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Monday, February 17, 2014


I don't even care if you read this post or not.
 I have another post ready to go. 
 But I HAD to get this off of my chest.   You see...I have a SERIOUS SNOW ATTITUDE.  Serious.....Snow-tude.  

You see, I'm sick and tired of people who don't have snow, or they  might have gotten it for the first time ever, saying, "I love snow, you are so lucky, I'm so excited it's snowing, I'm going to go for a walk in the snow, it's so cozy inside.....blah blah f'n blah."  Walk in it already but SHUT UP.  (I told Mom not to read this post.  I warned ya.)

Snow might be cozy if
You don't have to go to work in it. 
 But here's a Reality check for you, Most people do have to go to work. 
You can tell by the 20something people that died in car accidents last week due to being on the snow and ice.  Employers do not cancel work.
Unless of course you work in a school....and at this point, school has been closed so much that people who work in schools are trying to think of creative ways to make up time, so they don't have to work the entire summer. (when the weather is nice)
And my Shug works with people who are leaving their school children home alone, while they are at work worrying about them, because they do not have someone to watch their kids randomly a day here and there. And they cannot miss work because their employer does not close for snow and ice. So how does that sound for fun?   
 Does this look fun?
 If it does, then go outside in 18 degrees and wrap your hands around a great big chain and lay on the ground until you can find something to hook the chain on, to pull your truck out of the ice and snow covered driveway.  Then tell me how fun & cozy it is.  Oh, and we were going to the tire store here, to pay $600 for new tires, because he has basically burned the rubber off of his tires trying to get out of our driveway. 

Let's talk about this cozy little issue I'm sure you haven't thought about.  One of my friends lost her mother due to an illness.  She passed on a Monday but they could not have the funeral until Saturday, because of the snow.  She had to let her Mother stay in a mortuary for seven days.  And she probably got charged rent for every day.   How fun does that sound? 

I know I sound pretty sarcastic here, but I told you I'm tired of it.  
I meant it. 
You don't have to read can stop.
 If you want to continue telling me how cozy and fun the snow is, I'm going to show you more reality.
 Let's talk about this for fun!
 This is our electric bill for ONE MONTH.  Last month.  
Because we had cold AND snow...and remember, This is for ONE ROOM.  
You feel all snuggly now?
Still feeling fun and cozy?  I don't know about you but I can think of a lot more ways to spend $900.00, (600 tires remember) but this is the reality of fun and cozy snow since the first of January.
Next month's bill will be the same if not more.
We did get the truck unstuck, with no damage....and he did get his new tires.

But I'm not finished yet....

  I still have some snow stuff to get off of my chest.  See where the road ends and the fields start?  No?  Well you might as well get used to it because we have been driving on this cozy crap on a daily basis.  It hasn't changed since the first of January either.  OH and if you want real fun, try driving on it at 5:15 in the morning, when it's pitch dark outside, because you have to be to work by 6:00.  Oh?  Iit only takes you 20 minutes to get to work.  Yeah, him nice weather.  Double your driving time in this weather.  I say a safety prayer for my Shug every morning.
 And then when you are driving, you are dealing with crazy drivers.  On this particular day, I saw this semi STUCK, in town, blocking lanes in all directions except one.  There were several people that slid off the highway that day, and I witnessed two wrecks.  I wonder how cozy they were feeling in their wrecked vehicles.

How about I Tell you about a guy I used to work with who lost his mother. Are you ready because it wasn't easy.  She slid, on the ice, through a stop light and t-boned another car.  He had the ventilator turned off after a week.

A couple of days ago I was pulling in our driveway.  Shug let my dog out to do his business....and he saw my vehicle and started running towards me. I slammed on the breaks and started sliding right towards him.  I barely missed running over him.  I just put this picture so you could see how cute he is.

I won't even tell you about the animals who have lost their paws, legs  and ears because their owners are morons and have left them outside in below freezing temperatures, chained up on a six foot chain to a dog house with frozen water bowls.  Or the guy my Shug works with who has a barn cat that lost it's ears to frostbite.  You see we live in a world of snow and ice and idiots right now.

TODAY - Schools are closing at 1:30 today....  We have a winter weather advisory NOW.  Snow, sleet and ice coming down.  
I hope people can find someone to watch their kids. Reality is they are probably all cozy at home...alone.
While their parents worry and work.  
I hope we all don't lose power.  
I hope the homeless don't freeze to death.  I forgot to mention how cozy the people are who live under bridges and such, didn't I?

JUST NOW - a friend of mine just called.  They are elderly.  They have a Dr. appt. they need to go to.  Her husband fell last week on the ice, trying to get his mail.  He is very bruised up, and hit his head.  She thinks he will be fine.  I didn't tell her about  my Uncle that fell on the ice a few years ago, and hit his head.  He is no longer with us.  He slowly deteriorated from a form of dimentia he received from that blow to his head.  It took four years.

So, don't even talk to me about snow, fun, and cozy in the same sentence ok?  Because I don't want to hear it.  I'm DONE AND OVER IT.  I'm SICK OF IT.  I told you I had a SNOW-TUDE.  I do.  It's worse than ever.  I'm trying to talk my Shug into a four day get away to Vegas.  I don't even like Vegas anymore.  But it's usually warm there.  Warmer than here anyway.  And no rain.  Definitely no snow.  72 degrees.  I have the information up on the computer, ready to hit the send button.

 The good news is we are going to get warmer weather this week.  The snow will melt, the ice will melt, and we will have to deal with flooding issues.  But hopefully the people who lost their roofs in the tornado we had a few months ago will finally be able to get their roofs fixed.  Yes, they are still living very cozily, with fun blue tarps on their roofs.  Why?  Because the cozy snow came two weeks after the tornado did, and it hasn't left since.

DONE, I tell you.

Cindy Bee

PS - I am posting another post right after this one, so you might miss it.  I Just HAD to get it off of my chest.


  1. I LOVE YOU!! You said everything I needed to and how!
    Jane xxxxxx
    PS xxxxxxx

    1. I saw your comment on another persons blog and I thought....she is as tired of this as I am. I actually thought for a long time about hitting the publish button on this, but I'm even getting texts from people who love the post and feel the same. I think this week of 30's and 40's temps are needed more than we know!

      Cindy Bee


    uh no.
    I lived in upper northwest Wisconsin. you are preaching to the choir here.
    But thats the reason I moved here. Because right now I have temps in the 40's and 50's all WEEK. I love it. Though I know it wont last long, i can count on the fact that i will most likely see the ground the end of the month again, like i do now.

    In wisconsin, it wouldnt be until april...


    1. I a lot of family here, not to mention my Shug has a very good job here. Twere it not for those two important things in my life, I'd be moving. (to a place that is already built, by the way!)

      Cindy Bee

  3. I am so right there with you. The Great Scot called on his way to work, just in time to stop me having a heart attack...I'd just seen a report on a BIG accident right on his way to work and, of course, the first thing I thought was "oh no, what if he's in it". Normally I hate cell phones but not this time.

    1. I always feel so sorry for the people in accidents. I'm glad you didn't have a heart attack and your Great Scot was ok.

      Cindy Bee

  4. I understand where you are coming from Cindy. I'm as fed up with our rain as you are with your snow. Here's hoping we both see an improvement in the weather soon. Philippa xx

    1. I know Philippa! I saw where so many people are getting nothing but rain. Actually, the concern about flooding here has gone up quite a bit. On Thursday we are supposed to have a lot of rain and warm temps. We have had snow up on snow upon snow since the first of January. If it all melts at once, we are going to have a mess.

  5. Yes, there are many accidents and my kids deal with school closings and who can alter their schedule or come to babysit...yes, it is unfortunate that people don't know how to drive in, yes, we too bought new tires, got stuck and slid. And we have nature to thank for all of it...the good the bad and the ugly!...:)JP

  6. I hear you, Cindy! Do you feel better for getting that off your chest?! Hope it's all starting to melt in your neck of the woods today as it is here. In fact everything is melting here as it hit 58 this afternoon - this weather is just bizarre. Made sure I went out for a long walk just in case it's the only good day we get for a while. Take care of yourself!

  7. Could I POSSIBLY agree more?!!!?

    Recently someone said to me that they hoped this summer here would be long and hot. My reply (dripping with snow-i-tude, lol) was "it had better be or the number of certified cases of insanity will be too vast to count"!

    I'm Really Really really REALLY sick of snow and minus temps (and those 800 per month fuel bills to keep the temp at a non-cozy 62 degrees)....

    I think we deserve our snow-i-tudes! lol

    At least it's March - woot!



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