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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Love, Bonds, and Birthdays!

I put up with a lot of crap from people because I take a lot of pictures. I always have my camera or phone with me and I'm always using them. I always have. And let's just get this out of the way right now. I always will. And I am SO GLAD I happened to have my camera with me today at breakfast.

Now I do have one rule...I do not put up pictures of anyone that I wouldn't want posted of myself. Like, for example, if it's a bad picture. Like the one of my cousin, that her daughter took! That will never be on my blog...well, unless she says it's ok. It's pretty funny. OK back to my point...jeeesh.

So, today I had plans to meet my parents for breakfast, along with my Mom's TWIN brother. It is my Mom's birthday, and of course, her twin brother's birthday. Uncle Jerry.

Here they are arriving TEN MINUTES LATE to breakfast. If you know my parents, there is no excuse for tardiness, especially at mealtime. (AAhhhhheeeemmm-sorry-phlegm ball in my throat or something.)

So I sat there alone for about 15 minutes drinking my coffee, wondering if they changed the plans and didn't tell me. On purpose or something!

We had a lovely meal, then when I got up to go to the restroom, I came back to find a young man hugging my Mom. WTH? Who is hugging my ma? In front of my pa?

OK here's the mushy part.

See this kid blogettes. I haven't seen him in about 30 years. He used to be at our house ALL THE TIME when we were growing up. ALL THE TIME. He was one of my brothers best buds. And folks - here's the mushy part - he's got cancer. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM. His name is Curt. Pray pray pray ok. Cuz I love this kid.

And here is something else I want to say, because it's been on my mind lately....ever since I ran into a blog stalker the other day, that grew up in the same neighborhood I did. You know how you grow up in a neighborhood. We knew everyone... because when we were kids we played outside from the time we got up until the time our parents stood on the front porch and yelled for us to come home. It was either dinner time or bed time by the time we came inside. And growing up in a neighborhood like we did, you have this bond. It's hard to explain. You might not have even hung around with the people in that same 'hood, but you still...have. this. bond. Do you know what I mean?

Curt and I were reminiscing about the time we went cruising in my bright yellow corvette! Oh my. I was 18 or 19, he was probably 15 or 16, and my friend was with us too. So, yes, we had three people in a two seater corvette. How did we survive? No seat belts.

Anyway blogettes, pray for this man ok.

And this probably should have been a post all about my Mom, but I'm getting ready to head to Italy in the morning and I just had to post about Curt too. So...


Don't they look great for 77 years old? I asked them which one was older and Mom said, "He is. I kicked the shit out of him and told him to get outta here!" She really did say that. She probably really did do that!!!!


Cindy Bee

PS - Allll my bags are packed....I'm ready to goooo....

I got my yarn, my books, and my Xanax!!! Thanks for all the ideas. I'm gonna sleep on that plane and when I'm not sleeping I'll be crocheting or reading. For those of you who text me, please do NOT text or call. It's expensive!

PPS - What? Stop got two weeks to read this!!!! Bye...for real.


  1. Happy Birthday wishes to the young 'uns and prayers going out for Curt.

    Have a wonderful time on your trip!

  2. We will all miss you!!!! See you in blog land when you return!

  3. My prayers for Curt. Happy birthday Mom and brother.
    HAVE FUN and we will be waiting for you to get back. If I text(LOL) don't answer it. HUGS B

  4. Oh man, I'm so sorry about the neighbor kid :(
    I really really really hate cancer and I hate it when it touches those we love.

    I hope you have a safe wonderfulful trip and we'll see you when you get home :D

  5. I'll pray for Curt. And I do remember that kind of hood!

    And I'll pray for your parents and sister so they can deal with you for 2 weeks ;)

    Have fun!

  6. Cindy, I absolutely understand the bond. I have it for people I have seen all my life growing up. Your mom and uncle look great, and in good health. I bet you are excited now. take care, xo, Susie

  7. Have a great time in Italy& say hello to the Pope while you are there. Happy Birthday to Mom & Uncle! And of course prayers to Curt. You know he lives just a few houses down from me, still neighbors & still in the same neighborhood, sharing the same 'bond'. Life Is Good!

  8. Cindy bee Have a great time and have fun seeing the wonderful sites!


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