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Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring-y ideas!

This is how I feel....
Instead...I did some rearranging...and spring cleaning...and organizing....
I tend to do this kind of stuff when I'm overwhelmed with things that are out of my control.  I suppose if some Freudian type person cared to analyze they'd say I do this so I would feel like I am in control.  Whatev.... Let's get on with it.
I moved several of my cook books out to the bakers rack.  I'm tired of them all being in the back room. 

 I also moved some decorations I found in a box that I used to have on our sun room at our old house.
 Beach-y kind of stuff.  I'm in the process of putting out some of our vacation pics. 
 I've decided I'm doing anything and everything I can to start Spring early in my mind!  My mind goes to all kinds of places, so surely it can go to Spring!

Care to join me?
BTW... Thank you for all of the sympathy wishes.  Before that tragic news, I was telling you about the Winter Woolen Workshop.   I had mentioned wanting a couple of things...and I was hoping I didn't cave.  
Welp...I caved. 
 I told myself, "Self, if you make enough money selling stuff, you are going to buy that gorgeous llama hat and beautiful pottery pot."  I did, so I did!  I'm wearing the hat and holding the pot.  You can't hardly see the hat, but it is soft llama and knitted and has tiny sparkles in it.
 Very Springy indeed! 
First spring thing to do....go get a tulip or a hyacinth at your local flower shop or grocery store and put it somewhere in your house where you will see it a lot.  It smells wonderful.  GO!
 Oh yeah...I have to tell you something that made my heart soar.  I was walking to my car when I was at the Winter Woolen Workshop.  As I was walking out....I heard them!  Way up high in the sky...Sandhill Cranes!!!!  Spring is coming I tell ya!

So here is  my plan.  Do fun, colorful (or colourful!) things to make you feel spring-y!  Put the snowman decorations away peeps.  OUT WITH THEM!  So besides adding my little seaside corner to my studio, I've been making yarn cakes out of this old cotton yarn.  I'm making these 'cakes' because it's easier to tote, and easier to store the yarn this way.  I've been putting things away and organizing and such.  It's part of my spring cleaning plan.

This is yarn I've had for years.  Not really that great for much but little mindless projects, which seem to work for me right now.   I'm making these flower coaster hook all together and put down the center of my table at Easter time.  (Started that a year ago)
 And I'm making bunting.  Wanted to do that a year ago, but never did.
 Bunting for me, which I shall possibly hang up in the summer.
And bunting for my Dixie Doodle (the boy dog with the girl name.)

  I made him a new bed.  And I'm going to decorate it for him.  He loves it!
I got the idea from Dottie Angel's blog.  Dixie thanks you Tif!
 Oh, and I'm making happy springy dishcloths too....No more doing dishes with dull colored dishcloths.  This is just the beginning peeps.  Spring is here......can you feel it?

 So....let's recap.
1) go get a tulip or hyacinth
2) if you have old/cheap yarn, do mindless fun things with it
3) if you don't, surely you have material....make some fun colorful bunting
4) make some bright colored dishcloths....if you don't knit or crochet....go buy some.
5) get out some beachy vacay pics and hang them up.
That should keep you busy for awhile.

And make some plans to get out of the house!  I have lots of plans this weekend.  But for now, this past weekend.  Besides shopping for new clothes...
I took my parents out to eat for their
Let's hear it for my parents!!!!
yaaaaay--clap-clap-clap-clap-way to go parents!
 Then, Sunday my Sister came over with her Mother-in-Law. Then Vickie (our cousin) came over too.  We all made these election buttons for my Sister
.  who is running for Noblesville Township Trustee.  If you live in Hamilton County, please vote for her on May 6.  She would make a good Trustee.  These buttons are a hit already!
 When the election is over, they take the paper off and they have a cute wooly pin to wear!
I didn't know these pics were being taken.  They were sent to me so I thought I'd throw them in this long photo heavy post! They are of the beekeeping class we taught.  That's Paul our extension officer and me.
 And this is the beekeeping class.

  Rumor is it's going to get in the 40's this weekend and maybe sunny.  Cross your fingers!   I'll get to see if my bees are alive.
Off to bed with me now.  I have a good mystery to read.

Cindy Bee


  1. that was a long one...Your dog is lucky....I like that shirt!

  2. Oh, I love all those bright colors. After the winter you guys have had, they have to make you feel better.

  3. Sunny weather?! Yay! Love Dixie Doodle's new bed; I've been thinking of making something similar for Buddha.

    Congratulations to your folks!

  4. Love the hat, the vase, the ideas and your parent anniversary!!!...:)JP

  5. I'm not crafty but I can make a dishcloth!
    I'd really much rather go to the sea though...somewhere warm ...on a beach perhaps?
    Jane x

  6. Happy anniversary oh that is fantastic ohnhappy happy I love that. Hug B

  7. I love your new hat. I'm a great believer in rewarding oneself with a well-earned treat. Dixie Doodle's new bed looks amazingly comfortable. I think I shall try making similar "nests" for our would take me forever to make them for our Labradors. I hope your bees are ok. Philippa xx


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