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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!
Our evening started at home.  My Cousin Vickie, and her husband Robert came over with cake for our 20th anniversary!  Yes, it's been 20 years with this fun and loving man.
They gave us a map of China, because china is the 20th anniversary gift! And 20 ones, for 20 years!  Why ones?  You'll see....
We were heading out of town to celebrate our anniversary and New Years Eve.  First stop, the Goodwill store in an upscale area!!!  I got three sweaters for $3.00 each (one is Land's End!) and a couple of pillow cases and a bedtime shirt.  My Shug is even getting into the Goodwill spirit.  He bought a shirt for himself with no prodding from me!  Then we went to The Wild Bird Emporium and they were having a "moving sale."  
 We bought both of these birds, made from steel.  And I bought some nature style earrings.  Of course, we had to go to Lowe's and Menard's, looking for bathroom 'stuff' for the house.  One of our goals is to be moved upstairs this year!!!!

 Then we went out to eat.  We stopped at a restaurant called O'Charley's.  Good food and not too long of a wait.  (I think they had a couple of busboys call in sick though...)
 Then, off we go to a casino!
 My Shug and I had better luck shopping than gambling, but we had a lot of fun. 
 This was in one of the towns on the way home.  Very beautiful.  The entire town was lit up like this.

 It was a fun evening, and I hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy 2015!

How do you spend New Years Eve?
Cindy Bee


  1. Hi Cindy, Congratulations . . . the two of you make a very cute couple. Well, we spent New Year's Eve at my sister-in-laws. We cooked together and tried out new recipes for a Chinese dinner. The orange chicken was amazing :) She has a very small kitchen and with three cooks moving around in it . . . we did our share of laughing and bumping into each other. While, of course the guys sat on the couch and commented on how hungry they were getting, LOL
    I am celebrating my three years of blogging with three Give-A-Ways come over and put your name in the hat. Feel free to invite your friends to visit, too. The more the merrier. Happy New Year and may your next twenty years together be even happier that the first twenty.
    God Bless you,
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  2. We have a very quiet, peaceful New Year's Eve here as we head out for an early dinner ahead of the crowds and long waits. Belated happy anniversary wishes! Cute about the map of china! xo Nellie


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