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Friday, June 28, 2013

More Summertime Fun!

Something else I did for summertime fun.  I bought some tropicals.  I don't usually buy tropicals, but since we've moved, I have East facing windows, and my one tropical plant seems to love it.  Plus, I got them for a good price, one was marked half could I resist?  I told my Shug I was bringing them inside for the winter...he told me I wasn' thinks me am!

It all started because I wanted a jasmine plant.  They have them in the South like we have honeysuckle here.  And I knew one year I found a jasmine at the Wal-Mart.  I don't usually shop there, I simply prefer smaller stores.  I'm a run in and run out kind of gal.
 But shop there I did!

 Our tropical patio now!

 Debating on getting her a fern to hold instead of this little pot of leftovers!
 I bought a pedestal sink at a garage sale from The Vintage Farmhouse and we never used it.  Apparently pedestal sinks are very hard to plumb behind.  Who knew?  My Shug, that's who!  However, it came in handy for our air conditioner we had to install!  It's getting hot, even in this basement. And there is tons of humidity down here.
 My jasmine plant.  I hope I don't run into this plant, but even if I won't break this time!
Remember this?  yup, it hit my car (durango actually)

 You can see how easy it is to run into things.....the 'plan' was to put some sort of a hedge between the patio and driveway, but the gravel delivery man put the gravel all the way up to the patio and well, it just created more work.
 Looks like a bad hair day!
I never did name her.  But I've decided between Louise's comment of Thalia, the prettiest daffodil and one of the 9 muses, or
Vickie's comment, Jasmine.  I've decided all names shall be flower names.  And when/if we ever get Coral Belle finished (haven't even started on her) then Thalia/Jasmine will probably live with Coral Belle....

since my Shug doesn't much like her!  So what do you think....Jasmine or Thalia! 

Cindy Bee


  1. She looks like a Thalia to me! I bring my entire forest of house plants in and out each year.... (hence me trying to get him to finish the greenhouse) ~ in the winter it looks like a jungle in the bedroom! (the only room with a door to keep the cats from eating everything.) All the walking up and down the stairs carrying plants twice a year is good exercise I suppose.
    Love your patio's landscaping! (just try to stop parking on the plants!!) *giggle*

  2. The patio looks like a heat trap...just perfect for tropicals...and evenings with a glass of chilled wine!
    Jane x

  3. I like Jasmine. Wow I love what you done with the place. The pedestal sink thing is genius, love it.
    Keep cool and enjoy your plats and flowers. It is raining her it is always raining:) hug B

  4. Wow ----, very nice green !!! Your house is getting ready more and more ...and LOOKS VERY COZY and WONDERFUL !!! p(^.^)q"""
    Hope to see you again while we are here in TN, and looking forward to see YOU ALL !!! (^.^)v"""
    Good luck for your many projects !!!

  5. Vickie says - JaZmin

  6. Looks like Jasmine winds, but I am not spelling it with a Z!

    Cindy Bee


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