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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sad day

Well Blogettes, I had a happy fun post ready to go with a new attitude.  It was all about spring and the fun we were all going to start having togehter.  But it will have to wait. I was having coffee with a friend when My Mom called.  Bad news.

Remember this post

with this guy.

He passed away today.  I am so sad.
I'll be talking to ya later.

Cindy Bee


  1. Oh I am so sorry Cindy hugs hugs B

  2. I'm so very sorry...remember the good times,eh?
    Jane x

  3. I'm so sorry you've lost your friend. Not an easy thing at all. Hugs.

  4. Cindy, I am sorry for your loss, yet memories will get you'll always have them!...:)JP

  5. So sorry to hear you lost your lifetime friend Cindy Bee. Praying for piece for you.

  6. So sorry for your loss Cindy. You will be in my prayers and thoughts as well as his other loved ones!!

  7. Cindy, Sorry about the loss of your friend. I send hugs to you , xoxo,Susie

  8. Cindy,
    I do remember this handsome gentleman. God bless him and his family.


  9. I am sorry to read this. What a good time you had at your mom's birthday celebration , so good memories of a childhood / neighborhood friend also shared so his own family might read it and smile.


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