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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Floriday Trip - Day 5 (Wed)

I forgot to mention yesterday (Tuesday) that when we were pulling out of a parking spot, and someone was waiting to pull in, it happened to be someone Vickie knew!  What are the odds!  
They chatted awhile and she told us that the place across from Ron Jon's Surf Shop (a Sheraton hotel) had sweatshirts at half price.  So we decided to go check them out today (Wednesday), and find a place to eat.  It was our last full day at Cocoa Beach and it was too cold out for the beach.
So, we shopped a bit, then decided to eat lunch there at the Sheraton. 
 (now this order of events is important)
We went to the restroom.
Shopped for awhile longer.
Went to Starbucks for a latte' (which requires walking back through the restaurant we ate at)
Walked to our car (about a block over)
Stopped at Shell World Extravaganza and shopped a bit more.
Then went back to our parking garage at Ron Jon's Resort.  
And when Vickie bent over to get something out of the car....
Tears in my eyes, doubled over, stomach hurting laughter.
I told her not to move and I took a picture!
She seriously had toilet paper coming out of the top of her jeans!!!  OMG!  I'm laughing now.  Go back up to the part where I said We went to the Restroom!!! 
Yup...she did all that afterwards, with toilet paper coming out of her pants!!!!  LOLOLOL!
I thought I was going to wet my pants from laughing so hard.
At that point we decided it was warm enough to go sit by the pool, in our clothes not our swimsuits, and crochet!

 Lots of fun things to do at the pool, but it was March, and just too cold to swim.

That evening we were going to go to "restaurant row" to eat.  Apparently, everyone else on Spring Break had the same idea.  Plus, no one was eating outside because it was too cold, which means less seating.. An hour and a half wait. We decided to go back to our resort.
 When we were pulling in I couldn't believe my eyes!!! (as if the toilet paper incident wasn't enough!)
 Apparently Honey Bea was dared to hang out by the Resort sign all day!

 When we went to our room, we were locked out!  I waited, while Vickie went to check on the situation.

Apparently Honey Bea's behavior this time, was more than the hotel cared to put up with.

At this point we decided to stay in our room, eat leftover pizza, and crochet some more. 
Oh well...every day can't be a party!
I'm excited to finish this blanket.  I have another one ready to start!

Cindy Bee


  1. I meant to say...when I asked Vickie how does one get toilet paper stuck in her jeans....she puts toilet paper on the seat so ones tush does not touch the seat. It then unknowingly stuck, and when she pulled up her pants, there it be!

  2. Vickie and Honey Bea..surprised you haven't been banned!
    Jane x

  3. How absolutely hysterical - I love it. I glanced at the photo before I read the words and thought for a moment someone was throwing up in the back of a car but when I looked closer....... Just wonderful. Don't get me started on things I have unknowingly done in public! Philippa xx

  4. Cindy, You are still having fun, thank goodness. I am sitting here and it's raining cats and dogs out. Hopefull we do not get all that is predicted. Water is standing in our yard already. We are to have a break at noon and then it will rain again later and maybe storms. Hoping and praying no floods or tornadoes. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


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