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Monday, April 14, 2014

Macrame' souvenirs

My goodness I did not mean to leave that post up for so long.  I'm beginning to hate the words "busy" and "tired."   So I'm done using them.  I'm hoping to take them out of my vocabulary too! 

Shorter posts....from now's hard for me!

 This is my crochet group...smaller than before, but I love them and we have fun.  I got them a 'special' gift from Florida. 

 Debbie is especially happy!  It just so happened that we had a conversation about macrame' plant hangers the week before I left on vacation.  These lovely shell plant hangers are directly from the 70's!  The 1970's!
 I've been doing a bit of gardening.

 I bought these succulents and tomato plants in Florida too.  I decided I like having plants for curtains! you macrame'?  I'm wondering.....should we start a macrame' movement?

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, I love your new curtains. They will be nice for a long time. So nice that you got your friends a shell plant hanger. xoxo,Susie

  2. No, I don't macramé...but I do have house plants for curtains!...:)JP

  3. Macrame'd in the 70's. Love house plants but I do not take care of them as well as I should. I see you are getting snow again today too.

  4. "Busy Tired" blah blah blah :):) I understand. Hug B

  5. i love you too...:) I love my plant hanger/shell art....I think i will hang it by my new birds cage


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