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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Now THIS is what I'm talking about......

 A perfect day.....and it isn't over yet!
 We have a lot of lilacs blooming and I picked a bunch and brought them in our house (room!).  Even picked a bouquet of them for Mom...It's her birthday!
 Can you smell 'em?   I can!

Come over, I'll pick a bouquet for you too!
And I got my car back today!  It doesn't match perfect...but it will...give it a year or two to fade.  I wonder how long I can keep this baby.  It's a 1999!

 Mom came over and I taught her how to crochet a ripple blanket.  She bought some yarn the other day at Groovy Girl Yarn.  She did a whole row on my blankey and By Joe I think she's got it!
 Dad went fishing while Mom crocheted.  And as you can see, the weather is PERFECT!
 Is it a keeper?
 Guess not.
 Happy Birthday Mom!
Dad said this is too much excitement for him. 
 And while I'm mentioning birthdays....
 Vickie's birthday was Saturday, and Theresa (my Sis) and Vickie and I went out to eat and to a movie on Sunday to celebrate.
 She got in trouble for bringing a Stitches n Scones bag into Groovy Girl yarn during the super bowl party so I got her a new yarn bag!
 I also got her a Suzy Q cake!
 Yes it is Hostess!  I froze them.  They are (were?) her fave.
And while we are wishing Happy B-days today....let's not forget about Mom's TWIN brother, Uncle Jerry.  He's on the left in this picture. (above)  He wasn't feeling to well today (sad face)
 And see this guy...on the left.  It's Vickie's son Ryan,and his birthday is Today too!

Happy Birthday
and Belated to Vickie!!!


Cindy Bee


  1. Happy birthday to everyone. That's a lot of bithdays !! Hope evryone enjoyed their day. Your dad's statement about too much fun..cracked me up. I am loving this wonderful weather..hope the rains don't last long. xoxo,Susie

  2. Happy Birthdays all around! It was a beautiful day for it. Oh, and yay lilacs, they're one of my favourites.

  3. Happy Birthday Mom and Uncle Jerry. You are looking good MOM......Cindy give your Mom HUGS for me HUG. B

  4. How much lilac do you have in the house...I CAN smell it from here!!
    Jane x

  5. First I see beautiful wisteria on your facebook post now lilacs! Only thing blooming in my yard are a few daffadills. Thanks for sharing!


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