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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Glimpses of my week

This week has been one of those crazy roller-coaster type weeks.  First of all, I told you the other day my Uncle passed away.  
As it turned out, the viewing was Sunday late afternoon/evening.  
And on the way there...
 there were three slide-offs
 within five miles
 of leaving our house.  I told my Shug to turn around and go home!

He did not.  On the way home it was worse.  Not only was it dark, but there were drifts.  But we made it home safely, thank you God! 
I told everyone I might not be there Monday as I would be doing the driving.  As it turned out, the next day was fine and the roads were mostly cleared off!

I'm going to skip a couple of days as they need posts of their own!

So let's skip to Thursday crochet group!
This is another WIP I decided to pull out and work on.

 Progress on the endless granny square that Debbie is working on.  She isn't tired of it yet though!
 And "K" made a funky scarf out of this funky yarn.  I have some similar yarn that I might make a cowl out of....but must focus on WIP's....must focus on WIP's........
 Why is it so hard to focus on WIP's?  
Today is Saturday.
I have completed all the hexy's and poly's on this, and now I need to stitch it all together.
 I even made a few extra hexy's and poly's - dammittohell!  I don't need extra parts!  That's what happens when you put something away for too long.  You lose your place and start over, in the wrong place!
This morning, A beautiful Saturday morning, look what I see!
Do you see it?
Now do you see it?  
 Guess what?  It's the calm before the storm.  And these guys know it!

 We are expecting 6-10 inches of snow, starting tonight.

I must go.  I just heard my Shug pull up and I haven't showered yet.  We are insulating the upstairs bathroom today.  UGH....but it's one step closer to finishing the house.
Stay Warm,
Cindy Bee

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My mail surprise and a finished WIP!

Thank You Connie from Crafty Home Cottage
 for the very cute bunting. I know my shelf looks a bit cluttered-but it's because I have ALL of the dishes done, and everything put away.  Oh I suppose I could have stacked things a little better, but look at the cute heart bunting okay?  That's what I'm showing you!  I won it from Connie!
 And thank you for the adorbs cookie cutter, pot holder, and dish towel.  Love it all.  And check out the pic....told ya I have red in my kitchen!  Matches PERFECT! 

The other day I made a quick stop by our local fabric store and they had all crochet and knitting books 40% off.  I bought a couple. I came home straight away (I'm watching Cranford - that's how they talk) came home straight away and began to work on my handwarmers.  They are now complete!

 They match my Dottie Angel High Hopes Wrap.  If you go to her blog, look up High Hopes Wrap, you will find the pattern, which I believe she might refer to as a recipe.  Here is a reminder of what it looks like, since it's been awhile since I've shown it to you.  It's been so long ago that when I finished it, i was in flip flops, and now I'm in boots.

So, how does one take a picture of hand warmers on their hands?  I tried to set the timer on  my camer and I kept messing up.  This was the best I got.  My hair was wet, not greasy.  But just now when I downloaded this picture, I called my beautician to get my hairs cut! 
 This is my year of learning and trying new things.  I've even signed up for a couple of classes on how to do things with my I-phone.  So, I decided rather than crochet some flowers, even though I bought a Cute and Easy Crochet Flower book, I decided to try to embroider flowers on the hand warmers.

I tried to take the picture this way...still setting the timer, so you get an idea...but you can't see the smooshy arms.
My favorite crochet hand warmers so far!

 Onto the next WIP!

What are you working on?

Cindy Bee

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Crochet group

It's been ages since I've shown you what crochet group has done.  Mostly because we took some time off for personal issues, surgeries, and we've been hit and miss getting together, but we have been able to meet a couple of times recently so I thought I'd show you our projects.

This pink ribbon breast cancer scarf is in the works by "K".  It's a prayer shawl and it's going to be lovely when it's finished.
 More "K" crochet projects.  I can't remember if the pink heart is a washcloth, dishcloth, hotpad....sorry "K".....and the blanket she is just motoring along trying to finish.  She's about as tired of her granny square blanket as I am the one I started eons ago.  I will show you a picture of it next time.  It's my 'go-to' project when I don't want to think about what I'm doing.
 I'm still making myself finish WIPS, which include these hand warmers that I started a couple of months ago.  They match my Dottie Angel High Hopes Wrap.
 Now Debbie just had an epiphany of sorts a couple of weeks ago.  She sent me a text stating she can
suddenly look at yarn and see a project!  So, she bought this 'yarn' and tried making a scarf out of it, the normal crochet way.  Oh my, it's that crazy ruffly yarn!  I showed her how to use it and she finished the 'scarf' within an hour!  It's for her Grandaughter, who is going to love it.  "K" and I told her not to make one for us!  We don't need the added ruffles on our bods, if you know what I mean!!!!

This is another scarf Debbie is making for her faux' daughter-in-law.  It's more purples and grays, even though the color doesn't look that way on the computer.  Very thick, soft, and snuggly.

 Then Debbie decided she wanted to make a blanket like this one.  ....snore....I tell you whut, "K" and I tried to warn her off but she wouldn't listen.   So off she went, double crocheting, grannying along......I told her when she was done with it, she could finish mine!
Hey you all still have a couple of days to enter Connie's Crafty Home Cottage Give-a-way!  It's easy peasy to enter too.

 Until next time....

Cindy Bee

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter fun!

 I probably thought I've had a change of heart about my fourth favorite season, but not to worry, I haven't!  But there are some ritual type things I do in the winter months I thought I'd share.

When I can get out, I shop more.
We have a local, huge, place that sells used and antique treasures.  It used to be an old factory....and I told my friend the other day, when we were heading up to the third floor and I had to go did they get by with a factory this size, and only have one bathroom on the FIRSTfloor?  We're thinking they had more bathrooms back in the day.  

I saw this tea tin and my first thought was to plant herbs in it.  It was missing a lid.
 This time of year, I get a hankering for green.  So I planted some chamomile in the tea tin, then put it in a gallon sized baggie to create a greenhouse effect. Crossing my fingers it grows, as it is from seeds I saved years ago.  If I see some chamomile seeds while I'm out and about, I might pick up a pack.  Yes, I've been out and about!
 Then yesterday we met up at the Goodwill for a few minutes.  I found a coffee greenhouse!  Its one of those things you buy people when you don't know what else to buy them.  They perhaps love coffee.  It would have been the perfect gift for me, since I love coffee and gardening, so I bought it!  $1.99 plus 30% off for Senior Citizen Day!  Every Wednesday is SS Day!!! 
 So I got a text from someone who apparently knows me too well.  I seriously thought she was in the store.  I texted her back and said I wasn't home and would get back with her.....She said,
"I'll bet you are at tjmaxx"
"Get out of there......"
"Needs or wants?????"
"I'm trying to talk you down....Of all the stuff in your cart"
 I was not at tjmaxx...but she had everything else correct.  I was kind of down, and needed some fun!  I took the light out, but everything else was a nee...want!  I told her I was upsizing!
Another winter ritual....I visit Cranford.  I LOVE Cranford.  I have also decided to visit the little seaside village that Doc Martin lives in.  Love it too!  I really want to see Larkrise to Candleford, but I cannot find a copy of it.  Bummah!  That's English speak for Bummer!

Poor little Dixie Doodle spent the night Tuesday throwing up.  Seems like there is more sickness in the winter.
 He seems better now, but we've had extra snuggle time.  Another winter pleasure.  Snuggles and hot chocolate with marshmallows.  YUM!
What do you do for INDOOR Winter Fun?

Cindy Bee

PS.  On my behalf, I met with a couple of friends today for some crochet.  One of them had on a short sleeved shirt.  The other, a sweatshirt.  Me, a t-shirt, a sweater, and a cardi sweatshirt, and I was still cold.  We were in a coffee shop.  This could possibly be why I'm not a winter girl.  I'm ALWAYS cold.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Uncle Bob

This is a picture of my cousins, from one family.  I know!  NINE of them!   They are on my Mom's side of the family.  Their Mom and my Mom were sisters. You've met Gloria a few times on my blog. Their Mom passed away around 20 or so years ago. 
 Last night, their Dad, my Uncle, went to be with their Mom.
  Thoughts, prayers, and hugs appreciated.

Love them all.

Cindy Bee

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dad's Birthday

Hey guess what!  I don't mind winter days like today!!!  The SUN is shining, the birds are singing, and it's in the 40's! 

So, the other day the entire family, minus one, got together for dinner for Dad's birthday celebration, and then we went to Mom & Dads for some games.
Andrew got in trouble...
for making the baby cry!
and apparently Dad thought it was hilarious!  Something was funny!
I've been wanting an excuse to buy this Martha Stewart Cakes book for over a year.  So, I decided to make a cake for Dad's birthday. 
I asked him his favorite cake, and of course, it would be carrot cake.  I do not have a food processor.  (I do have some knuckles left after shaving all of these!)
And when I found out the entire family was coming, I decided I best make two cakes.  When is the last time you licked the beater?  This chocolate cake mixture was YUMMY!
There were a couple of family members disappointed because they wanted cake from a local business.  I gave my friend a piece of the carrot cake, and she said the only thing missing between my cake and the business cake was the price!  So phhbbbtttt on those family members!!!

I have decided this year I am going to bake cakes.  Not decorate cakes, but bake cakes from scratch, like these two.
  Cool candles huh?
There were three layers and I did not put as much icing in between the layers like the recipe said to do.

Look at everyone NOT listening to Mom!  God love her.  She is trying to explain how she wants us to play cards. You should have seen her hands!  If someone would have held them down she wouldn't have been able to talk!!!  So funny.

Really funny thing happened when we were eating out.  We were all seated and apparently from where Andrew sat, you could see the door.  He saw this couple walk in so he waved them on back.  They are my cousin Ashley, and her fiance' Eric!  And Andrew just figured they were sitting with us, when the truth is Mom didn't invite anyone except immediate family!  Of course, Ash gave us a hard time for not inviting her.  And we did offer to let them sit with us, but she said no way, that it was going to take us forever to get all of our food with all of these people.  She was right.  They were done eating before we got our meal!
 Hey blogettes, I have some family members going through rough times right now with health issues.  If you're praying peeps, say a little prayer for them please.

Cindy Bee-Cake Lady!