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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Florida Trip over

Doesn't this picture look peaceful?  
On our last day of vacation we headed back to Tim's house.  But before we left, we went to the beach.  It was really windy.  
I did have a chat with Honey Bea and she seems to have lost the attitude.  Apparently, she got mixed up with some Africanized Honey Bees, aka Killer Bees, while visiting Florida.  You might remember an incident about a month ago, where a woman was attacked by bees. Here's the thing about honey bees.  Normally, they are very docile.  They only sting when they are defending their hive or themselves.  They don't want your food.  They want pollen and nectar from flowers.
Now, Africanized bees are not the same type of honey bee as the European honey bees.  They do pollinate, but, Africanized bees are mean and they kill.  They are like the gangs in the honey bee industry.  The good thing about Africanized honey bees is they cannot survive our harsh winters.  Most European bees didn't survive this winter either. (sad face)  But Africanized bees will not survive our winters so they are mostly in the southern states with the warmer climates.  (Bee careful Florida Farm Girl!)

Something you can do to help educate people is this.  When someone says "thousands of bees stung a woman" you need to say, "what kind of bees?"  Because people always assume a bee is a bee is a bee.  And that is not the case!
The first time I heard the above report on tv that's what they said, and I instantly thought, I bet they were killer bees.  Slowly, the public is changing their opinion of honeybees.  But it's scarily (is that a word?) getting too late.  Anyway....
back to Florida...we stopped at the souvenir store one more time on our way to Tim's.  Then, closer to Tim's house, we saw a Lowe's...Lowe's in March, in Florida, means the garden center is open!
  I saw a clearance rack...already!  Clearance?  I bought a  foxglove plant for $3.00. (the above picture is not the clearance rack.  It was herbs!!!  Eye Candy)
 I also bought two tomato plants and some succulents, that were not on clearance, but I had to!
More Eye Candy!
 The next morning we left early...Might have been a tad too early for Vickie.  She turned the wrong way down a one way street first thing!!!!
When we stopped at a rest park, besides admiring the beautiful trees with the spanish moss

 I noticed a display case full of wine that had cool 'Florida-type' wine labels. 

So our second stop of the day was Horse Creek Winery.

 Who can resist a cool label on a bottle of wine?
 This was the traffic and weather around Atlanta.  I think it took around two hours!  It made for a very long day in the car.  We stopped at a motel in Kentucky, and started home the next morning.
Vickie doesn't mind driving and I don't mind crocheting, so we did ok....except that we were in the middle of a HUGE green spot on the radar from Kentucky to Indiana.  We were moving right along with it.
 The only way I could think of to get out of that green spot was to stop for a couple of hours, and let it move on.  So that's what we did.
 We stopped at Hollywood Casino (used to be called Argosy) in Lawrenceburg, IN.
It was beautiful inside.  We goofed off for a couple of hours, went outside, and the rain was almost stopped!
I heard from peeps back home and it was snowing.  I declared the flip flops were NOT coming off and they didn't! was cold on the tootsies unloading the car!
 We had a great trip.  Honey Bea is back to her normal self.  I'm back to working on the house.  I did come home with a new attitude.  I hope it lasts!

Vickie and I also came home to some sad news.  I will talk about in another post.... 

Cindy Bee


  1. I love bees,my Dad taught me about them when I was tiny.
    Sooooo glad that Honey Bea has lost the attitude...she was beginning to worry me!
    Jane x

  2. It was a very good time and we must do it again, but I think next year's spring break trip will have to wait, because NOW I gotta save money for my daughter's wedding

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I reckon weddings are a good excuse to save money!!!

  5. Traffic in and around Atlanta is always a PITA. You can breeze through or wind up in a parking lot for hours. Glad you had a good trip to our fair state. Come back soon, hear?

  6. Cindy, I know you had fun..but it's always nice to get back home too. Well soon you can plant some things...I am so ready for flowers. Welcome back home, xoxo,Susie


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