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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dad's Birthday

Hey guess what!  I don't mind winter days like today!!!  The SUN is shining, the birds are singing, and it's in the 40's! 

So, the other day the entire family, minus one, got together for dinner for Dad's birthday celebration, and then we went to Mom & Dads for some games.
Andrew got in trouble...
for making the baby cry!
and apparently Dad thought it was hilarious!  Something was funny!
I've been wanting an excuse to buy this Martha Stewart Cakes book for over a year.  So, I decided to make a cake for Dad's birthday. 
I asked him his favorite cake, and of course, it would be carrot cake.  I do not have a food processor.  (I do have some knuckles left after shaving all of these!)
And when I found out the entire family was coming, I decided I best make two cakes.  When is the last time you licked the beater?  This chocolate cake mixture was YUMMY!
There were a couple of family members disappointed because they wanted cake from a local business.  I gave my friend a piece of the carrot cake, and she said the only thing missing between my cake and the business cake was the price!  So phhbbbtttt on those family members!!!

I have decided this year I am going to bake cakes.  Not decorate cakes, but bake cakes from scratch, like these two.
  Cool candles huh?
There were three layers and I did not put as much icing in between the layers like the recipe said to do.

Look at everyone NOT listening to Mom!  God love her.  She is trying to explain how she wants us to play cards. You should have seen her hands!  If someone would have held them down she wouldn't have been able to talk!!!  So funny.

Really funny thing happened when we were eating out.  We were all seated and apparently from where Andrew sat, you could see the door.  He saw this couple walk in so he waved them on back.  They are my cousin Ashley, and her fiance' Eric!  And Andrew just figured they were sitting with us, when the truth is Mom didn't invite anyone except immediate family!  Of course, Ash gave us a hard time for not inviting her.  And we did offer to let them sit with us, but she said no way, that it was going to take us forever to get all of our food with all of these people.  She was right.  They were done eating before we got our meal!
 Hey blogettes, I have some family members going through rough times right now with health issues.  If you're praying peeps, say a little prayer for them please.

Cindy Bee-Cake Lady!


  1. Those cakes look delish! Homemade always beats shop-bought any day. Sounds like you had a wonderful family day :)

  2. THANK YOU Knitbakecultivate! I appreciate that and feel the same way!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Gimme one of your homemade cakes any day! Have to admit, I'm just the teeniest bit envious of all your wonderful family get-togethers, they always look like so much fun. =)

    Sending warm thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  4. Happy birthday to your dad!! He looks so happy. And that chocolate cake looks AMAZING!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad. We had a lot of Jan. birthdays in our family. Love that cake. Blessings to all. I will have you in my prayers. We are need them, especially this time of year with all the flus and colds. xoxo,Susie


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