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Friday, June 3, 2016

Five Fun Inspiring things for Friday

 Five things from this past week or two that were fun or inspiring.
1)  I asked my Shug if he would make a little herb garden for me somewhere....
 He did.  I didn't expect anything this fancy, but I love it.
 I'm just starting it.  But I will tell you I used to be totally into herbs.  I taught classes on herbs, I went to herb farms, I went to herbal slumber parties with my sister!  Or I should say she went with me.  Anyway, it was something I was passionate about before this "house life", among other things, took over my life.  I want to see if I still love it like I used to.
 2)  The Indianapolis 500 race.  I do not think a crowd of this many people watching cars race would be fun.  I have never been to the race and I only live about an hour or so away.  However, it was fun watching the start of the race, the "pomp and circumstance," on TV.   You see, it usually isn't aired on TV live here in Indiana, because it usually isn't sold out.  But this year it was!
 Look at all of those people. I know some people in that crowd!  I know I do!
 But what I love.  The fly over....the National Anthem....
 The patriotism.....the tradition....I'm a sucker for anything old fashioned and traditional.
 And I couldn't show you race pictures without showing this one.  My favorite picture taken at the Indianapolis speedway of all time.  My Sister with James Garner.  Even though I don't think it was taken ON race day, it was taken during the month of May, at the speedway, years ago of course.  They have events and time trials and such going on the entire month of May, gearing up for the race.  I mean seriously, every kid in Indiana has a Senior Skip Day and goes to the time trials, right?  We did.
 3)  It's berry season.  Strawberry to be exact.  And My Shug and I picked these....
 then I made shortcakes and we had a Memorial day lunch with my Parents and Vickie and Robert.  It was a throw together kind of thing.  Vickie brought leftover pork, I made some beans, we threw in some chips, Mom brought some veggies and dip and we had this yummy dessert!
 4)  I went to crochet this week, which is always fun.
 And here are the blankets I was telling you about.  Debbie's is finished now but I did not get a picture of the finished border.  Here it is though before the border was done and doesn't it look great!
 And here is "K's."  I love them both.  K is doing a lot of neutrals in her house and I can just picture it being so peaceful feeling.  And Debbie's is a gift...but it's a secret to whom...or is it who?
 And 5)  I thought I'd give you a dandelion to blow on and make a wish!
 My wish came true!  I wished I could be done with painting trim.  I feel like all I have done in the last few months is lay hardwood floor and paint trim.  Well last night was the last of my trim!!!  WOOHOO!!!!!
 Still laying hardwood floor though.....sigh....I'm gonna go find another dandelion!

I'm joining the "five on Friday" blog hop with Amy over at Love Made my Home.  If you click on five on Friday you check out other people's blogs and see what they're up to.

Cindy Bee


  1. Your herb garden is wonderful. What have you put in it? You say before housewife you were into herbs, did you also use them for medicinal purposes like lavender for headaches and such? A post in your herb knowledge would be fabulous

  2. Your herb garden will be wonderful! The strawberries look very delicious, a great reward for all of that painting and gardening work. Love the blankets, great work! Thank you for your support of Five On Friday, I so appreciate it!!! Have a great weekend! xx

  3. Cindy, what a busy life you lead . . . I'm surprised you find time to blog. Maybe you are like me and blogging is your whined down time. Your herb bed is beautiful and I love all those windows above it. Your home must be filled with light and lovely country views. Fun post!
    Have a great weekend.
    Connie :)

  4. Cindy, I couldn't live without my herb garden so I completely understand your "need"! Maybe I'll feature it next time in my 5 post?
    Have a great week and enjoy the break from painting trim.

  5. My herb garden is what I miss most about apartment living ... I'm green with envy! And those blankets are lovely - I know a lot of work went into them.

  6. Those strawberries look awesome...and I love those blankets :)

  7. Cindy, I am so thrilled for you to be done painting trim. You and Shug did a swell job on those strawberries. I love the blankets. The picture of your sis with James Gardner...I love that guy. I remember the Editor of the Tipton Tribune taking me to gasline ally ...I met Janet Guthery and Rick Myers. Do you remember Eldon Cage ? He was well known in Tipton...My husband and I had gone to practice and he asked me if I would like to see some racers. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  8. Sister, that picture was taken on race day! James, I feel as if I can call him by his first name, was a big race fan. He was standing by the fence watching which is what I was doing. I asked him for a picture. Pretty much my only race moment.

  9. Sorry! I thought you were at pre-race activities. But I got the part right about you getting your picture taken with James Garner!!! Lucky you.


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