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Friday, June 21, 2013

The week after vacation

You know how it is...the best laid plans and all...
well...the plan was
Mom was getting the girls Sunday evening and taking them to soccer Monday...
I was picking them up...keeping them until Wednesday...
at which time Mom would get them and keep them until Thursday...
then Theresa was coming up Thursday...blah blah blah...
But because of my Aunt's passing, those plans went out the window and the girls were at our house (room) with a few hours after we returned home from vacation.  And they stayed with us all week...and my Shug said he was moving in with my parents.  But he did not move!  And I was trying to figure out what we were going to eat until I could get to the grocery after having been gone 9 days, but my Sister saved me by bringing lots of food with the kids!
So immediately after getting home we starting hunting down something to use for a bed that wouldn't be in the way all week.
Sleeping bags and mats and blankets in the corner worked out just fine.
One morning, when they were not getting up after I told them too, I sent them both a text!
And I was in the kitchen!
Taylor's (my niece) friend Lexi wasn't sure she wanted to stay at first, but I was going for
(crazy sock day at soccer camp)
Best Faux' Mom of the Year Award

and by the end of the week, 
they were planning  a return trip!
  Painting birdhouse gourds
They both love crafting and had one planned for every night of the week.
Polymer clay evening
But Thursday evening...we lost power
and their hair looked like THIS
because it was wacky hair day!

We crocheted (the craft for the evening) for as long as we could see, with Our Lady of Guadalupe candle
then outside they went.
Our well pump out here is electric...
they needed a shower in the worst way...and we still had no power.
Electric well water.
 I just want to know where they get the energy?!?!!  This is after playing soccer all day!
My cousin suggested I throw them in the pond for a shower, but it was flooded from all the rain the night before.  We finally had power restored around 9:30 and I made them both go get in the shower.

These water balloons were for the last day at soccer camp.  Water fun day.  I also got them a couple of squirt guns.  Best Faux' Mom I tell ya!
 During that week my Shug came home one evening with some strawberries from the neighbor.  I made one batch of freezer jam and froze the rest.

Later that week he asked me if I wanted anymore strawberries.  He said our neighbor was out there with some strawberries for sale.  I said sure, that Dad wanted a strawbarb pie for Father's day.  He brought all of these in and said Kenny needed his little cartons back right now.

 I looked at him and said, "seriously?"  I just need some for a pie.

 I should get best wife of the year too!  I was actually still relaxed and in a good mood from vacation.  (except for the day that I erased my entire phone and vacay pictures and went to At&t three times-that day...I just wanted to cry)

Also, on Wednesday of that week, my Sister, Brother and I went to my Aunt's funeral.  It was in Logansport, IN.  When we were kids, we would go to Logansport every weekend. Our parents would play cards with all of our Aunts and Uncles and my Grandpa and us kids would all play.  We spent a lot of time in that town visiting family.  My cousins were my friends growing up.  I miss those days a lot.
 So after the funeral, and lunch, we stopped at the custard stand for dessert.  A long time tradition.

The week after vacation was a very busy, tiring week.  Even the Dixie Doodle was tired!

But the good thing was...this 54 year old, menopausal woman slept through the night all week!

Cindy Bee

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  1. Wow you slept I wonder how that happened, never mind that is great.
    I want to come sleep at your house it is way more fun then I have had in a long time. Can I come Can I come:)
    I am sorry about your Aunt but I am glad you had ice cream she would like that you are keeping the tradition. Take care Hug B


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