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Friday, June 28, 2013

More Summertime Fun!

Something else I did for summertime fun.  I bought some tropicals.  I don't usually buy tropicals, but since we've moved, I have East facing windows, and my one tropical plant seems to love it.  Plus, I got them for a good price, one was marked half could I resist?  I told my Shug I was bringing them inside for the winter...he told me I wasn' thinks me am!

It all started because I wanted a jasmine plant.  They have them in the South like we have honeysuckle here.  And I knew one year I found a jasmine at the Wal-Mart.  I don't usually shop there, I simply prefer smaller stores.  I'm a run in and run out kind of gal.
 But shop there I did!

 Our tropical patio now!

 Debating on getting her a fern to hold instead of this little pot of leftovers!
 I bought a pedestal sink at a garage sale from The Vintage Farmhouse and we never used it.  Apparently pedestal sinks are very hard to plumb behind.  Who knew?  My Shug, that's who!  However, it came in handy for our air conditioner we had to install!  It's getting hot, even in this basement. And there is tons of humidity down here.
 My jasmine plant.  I hope I don't run into this plant, but even if I won't break this time!
Remember this?  yup, it hit my car (durango actually)

 You can see how easy it is to run into things.....the 'plan' was to put some sort of a hedge between the patio and driveway, but the gravel delivery man put the gravel all the way up to the patio and well, it just created more work.
 Looks like a bad hair day!
I never did name her.  But I've decided between Louise's comment of Thalia, the prettiest daffodil and one of the 9 muses, or
Vickie's comment, Jasmine.  I've decided all names shall be flower names.  And when/if we ever get Coral Belle finished (haven't even started on her) then Thalia/Jasmine will probably live with Coral Belle....

since my Shug doesn't much like her!  So what do you think....Jasmine or Thalia! 

Cindy Bee

Monday, June 24, 2013

Summertime Fun!

To celebrate the first day of summer, which was this past weekend, yesterday I played like I was in Charleston, South Carolina all over again!
I fixed bacon, grits, and fruit, just like they do every morning for breakfast at the Palmer Home.  I sat on the piazza patio and ate my breakfast and drank my coffee.

I went to Folly Beach across the road, and floated on a raft in the ocean pond.

 I had some wine an iced drink in the afternoon.
 I watched dolphins jump in the harbor carp jump in the pond from our piazza unfinished porch.
 I watched a storm come in off the ocean pond!

 Just like Charleston!

 We did this last year, let's do it again....let's get some SUMMERTIME FUN going around the Blog world.  What do you do for summertime fun?!?!!  Leave a comment and post about it on your blog so we'll know where to go for some summer fun ideas!

Cindy Bee

Friday, June 21, 2013

The week after vacation

You know how it is...the best laid plans and all...
well...the plan was
Mom was getting the girls Sunday evening and taking them to soccer Monday...
I was picking them up...keeping them until Wednesday...
at which time Mom would get them and keep them until Thursday...
then Theresa was coming up Thursday...blah blah blah...
But because of my Aunt's passing, those plans went out the window and the girls were at our house (room) with a few hours after we returned home from vacation.  And they stayed with us all week...and my Shug said he was moving in with my parents.  But he did not move!  And I was trying to figure out what we were going to eat until I could get to the grocery after having been gone 9 days, but my Sister saved me by bringing lots of food with the kids!
So immediately after getting home we starting hunting down something to use for a bed that wouldn't be in the way all week.
Sleeping bags and mats and blankets in the corner worked out just fine.
One morning, when they were not getting up after I told them too, I sent them both a text!
And I was in the kitchen!
Taylor's (my niece) friend Lexi wasn't sure she wanted to stay at first, but I was going for
(crazy sock day at soccer camp)
Best Faux' Mom of the Year Award

and by the end of the week, 
they were planning  a return trip!
  Painting birdhouse gourds
They both love crafting and had one planned for every night of the week.
Polymer clay evening
But Thursday evening...we lost power
and their hair looked like THIS
because it was wacky hair day!

We crocheted (the craft for the evening) for as long as we could see, with Our Lady of Guadalupe candle
then outside they went.
Our well pump out here is electric...
they needed a shower in the worst way...and we still had no power.
Electric well water.
 I just want to know where they get the energy?!?!!  This is after playing soccer all day!
My cousin suggested I throw them in the pond for a shower, but it was flooded from all the rain the night before.  We finally had power restored around 9:30 and I made them both go get in the shower.

These water balloons were for the last day at soccer camp.  Water fun day.  I also got them a couple of squirt guns.  Best Faux' Mom I tell ya!
 During that week my Shug came home one evening with some strawberries from the neighbor.  I made one batch of freezer jam and froze the rest.

Later that week he asked me if I wanted anymore strawberries.  He said our neighbor was out there with some strawberries for sale.  I said sure, that Dad wanted a strawbarb pie for Father's day.  He brought all of these in and said Kenny needed his little cartons back right now.

 I looked at him and said, "seriously?"  I just need some for a pie.

 I should get best wife of the year too!  I was actually still relaxed and in a good mood from vacation.  (except for the day that I erased my entire phone and vacay pictures and went to At&t three times-that day...I just wanted to cry)

Also, on Wednesday of that week, my Sister, Brother and I went to my Aunt's funeral.  It was in Logansport, IN.  When we were kids, we would go to Logansport every weekend. Our parents would play cards with all of our Aunts and Uncles and my Grandpa and us kids would all play.  We spent a lot of time in that town visiting family.  My cousins were my friends growing up.  I miss those days a lot.
 So after the funeral, and lunch, we stopped at the custard stand for dessert.  A long time tradition.

The week after vacation was a very busy, tiring week.  Even the Dixie Doodle was tired!

But the good thing was...this 54 year old, menopausal woman slept through the night all week!

Cindy Bee

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The end of our trip...

One thing that's good to do on a rainy day in Charleston, is to go to the market.
It's several long buildings (some even have air conditioning now!) that was used for food and meat sales way back in the day.  Now it's used to sell stuff....and as you know, I do not need stuff.

 I did, however, buy a new latte' mug!  I really love it.  It's a blue on one side and a teal on the other with a palmetto tree on both sides!  And I bought it from this young lady. And maybe you can help me out here.  She said to "like" her on facebook under Kate's Kiln Creations.  I've looked and looked for her and I can't find her.  She did not give me a business card so I'm not sure if she is spelling it Kate's Kiln Kreations, Cate's Kiln know what I mean.  If you find Charleston, get me the correct spelling will ya?  Business cards are important...even if you do advertise on facebook.

 Also, when we were shopping, I found a store totally devoted to honey!  I couldn't believe it.  I also couldn't believe their prices!  They even had a tasting bar.  I did not taste because we just finished eating.  Maybe next time. 
 I did buy a cookbook full of Old Favorite Honey Recipes.
 And I had many more, and better, pictures, but I lost them when I lost the pictures on my phone.  At least I got these few back. 
Of course, my phone saved the blurry pic!  I was showing how pretty honey is when it's back-lit!
So, I'm going to end the trip today, but I might post random pics now and then...because...well...I can!
I think I mentioned we had to leave a day early because of Tropical Storm Andrea.  Well, we thought we'd stop in Gatlinburg, TN.  We just drove through it.  Only stopped at one place.  We decided it might be a good idea for another trip...but it was just full of people and stores and I guess we were more for relaxing.
 So we drove through the mountains and enjoyed the views.  Then we went on to visit our friends in Kentucky.  Now this is relaxing!  Mimosas in the morning...
Pool during the day...
And we hang out in 'the building' in the evening!
And have fun!   
And I can't believe I just posted a picture of me with no make-up on...but peeps, that's what we do.  When we are there, we are relaxed!  Can you tell?!?!!

Cindy Bee