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Monday, April 23, 2018

Easter Cakes

This post is not necessarily about Easter cakes, as in traditional Easter cakes, but cakes we made for Easter.
I decided to make a carrot cake this year for Easter.
I almost always use Martha Stewarts Cake Book.  
This recipe calls for three cups of shredded carrots.
Which takes awhile, so you might as well sit down, turn on the tv and start shredding.

Recipes from scratch always take a lot longer, but I think they taste a whole lot better.  So I just planned on making a cake that evening, and that was it.
I decided to use walnuts instead of pecans.

And while the cakes baked, I had a glass of wine and enjoyed looking at a magazine that I love.

And then I enjoyed another glass of wine, and got all inspired and side-tracked looking at the magazine, and decided to try to draw some patterns for cute animals.
I've made 100's (literally-I used to sell them at craft shows) of bunnies and this is very similar to the pattern I used to use.

I don't know if the hedge hog (my Shug says it looks like a guinea pig) pattern will work, but I might give it a try.  I was thinking of having yarn (maybe stiffened) come through the top of it.
Anyway, she's a happy little hedge-guinea with a pigs ear.  That's what wine will do to you!

I was feeling the wine-crafty-ness flow,
but the cakes were cool and it was time to put this stuff away.  I bagged the cakes and popped them into the fridge until Saturday (it was Thursday)
(I liked it)

I had some candy carrot decorations that I had bought for the top of the cake and I could not find them ANYWHERE!  I tried making carrot curls at the last minute, but that didn't work out, so this was it.  It didn't look real pretty, but it tasted delicious.

No bakes that look like Easter nests

 Decadant chocolate-peanut butter cake that Tina baked.
 Carrot cake with no decorations
 Yummy cheese cake type stuffing in strawberries dipped in chocolate my sister made.
 Banana trifle that Gloria made
 And some blue cookie monster drink that Tina made for the kids.
 From Martha Stewarts cake book
 I would cut the frosting in half.  I only used half of it.

 And that's the cakes and dessert we had for Easter Sunday celebration.


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bucket List

I'll get to the post on Easter cakes, but I'm just wondering....

      What's on your bucket list?


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Back home and Easter Celebration

When I got home from our trip, later that evening I opened the bag of trail mix to have a snack, and this is what was in the bag! I guess I'll know better than to bring "healthy" trail mix when traveling with teens!  All the good stuff was gone.

And usually when we get home, it's later in the evening, as we are not early risers.  But we heard Indiana was in for a snow storm, ON EASTER SUNDAY, so we got up early and left by 7:00 a.m.  This time the weather people were not wrong.

Yes, this was ON Easter Sunday.

 Lucky for us, several family members were traveling on Spring Break this year so we decided to move our celebration to the Sunday after Easter.

 And it snowed again yesterday!  ENOUGH ALREADY!  I think I can speak for everyone in Indiana WE ARE TIRED OF THE SNOW!

After I was home for a couple of days, I got this in the mail.  I really do wish I was back in Florida!
 I always send MYSELF a post card when I go on vacation!  It's fun to get them in the mail when you get home.

After unpacking and putting everything away, I got busy preparing for Easter.

Mom and Dad had stuffed most of the eggs while we were on vacation, but I stuffed a few more with some extra fun stuff.

I have no idea how many eggs get stuffed.  Maybe 300-400?  We had 28 people and everyone probably got 15 eggs, give or take.  The adults hunt too in our family!

I put some of the decorations up before I went on vacation.  But there were tablecloths to put out,

and extra tables and chairs to set up.  I don't put big/tall arrangements on tables because 1) people can't see over them and I think it's weird to try to talk to someone through an arrangement and 2) the room is needed for plates.

I add something to the Easter tree every year.  We use forsythia branches or curly willow branches for the tree.

I bought the pansies at Horton's in Tipton.
I made this little bunny years ago.
Someone made this cross stitch for me back in 1988 from the place I worked.  I still get together with those people.  Love them.
Next up....cakes!