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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter fun!

 I probably thought I've had a change of heart about my fourth favorite season, but not to worry, I haven't!  But there are some ritual type things I do in the winter months I thought I'd share.

When I can get out, I shop more.
We have a local, huge, place that sells used and antique treasures.  It used to be an old factory....and I told my friend the other day, when we were heading up to the third floor and I had to go did they get by with a factory this size, and only have one bathroom on the FIRSTfloor?  We're thinking they had more bathrooms back in the day.  

I saw this tea tin and my first thought was to plant herbs in it.  It was missing a lid.
 This time of year, I get a hankering for green.  So I planted some chamomile in the tea tin, then put it in a gallon sized baggie to create a greenhouse effect. Crossing my fingers it grows, as it is from seeds I saved years ago.  If I see some chamomile seeds while I'm out and about, I might pick up a pack.  Yes, I've been out and about!
 Then yesterday we met up at the Goodwill for a few minutes.  I found a coffee greenhouse!  Its one of those things you buy people when you don't know what else to buy them.  They perhaps love coffee.  It would have been the perfect gift for me, since I love coffee and gardening, so I bought it!  $1.99 plus 30% off for Senior Citizen Day!  Every Wednesday is SS Day!!! 
 So I got a text from someone who apparently knows me too well.  I seriously thought she was in the store.  I texted her back and said I wasn't home and would get back with her.....She said,
"I'll bet you are at tjmaxx"
"Get out of there......"
"Needs or wants?????"
"I'm trying to talk you down....Of all the stuff in your cart"
 I was not at tjmaxx...but she had everything else correct.  I was kind of down, and needed some fun!  I took the light out, but everything else was a nee...want!  I told her I was upsizing!
Another winter ritual....I visit Cranford.  I LOVE Cranford.  I have also decided to visit the little seaside village that Doc Martin lives in.  Love it too!  I really want to see Larkrise to Candleford, but I cannot find a copy of it.  Bummah!  That's English speak for Bummer!

Poor little Dixie Doodle spent the night Tuesday throwing up.  Seems like there is more sickness in the winter.
 He seems better now, but we've had extra snuggle time.  Another winter pleasure.  Snuggles and hot chocolate with marshmallows.  YUM!
What do you do for INDOOR Winter Fun?

Cindy Bee

PS.  On my behalf, I met with a couple of friends today for some crochet.  One of them had on a short sleeved shirt.  The other, a sweatshirt.  Me, a t-shirt, a sweater, and a cardi sweatshirt, and I was still cold.  We were in a coffee shop.  This could possibly be why I'm not a winter girl.  I'm ALWAYS cold.


  1. Nice deals and bargains you found while getting fresh air and letting Dixie get some rest...:)JP

  2. Cindy, Shows us if you grow some coffee beans. I went to good will today. I did not even get to use my b-day discount as I did not buy enough. LOL. I love the treasure mart.. I always have to use that little bathroom. LOL. Hope your dog gets well. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. It looks like a fun day out! I'm thinking of looking for a tai chi class... and maybe volunteering at the humane society.

  4. I know where every tj maxx is between Montana and Wisconsin...also, Rue lala online. I MAKE FASHION COME TO ME...


    ps nice mug - hate thistles, love the bird!


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