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Monday, March 31, 2014

Florida Trip-Day 4

 On Day 4, Vickie and I decided to do a little shopping.  This is inside Ron Jon's Surf Shop.

The reason we decided to do some shopping, is because the weather forecast wasn't favorable for the beach.  However, it ended up being a perfect day. 
 Tim, her brother, took off of work early that day and we met at Coconuts.  Another restaurant on the ocean.
 Then we headed to The famous Cocoa Beach pier for Happy Hour and more shopping.
 Tim tried to explain to me all of the reasons I did NOT need to buy a coconut monkey head drink holder right now.  Mainly because I would have to carry it around with me the next two hours.  I explained to him why I MUST go ahead and buy it. 

I'm glad I did as we never made it back to the Pier.
Sorry, couldn't decide which pic I liked best so I decided to post both!
 Now this pretty boy was posing for pictures for a lot of people. 
But when it came to my turn, he pitched a fit.  I think he wanted my coconut monkey head drink holder, that turns into a bank by the way.  I'm going to save money for my  next trip!

 Not to worry Tim.  We'll be back.  Thanks for taking care of my coconut monkey head drink holder while I'm gone!
When we returned to our room we were enjoying our view when we saw something out of the corner of our eye....
 Oh noooo.....
 It was Honey Bea trying to sneak back into the room while the door was open.

 As she was taking a nap....
 I noticed something showing through her hair....
Are you kidding me?

Cindy Bee


  1. OMG! Th ere's a Coconuts here in Aruba!!!!...:)JP

    1. I had blackened fish tacos with mango salsa and they were yummy!

  2. Why!! That shameless hussy, Honey Bea!! I bet she's been carousing, too.

    1. Well FLORIDA Farm will soon find out it was bees IN YOUR STATE that corrupted her!!! Peer Bee Pressure!

  3. I know you are enjoying your trip. Hey, it was nce and warm here today too. That drink coconut will be funny to you every time you see it. xoxo,Susie

    1. Hey Susie, I'm back. Got back Saturday and as promised...I brought the warm weather back with me! We had so much fun.

  4. Thank God she is back in Indiana for a reality check

    1. Not to worry RJ...she got a talking to after Day 5!


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