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Monday, March 31, 2014

Florida Trip-Day 4

 On Day 4, Vickie and I decided to do a little shopping.  This is inside Ron Jon's Surf Shop.

The reason we decided to do some shopping, is because the weather forecast wasn't favorable for the beach.  However, it ended up being a perfect day. 
 Tim, her brother, took off of work early that day and we met at Coconuts.  Another restaurant on the ocean.
 Then we headed to The famous Cocoa Beach pier for Happy Hour and more shopping.
 Tim tried to explain to me all of the reasons I did NOT need to buy a coconut monkey head drink holder right now.  Mainly because I would have to carry it around with me the next two hours.  I explained to him why I MUST go ahead and buy it. 

I'm glad I did as we never made it back to the Pier.
Sorry, couldn't decide which pic I liked best so I decided to post both!
 Now this pretty boy was posing for pictures for a lot of people. 
But when it came to my turn, he pitched a fit.  I think he wanted my coconut monkey head drink holder, that turns into a bank by the way.  I'm going to save money for my  next trip!

 Not to worry Tim.  We'll be back.  Thanks for taking care of my coconut monkey head drink holder while I'm gone!
When we returned to our room we were enjoying our view when we saw something out of the corner of our eye....
 Oh noooo.....
 It was Honey Bea trying to sneak back into the room while the door was open.

 As she was taking a nap....
 I noticed something showing through her hair....
Are you kidding me?

Cindy Bee

Friday, March 28, 2014

Florida Trip Day 3

On day three of our trip,  my cousin Tim (Vickie's brother) got us a room at Ron Jon's on the ocean in Cape Canaveral.  But first, he had to work. So we met up with him and his lady friend, Cheryl, at a winery.  He left to go to his job (about an hour job) and we tasted wine.
  It looks like there is a lot of white wine in that glass, but there isn't.  It was the red...see at the bottom of the glass.  A little bitty taste.  Then we went outside and had some photo ops in front of the vineyard.
It was a beautiful day.
Then we took off to the beach.  But on our way, we had toll booth after toll booth after toll booth.  And, WE had to pay, and we did not have change.  Tim did not have to pay because he takes the toll every day and he had this pass.  So he zoomed right through the booths, while we stopped to pay and get change.  And we were supposed to be following him, but he didn't wait on us!  And every single time we almost got caught up with him, we'd have to stop again!  It was hilarious.  I was cracking up laughing. 
We finally did make it to the beach and Tim asked me if we just wanted to wait and see it tomorrow!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!???!!!  I've just had the worst winter of my life, it's 70 degrees outside, and I'm two minutes from the ocean.  I'm going to the beach.

This is the Disney cruise ship.  It looks like it is docked on land but it isn't.  There is a port where the cruise ships dock right by Ron Jon's.  It was leaving the harbor when I took this picture.

Later we went to this bar on the beach  and had a drink and some scallops. (yum)  Have you ever noticed that food and drink taste better when you drink/eat it on, or by the water.

So, I had one glass of not so good wine
and when I got up to go to the bathroom and this pole (behind the pink chair) jumped out in front of me, I knew that one glass would be it for me.  Vickie on the other!

I knew I made the right decision when one of them asked me to get in this picture and I did.
Then they asked me to put my head in the sharks mouth and I did.  So yup, I made the right decision.
We were actually walking to a restaurant at the time.  When we got there, I noticed this sign.  It was a warning because of all of the seagulls and pelicans flying around overhead.

I did not eat any of these....but Vickie, who was still enjoying her rum and soda drink, and lets not forget the twist of lime, did enjoy them!

We had a wonderful evening and a fabulous meal.   But when we got back to our suite, I was less than happy.  It appears that Honey Bea had a night on the town as well!
She was passed out on the bed, with bottles of alcohol
and I noticed her ears had been pierced!
And I have no idea where she got her groovy sunglasses.  We apparently have some talking to do.  She is hanging with the wrong hive of bees.
Cindy Bee

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Eye Candy

We stopped at a market down here in Florida.  I thought I'd show you some eye candy (for my Northern friends and family) until I have my pictures downloaded for my next post.