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Saturday, March 15, 2014

In a pickle!

Well I certainly did not mean to leave that picture of Mom's Bush up that long.  It's been a busy week which I will talk about at another time.  Back to LAST weekend!
So, Diva night was Thursday night, Friday evening was first Friday in our town, and our Granny Bee friend invited us to come and hang out in her studio again.  Honey Bea decided
she wanted to spin.  I got her set up and decided to go have a beer.  There were guys in another building a few doors down that set up their home made brew for tasting.  It was interesting and I think it would be fun to give it a try.  What I'd really like to try to do is make Mead wine.  But for right now, I don't need another hobby.
Anyway, as I was coming back in the art center, my friend Mandy was coming out the door and said, "Where'd ya get that beer Bee?"  I told her, so we went back and got her one.  Then we went next door at the tattoo place because they always have the BEST snacks!  (teehee)  They really do.
When we returned with our plate of food and our little cup of beer, Honey Bea was still spinning and the studio was crowded. (the studio is in a huge, old, building on the 2nd floor) So, we went outside the studio, and had a seat on the steps that lead up to the third floor.
As we sat down, Mandy's pickle rolled off of her plate.  Oh man, these pickles were next door, she really wanted it, and the steps had been freshly painted.  But we were at a business open house....hmmmm....there was much discussion as to whether she should eat it or not, way past the five second rule...
 What would you do?
Anyone else been out with friends lately? 

Get out today, stop by, and say HI!  I'll be at Groovy Girl Yarn all day, 11-4, with everything you need to make these adorable little peeps.  Only $5.00

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy you do make me chuckle - just what I need today. I love the idea that you would go to the tattoo parlour just for a plate of nibbles. Those bunnies are soooo cute - did you get tempted to buy the whole warren? I must show you my bunnies some time. I saw them at a craft fair and by the time I had spent an age trying to decide which one to buy I had convinced myself that actually they were a family and I didn't want to be a home wrecker so ended up buying them all! How insane is that? Philippa xx

  2. Next weekend I am going on a quilt shop hop with my best friend. It has been a long winter and the first time I have gotten to go out on a fun day out with a friend in three months. Man I am geeked! Love Honey Bee! Looks like she likes to keep busy while you are out drinking beer and eating snacks. have a great weekend Cindy Bee!

  3. Forgot to tell you that when ever I visit I have to visit some of your favorite blogs along your sidebar. So I have to make sure I have time to talk to you and to them when I stop by.

  4. Hard to believe Easter will be here soon....lve those little hares!...:)JP

  5. Cindy, That is how things go...get a nice pickle and it rolls off the plate. You make me laugh and that is good. I have had a few taste of micro beers...not for me. I just am not a beer fan. When are you opening your winery?LOL. Hope you have a great week...I am beyond ready for so warm weather...just warm. I have felt cold all day. xoxox,Susie


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