Oh, and the reason my Shug was there...  He drove me downtown to the art center (where GB's new studio is) and helped me unload my spinning wheel and stuff....then came back later and picked me up.  He scored major points for that, because the snow is everywhere so it's hard to park downtown right now. 

Did you notice all of the art, and rug hooking, and spinning, and knitting going on in the above pictures?  Well, check this out.....That grey and blue, which looks like paint...those are itty bitty, teeny weeny, tiny winey stitches.  Linda is working on this....Linda....the other half of Randall Interiors.  
You know, the studio that had the good wine.
 Cindy Bee


  1. I think I've got snow fatigue! I KNOW I've got snow fatigue..and it IS a pain in the ass..or 'arse' as I say.
    Jane x

  2. The Pres scored major points last week and this week too...bad weather has it's advantages...togetherness! Sorry about your bag, but you will always remember with that wine stain!...:)JP

  3. Snow fatigue, absolutely!

    Love all the non-snow photos, all those happy faces and handy crafts. I think the peach yarn would make a gorgeous infinity scarf!

  4. Definitely need wine in this horrible weather! I can't grumble as I don't have to shovel it (the joys of apartment life!) but it's no fun trying to go for a walk at the moment and I need to get out walking.

  5. Cindy, I shared your wonderful post on my Blog! I can't upload any of my pictures... So Thank you for your wonderful pictures!

  6. You girls have way too much fun. :) Granny Bee doesn't look much like a granny, does she? What all are you ladies making? Show us when you are done. xoxo,Susie
    p.s. I saw two robins today, maybe spring is really coming

  7. i had so much fun....Cindy always get me in trouble.

  8. Oh, how lucky you are to have an art center like that nearby!!! Nothing like a good laugh with the girls, huh?


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