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Friday, May 24, 2013


Blogettes, I didn't post that last post to have a pity party.  I posted it because I'm getting over the anxiety and such and moving on.  
 I'm getting my mojo back!  
I have a plan 
and I'm working on it.  
I've moved the car seat off of the table!
Plus, I'm doing things I enjoy again.  I'm working them in whenever I can.  Like right now....I'm sitting on the patio enjoying a fire in the fire pit with a cup of hot chocolate with three marshmallows!  
Gooey melted marshmallows.
Ghirardelli chocolate.
Real milk.
 Here is our patio all closed up right after a rain. It is not raining at the moment but it is chilly outside.
 Anyway, I've gone to a couple of plant sales and bought some herbs. My favorite types of plants to grow are herbs.  Love them.

 And my Shug, knowing I love gardening, made these raised beds in our drive way/walk out area before we had the gravel brought in.  I've planted some seeds in these beds too. Including seeds that vine.

And this wheelbarrow is my potting shed!!!  What?  It works!
 Now check out this southern lady.
 She's gonna have y'all over for sweet tea someday,

and we're going to have mint in our tea!  But she needs a name first.

Any ideas?

 oh yeah...she wanted me to show you her new purse!

And remember all of the pots I was painting?  Here they are....full of herbs that I can hopefully bring inside during the winter.
 And the bunny, I got it for 50cents at a garage sale.  A lady I know was having a sale with lots of prim stuff, and this bunny was amongst the prims.  I painted it with chalkboard paint too.
I decided to try my luck growing a pineapple plant.  I saw something on pinterest, so I googled how to grow a pineapple plant.  
 Well I got roots, but the plant isn't doing so well.  Maybe I shouldn't have put it outside until July.
  Oh, and My Shug put up some party lights in case we want to have an evening party. 
 or early morning...naaaah probably not.

 Anyway....gardening is something I really enjoy doing.  And I've missed it.  For years.  So I decided I'm going to do some gardening.  Not the huge high maintenance gardening I used to do.  Some simple, fun, easy gardening.

Nighty Night!

Cindy Bee

PS - I'm going to the Enchanted Flea Market tomorrow.


  1. Well, Im glad youre mojo is returning.

    All I probably did was depress you, lol!
    When I read your post, I was right in the middle of a deep and meaningful with my other half about all the stuff that never gets finished, and how it makes me feel like I dont want to bother doing anything...blah, blah, blah....

    Anyhoo, he spent the afternoon cleaning out the garage so we can start to move in there.
    I hope it is a sign of great things to come.

    Herby lady - hmmmmmmmmmmm.....let me think....
    I feel she is an 'M' girl. Marigold, Maisy, Marietta, nope, nope, none of those....
    Millicent! (you could call her Milly for short)


    1. Fi, You did not depress me at all! I appreciated your honesty and it was good to know other people are going through it too. My Shug and I have been waking up in the night, as we usually do anyway, but we've been talking about the next step. The problem with going on to the next step, is the stuff, and how our plan of fitting it all in the basement did not work out. He's been having a lot of doubts lately, about this house we are building, which he never does, so it's worrisome. I'm on a mission to make it better! Your comment did not depress me at all.

      Cindy Bee

      PS I like Millicent or Milly. I like all of the ideas so far. hmmmm

  2. Replies
    1. Hmmm....maybe Millie Moe-Jo!

      Cindy Bee

  3. Cindy, Slowly but surely it all gets done. I know it can seem very slowly at times. But you and your Shug are hard'll do it. I want to call that tea girl,"Shugareena" , after your Shug who is so sweet to you. LOL I love those little pots...great idea with the chalkboard paint.xoxo,Susie

    1. Shugareena! I like that too....It does have a southern twang to it and Shugar is sweet!

      Cindy Bee

  4. Ok then - dang girl, what do you put in your hot chocolate to get going?

    because Im wanting some too...

    I agree with Jane - Moe-Jo is perfect!

    1. hmmm, what do I put in my hot chocolate to get going? I usually drink it at night, to relax!

      Cindy Bee

  5. Looks great! When's the party? :0

    1. I'll put the party on the list. THen I'll have a party to celebrate the other stuff on the list getting finished!

      Cindy Bee

  6. Hello Cindy, I was so excited when I saw that you had come visiting . . . We've lost touch and I miss your sweet smile. Love, love, love your chalk board flower pots . . . what a cute idea. Names for your patio girl . . . hummmmm . . . I would name her Lula-belle. She is a cutie, and I believe that she is a fun loving gal. At least she looks the part, right?
    Life can get overwhelming at times . . . just make a list . . . every time you check something off it makes you feel so good. That is what we had to do, restoring our old boat. Work, work, work, makes for a grumpy Connie. I'm ready to start spring and summer and having some fun :)
    You are in my prayers . . . Love ya,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  7. Great to see! it doesnt matter how many musts there are, if you skip all the lusts there wont be energy for anything. With a teaspoon of sugar the medecine goes down =) I think she should be called Thalia. The prettiest daffodil and also one of the nine muses, for inspiration and creativity! Could also be a nice ice tea-drinking aunt...

  8. Jazmine, I will think of more - Vickie

  9. Everything looks just beautiful! I think that Jasmine thinks so too. I just seconded the name chosen above. :)

    Blessings, Debbie


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