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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

In one hour I'll be 58!

Happy Birthday to me!
I's been awhile.  
I'm not even going to explain.
Just pray for my Shug...
(he apparently has two hernias, diverticulitis, and we go to the surgeon tomorrow)
get ready for family party time (Saturday)....
Happy Birthday to me!

I decided today, after My Shug left for work, that I was going to do what I wanted. I was giving myself ME TIME for my birthday.
 My list was 


I know...that's a crazy stupid list, but it is what I wanted to do.  I only got two things done.

berries....One year my Shug said, "you have two choices.  Since it's your birthday you decide.  Go to a movie, or pick berries?  I chose to pick berries.  So we went to some woodsy area and picked.  And it's been a birthday memory every since, and I've been picking berries every since, only now I do it on our own property.
Which would you have chosen, movie or berries?
 Coral Belle....
Isn't she sweet?
I got her ready for summer fun.  She never gets to go anywhere and she doesn't get enough company, so I'm going to remedy that.....
To begin with...I've given her stickers of places I've been.  She likes people to think she's still traveling.  I'm sure at one time in her life, she went to a lot of places.  And if a sticker makes her feel better...what's the harm?
And I cleaned her out today.  And hung a few decorative touches.
My friend Patti Beck made this for me.  It's so perfect!  I LOVE IT!  And so does Coral Belle!
I washed the sheets and got out some blankets and pillows. Ready for a sleep over. 
You see, Vickie (my cousin) and Theresa (my sister) and I have decided rather than buying gifts, we are doing something fun for our birthdays.  Unless I can think of something else,
 I'm going to choose a sleepover!
And I can dig out that nice bottle of wine I bought on Vickie's birthday fun day.
We could sit around the campfire and make memories, and drink wine with friends. 
Then the three of us can sleep over in Coral Belle!
What do you think? 
What would you do?
 I think if I have the sleep over, we'll have to dance with the fairies and talk to the moon. Why not?

 Who's gonna see us?!?!!?

Cindy Bee

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Saturday...Celebrating Vickie's Birthday

On Saturday, Vickie (cousin), Theresa (sister) and I went out to celebrate Vickie's birthday.  Remember I told you a few posts back we celebrated a few birthdays?  Well, Vickie's birthday was May 4, but we haven't been able to get together until Saturday.  And we were going to Indianapolis to the Vintage Wine and Food festival, but storms were predicted.  We decided to opt out and let Theresa plan our day.  She did a great job, as always.

First stop, Peace Water winery in Carmel.  This place was a little pricey, but I loved the decor, it was very groovy.  And, when you buy a bottle of wine, a portion of the proceeds go to an organization that you pick from eight choices, that were previously picked from their eight children.  Got that?  Ok...just know it goes to a good cause.
One warning though, they do not have sweet wines.  Suited me just fine!  Their decor...

After that, we went to a place in Indy, near Broadripple (I think) called Goose the Market.  I know, weird name, but very cool place.  They have meats and cheese for sale.  But don't stay upstairs....
Go down to the basement.  Vickie, does not like dry wines, which is all they had for sale.  So she chose water.
This place was too cool.
$12.00 for this cheese, bread, nut tray.  It was delish.

After this we went to Easley winery and took a tour.

more storage.....
bottling area.....
tasting area.....only $5.00 which included a tour and a pen....however...they only had sweet wines here...which are not really my cup of tea...or wine...but Vickie loved them!
Fun play area!

After Easley we went to PF Changs for dinner....then we went to Mass Ave area in downtown Indy
More fun....get it.....we are the "I" in Indy!  Theresa....
THEN!!!!!  I know...more food.....we went to Sub Zero ice cream place for some home made style ice cream!

Twas a fun day and we made a good choice because....
there were some torrential downpours that day.  The Food and Wine festival was outside.  Great planning and a fun day!  This cloud was waiting for us on the way home!!!!


Cindy Bee

Friday, June 3, 2016

Five Fun Inspiring things for Friday

 Five things from this past week or two that were fun or inspiring.
1)  I asked my Shug if he would make a little herb garden for me somewhere....
 He did.  I didn't expect anything this fancy, but I love it.
 I'm just starting it.  But I will tell you I used to be totally into herbs.  I taught classes on herbs, I went to herb farms, I went to herbal slumber parties with my sister!  Or I should say she went with me.  Anyway, it was something I was passionate about before this "house life", among other things, took over my life.  I want to see if I still love it like I used to.
 2)  The Indianapolis 500 race.  I do not think a crowd of this many people watching cars race would be fun.  I have never been to the race and I only live about an hour or so away.  However, it was fun watching the start of the race, the "pomp and circumstance," on TV.   You see, it usually isn't aired on TV live here in Indiana, because it usually isn't sold out.  But this year it was!
 Look at all of those people. I know some people in that crowd!  I know I do!
 But what I love.  The fly over....the National Anthem....
 The patriotism.....the tradition....I'm a sucker for anything old fashioned and traditional.
 And I couldn't show you race pictures without showing this one.  My favorite picture taken at the Indianapolis speedway of all time.  My Sister with James Garner.  Even though I don't think it was taken ON race day, it was taken during the month of May, at the speedway, years ago of course.  They have events and time trials and such going on the entire month of May, gearing up for the race.  I mean seriously, every kid in Indiana has a Senior Skip Day and goes to the time trials, right?  We did.
 3)  It's berry season.  Strawberry to be exact.  And My Shug and I picked these....
 then I made shortcakes and we had a Memorial day lunch with my Parents and Vickie and Robert.  It was a throw together kind of thing.  Vickie brought leftover pork, I made some beans, we threw in some chips, Mom brought some veggies and dip and we had this yummy dessert!
 4)  I went to crochet this week, which is always fun.
 And here are the blankets I was telling you about.  Debbie's is finished now but I did not get a picture of the finished border.  Here it is though before the border was done and doesn't it look great!
 And here is "K's."  I love them both.  K is doing a lot of neutrals in her house and I can just picture it being so peaceful feeling.  And Debbie's is a gift...but it's a secret to whom...or is it who?
 And 5)  I thought I'd give you a dandelion to blow on and make a wish!
 My wish came true!  I wished I could be done with painting trim.  I feel like all I have done in the last few months is lay hardwood floor and paint trim.  Well last night was the last of my trim!!!  WOOHOO!!!!!
 Still laying hardwood floor though.....sigh....I'm gonna go find another dandelion!

I'm joining the "five on Friday" blog hop with Amy over at Love Made my Home.  If you click on five on Friday you check out other people's blogs and see what they're up to.

Cindy Bee