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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Diva Night

 I believe I mentioned I've been spring cleaning and organizing a little at a time.  When we moved in this room, things started out good...then a few things went may or  may not remember this post about my shoes.  So I refuse to put them back in my closet.  And this area was getting a little out of hand as you can see.  But I didn't know what to do.
Then on Monday a friend of mine said she was in the mood to go junking...and I said I need a nice, wood shelf for shoes.....
 Came home and spring cleaned the entire area and viola'!  Nice huh?  So, go pick an area and clean and organize it.  You'll feel better!  It feels more spring-y! (I Bought another one of those shelf thingys today, so I now have lots of room for shoes)
 And remember when I said to get out of the house.  Well, I took my own advice this weekend.
We'll start with Thursday night.
It was Diva night in Noblesville, IN.  And my Mom, my Sister, and I went.

 The way it works is you get a paper with a list of businesses within walking distance of each other in Downtown Noblesville.  You go to every business and get a sticker.
And food and drinks....
and by drinks.....
I mean DRINKS! (that white peach Margarita drink is yummy)

When we were at the Logan Village Mall, we couldn't find Mom.  We found her later, she was making a purchase.
  The idea, after all, was to shop and support local businesses.
 I loved the pattern on this back pack, but what would I do with a backpack?
Anyway, after visiting the businesses, everyone met up at The Copper Still.  There, they exchanged our stickers for tickets.
 And they had drawings for door prizes.  
I won....
then my Sister won!
We couldn't believe it.  There were probably 100 women there!!!
Mom was a loser!
  We ended up getting a couple of goodies and gift certificates to every business we went to!!! 
 What a haul!!!
 I was taking a picture of Theresa and her prizes and Mom photo-bombed the picture.  We had a blast.
 Do you remember the story on our Christmas shopping trip when Mom said, "I like to look at Dicks!" Talking about looking at Dicks', the sporting goods store.... Well, when we found her the other night, she was making a purchase.  It was a little teacup with a bird nest in side it with some eggs....a cute little spring decoration kind of thing.  It had a string on it to hang it  and she held it up and said, "I'm going to hang it on my bush."  I looked at Theresa, who held something up to hide her face because she was laughing, so I turned around, and there was Trent, Theresa's husband, holding a pillow up to his face, laughing.  So I burst out laughing.  We all got in trouble for having dirty minds.  It was hilarious.  She was talking about a bush she has outside her door that she wants to hang cute spring stuff on!  (I'm still laughing)

 Happy Spring Peeps!

Cindy Bee


  1. Your Mum is the limit!
    Hey, I bought spring flowers!
    Jane x

  2. Oh Cindy yeah your spring is almost here. I cannot believe you lost your Mom:) I used to lose mine all the time too. Have a great day Cindy Bee. Hug B

  3. What a wonderful time you all had...including your Mom!!!...:)JP

  4. What an amazing event and is sounds so much fun. I wish we had something like that over here. Your Mum made me chuckle too - still it could have been worse - she could have said she needed to trim her bush first! (Sorry filthy minds this side of the pond too.) Philippa xx

  5. Cindy, I know that was a fun time. You all look very pretty too. Your mom cracks me up. If our mom had said...oh my gosh, we tormented the, you know what, out of her all the time.xoxo,Susie


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