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Sunday, January 11, 2015

My week in review

OK, I did say that I was going to do everything I can to enjoy my fourth favorite season.  I'm trying.  So the other day, I donned my scarf, and hat(s), and coat, and gloves, and boots and went for a walk.
I prefer flip-flops!
It was 1 degree later in the day.  It came up from -1
That would be -17.2222222 Celsius (for you Celsius peeps!)
First I walked down by our flowing well.  It is in the process of making an ice sculpture!
Then I decided to see how Coral Belle was fairing this winter on her new homestead.
It was too tempting...I had to go inside.

Besides my hands were freezing.  Notice I put my hat on my coat, over my other hat.  Peeps, it was coooooold dammittohell!
Inside looking out.

Then I got a bright idea to walk through the woods...but after walking a few feet, thought better of it.  The reason is this....there are deer in our woods.  I didn't want to disturb them.  They are all snuggled in and cozy and if they see me they'd take off running.  So I took a picture of this HUGE tree in our woods and headed back to the house.  (notice the big branch growing out of the side of it, on the ground)
Walking back I decided to stop by some evergreens and snap a few pics.

We dug this wagon wheel rim up this past summer, when we had some dead trees removed from the land.  This was under one of them.  The gate came from a funeral owners house years ago, by way of my cousin, Gloria.
We always leave plants and bushes up through the winter months to provide cover for the birds.

Clouds were coming out and it was really getting cold.
so I walked back to the house.
 I decided I agree with bird girl.  The snow is pretty, but I just wish it was warm!

We live in the room down here where the door is.

I came inside and planted a Hyacinth bulb....gonna do that every time it snows. When I'm out of bulbs, the snow will be gone!  I declare it here!

I've still been working on my blanket WIP.  I decided it needed some flowers. 

I think I'll go work on it now.  Have a nice evening (day) depending on where you are in the world!  Stay warm!

Cindy Bee


  1. It is nowhere near as cold here as it is where you are, but after feeding the sheep & chickens I decided to stay indoors and weave. Gotta remember this weather is wonderful justification for staying indoors ! ( otherwise I'd have to be weeding the gardens )

    Your trailer looks very cozy. Yu should get a tiny propane heater to use in it when you want to watch the deer and enjoy tie away from the house during the cold months.

  2. My goodness Cindy, I thought it was cold here in Cumbria but I see it is nothing in comparison to you. Your pictures make me shiver. Do stay warm. xx

  3. Awesome!!! I love winter walks :) they are so invigorating! :) love all of these pictures.

  4. Good Morning Cindy, I think that it is cool (or should I say cold) that you are learning to appreciate winter, but when the temperature is 1 degree maybe you should appreciate it from inside, LOL. You must have gotten so very cold.
    I left you an email yesterday. I need your mailing address, because you won my Give-A-Way :) Looking forward to hearing from you. Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. It has been chilly but at least you have snow! We only got a teaser last week...:)JP


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