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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Still looking....

 You are all probably wondering if I got lost looking for my mojo.....nope.....just takes me 20 times longer to do anything anymore.... I'm not organized at all, and we've had 'stuff' going on.
Remember last Wednesday was Mom's birthday.  Well, my Brother's family came up to take her to dinner.  

The original plan was just for him to take Mom out, but they all came, and invited us to join them. 
 So we did.

 Mom was so embarrassed when the waitresses brought out a birthday cake and sang to her!

 My Shug had to leave early and he went around the table hugging our nieces good-bye.  When he got to Dad....well...Dad wanted no part of it!
 Mom with three of her grandkids.
 Thursday I went to crochet.  We've all been kind of doing our own thing.  

Friday I stayed home and did stuff around the house....looking for mojo again.....I think I found it!

Saturday My Shug and I spent the day together, moved a pile of bricks, went to a plant sale at a local church, and did some stuff around the house.

Sunday, my Sister, Mom, niece and I went out to eat for Mother's Day.  Mom and I got to my Sister's early so we had time to go to a plant sale at Conner Prairie, and we also went to Allisonville Nursery.   Now Allisonville Nursery was totally inspiring and I took some pics to show you....later.
 We took Mom to brunch at a place in Fisher's called Peterson's.
 They had a buffet and I loved it because the food was in bite size pieces.  So you could sample a little bit of everything and you don't get all stuffed.  I'm not usually one for buffets.
 Mom had coffee and it was perfect.  And the cup was big so you didn't have to keep getting refills.
My Sister and I had a mimosa.
 See how cute the little desserts were.

 Happy Mother's Day Sister and Mom!
Now...this is the other thing that I have been doing...ALOT!  STILL Moving bricks!  My friend Cheryl is helping me.  We decided to do it for the exercise. 
 Just so you get an understanding of this brick pile I keep talking it is.
 It's been here for several years and plants have grown up around it, so I've had to cut them back. See how it goes all the way back to the fence.

HUGE pile. I figured we roughly moved over 900 bricks on Monday and that was three trips.  We moved them again today and we were both stupid tired.

 And I am now wearing one of these pretty thingys on my arm.
 I just want it marked off the list.  We are close.

  Here is a pic of the new piles.  Nice and neat and not too high.  (cheryl blew a hole in the butt of her jeans today.  Hilarious)
 So anyway, I'm still here....and busier than I want to be.

Cindy Bee


  1. Ouch, you have been busy! Maybe your Shug should get you a massage after all that?

    1. A massage sounds like a wonderful idea.

  2. Yeah your mojo is back....
    Great workout the blown pants made me laugh.
    Your family is awesome. Hug B

    1. I'm getting it back....
      the blown pants were hilarious. I told her I'd crochet her a flower to put on them. I guess I need to do that.

  3. Cindy, the Great Wall Of China wants it's bricks back!!!
    Jane x

  4. Are you saving the bricks for a project? I bet you could sell them on Craig's list, especially this time of year. People like to border their gardens with them.

    1. I am saving them for a project, not sure which project yet though. Cheryl and I have thought of a few things...brick oven, fireplace, my Shug wants to landscape with them....I have seen them for sale before, but I sure wouldn't move them if I were going to sell them. I'd have sold them from the other house!

  5. Wow, Cindy ... you've been busy! I'm tired just reading about it all!

    1. I'm tired too Fiona. If I knew then what I know now, I'm not sure I would have ever moved! It will be worth it when it's will be worth it when it's finished....bluh bluh blub blub


  6. Cindy, It looked like you were having fun....till the bricks. Brick moving is a JOB. Don't over do. xoxo,Susie

    1. We are getting very close to being done. I can't tell you how happy I'll be....then to get the house sold.

      Cindy Bee


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