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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Crochet group

It's been ages since I've shown you what crochet group has done.  Mostly because we took some time off for personal issues, surgeries, and we've been hit and miss getting together, but we have been able to meet a couple of times recently so I thought I'd show you our projects.

This pink ribbon breast cancer scarf is in the works by "K".  It's a prayer shawl and it's going to be lovely when it's finished.
 More "K" crochet projects.  I can't remember if the pink heart is a washcloth, dishcloth, hotpad....sorry "K".....and the blanket she is just motoring along trying to finish.  She's about as tired of her granny square blanket as I am the one I started eons ago.  I will show you a picture of it next time.  It's my 'go-to' project when I don't want to think about what I'm doing.
 I'm still making myself finish WIPS, which include these hand warmers that I started a couple of months ago.  They match my Dottie Angel High Hopes Wrap.
 Now Debbie just had an epiphany of sorts a couple of weeks ago.  She sent me a text stating she can
suddenly look at yarn and see a project!  So, she bought this 'yarn' and tried making a scarf out of it, the normal crochet way.  Oh my, it's that crazy ruffly yarn!  I showed her how to use it and she finished the 'scarf' within an hour!  It's for her Grandaughter, who is going to love it.  "K" and I told her not to make one for us!  We don't need the added ruffles on our bods, if you know what I mean!!!!

This is another scarf Debbie is making for her faux' daughter-in-law.  It's more purples and grays, even though the color doesn't look that way on the computer.  Very thick, soft, and snuggly.

 Then Debbie decided she wanted to make a blanket like this one.  ....snore....I tell you whut, "K" and I tried to warn her off but she wouldn't listen.   So off she went, double crocheting, grannying along......I told her when she was done with it, she could finish mine!
Hey you all still have a couple of days to enter Connie's Crafty Home Cottage Give-a-way!  It's easy peasy to enter too.

 Until next time....

Cindy Bee


  1. This has been a horrible winter for sickness, no wonder your group has been disrupted!

  2. What a wonderful group of projects. Love the pink prayer shawl that is an interesting stitch. I have not made any hand warmers yet. I like the colors. I have made a large granny afghan before, they do get tiring. Hope you finish yours one day with all the WIPS your working on.

  3. Cindy, I bet you girls have smoke rolling off those needles. A scarf in an Love all the colors. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. I love all the patterns here. Y'all are sure some talented ladies!!

  5. Such talented ladies, it must be so much fun to meet and do your work together. I wish you lived closer, because I would love to have someone teach me the granny square stitch. My Momma taught me forty years ago, but I didn't keep it up and forgot :(
    Has your package arrived? I had Steve mail two packages for me that day and I haven't heard from you or my cousin, so I'm worried that they could have gotten lost in the mail and will need tracking down.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Connie :)


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