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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Part one "Bee Lady" post

I  have never been one that could draw.  I can doodle. But I can not draw.  I can get an idea in my head, but I cannot get it on paper....but I do try.

 Ew!  (I dug her out of the back room...she was made several years ago)

 Back in January of 2009, when our family gathered at my Brother and Sister-in-Law's house for our Dad's birthday, I took my drawing pad and some books on honeybees with me.  I was going to have my artsy nephew draw a bee lady for me.  As I recall, he had a rough night the night before, and didn't really want to draw.  But he has a good heart, and loves me, so he attempted.
 "What about these?" he says.  noooo....too alien looking.


 "Do you like these?" he asks....not the top one....too insect looking.  I'm looking for a bee, that reminds me of bit cartoonish.....not in a super hero way or an alien way though....He gives me the eye roll and my sister says to make her look "groovy!"  Give her a 70's kind of look.
He comes back with this!!! Perfect!

Except she needs a purse....I have loved purses since 2nd grade when I wanted a white shoulder strap purse.  So I doodled her a bee skep purse.
 And I love gardening.....especially growing herbs, so I doodled her some herbs....that's fennel (or dill-they doodle alike!) chamomile, and lavender beside her on the left....and I doodled her some bees buzzing around her.  I also doodled some grass and a ladybug.
 I showed her to my friend Teresa, who can draw, and I said, "she needs something else."  Teresa drew the Hill Top Farm sign.  We had not moved out here yet, but we had the place named.
 The Bee Lady from Hill Top Farm was born!
I even made a "Bee Lady" purse out of the design.
 Now on to part two of this post...................

Cindy Bee

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  1. I think your bee lady is cute. If it's any consolation I can't draw either. My talents lie elsewhere although where that is I have still to discover. Philippa xx


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